Just Hangin’ In

Oh, Meowllo, how ya’ duin’? Meez just hangin’ out up here bein’ da queen of da house today.

dw Dezi lays head off top1

Sshhhhhh Sissy’s asleep, so she dusn’t know meez usin’ hers title. And dat’s da Yeowww nip cigaw she took wiff her.   

 dw Lexi naps with cigar

Me heard a birdy and wanted to check it out.   

 dw Dezi on tree facing1

Mommy’s been busy so meez been keepin’ an eye on her fwum here.

 dw Dezi lays on tree cu-


Meez gunna lay here in da house dat sissy likes so much. It’s purretty cool, but me purrfurs to lay on top of da house.  

 dw Dezi in tree house1


dw Dezi bathes on tree-

Me gave mommy da day off fwum writin’ cuz me wanted to spend da day soakin’ up sum sun puddles. 

 dw Dezi looks out window5

And checkin’ out what’s goin’ on outside. See ya’ later.  

Till da nex time…………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

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