God, Gratitude and Generosity

Meowllo evewypawdy hope yous havin a gweat week. Weez late getting’ meez posty out today cuz mommy wuz dog tired after all dat cleanin’ yesfurday. Da manager and exterminator wuz here this meownin’ fur ow mumffly inspection. They wuz makin’ all kinds of noises and spwayin’ poisin’ all over evewyfin’. Mommy always waits to mop till after da exterminator comes cuz fur sum weason hims finks hims needs to spway da fwidge, da oven and fwunt of cabinets and 6 inches away fwum da base boards. Sheesh, He makes such a mess. Anyways as you know meez joined up wiff da Bloggin’ A to Z Challenge fur this mumff and today is da letter G. G kuld stand fur so many fings, God, gwatitude, genewosity, and so on. So today weez talkin’ ‘bout those 3 G’s.  

 dw Dezi3676


Weez’ll stawt wiff God, after all He is furst in ow house. We luv God wiff all ow hearts and purray evewy day fur all ow furiends and furmily. Dat includes all of you hoo be weadin’ this. And mommy purrays fur us all da time. Evewynight when we get into bed mommy puts hers hands on each of us and she purrays fur ow healff and happiness, and then we purray fur all of you. We ask God to keep you all safe and heallffy and blest. And sumtimes we send up extwa purrayers when one of you be goin’ fwu sumfin’ and need ‘em. And we have been purrayin’ fur Lexi a lot lately. Sumtimes duwin’ da middle of da day ifin we fwo up or look like weez not feelin’ so good, mommy will stop evewyfin’ and purray fur us wight then. Same wiff y’all. Ifin we wead a posty yous all puts out askin’ fur purrayers; mommy dusn’t wait till night time, hers duz it wight then and there. And of course yous wequest gets added to ow nightly purrayers too. We awe so Gwateful fur God’s Genewosity.  

God bless mommy and sis Lexi and all our furwiends and fwamily. In Jesus Name, Amen
God bless mommy and sis Lexi and all our furwiends and fwamily. In Jesus Name, Amen

And dat’s not all weez Gwateful fur eevew. We awe also Gwateful fur da luv and Genewosity of all of you. You have helped us and so many udders in da blogosphere and world. Sumtimes wiff gween papews and sumtimes wiff purrayers and sumtimes wiff shawin’ and sumtimes just bein’ there to lissen when anudder needed an ear. We awe so purroud to be a pawt of such a wunnewful gwoup of animal luvvers. It gives us faiff dat there is still a lot of Good in this world.

 dw Dezi3677

And dat bwings us to a bad fing dat goes on sumwhere in da world evewyday. Today be a day fur awareness ‘bout dog fightin’. This bawbaric purractice is still going on today. In spite of laws and media and awareness dat this will no longer be tolewated, peeps awe still bweeding, abusin’ and fightin’ poor defenseless doggies. Mommy has always sed there’s no bad doggy or kitty in da world, just bad peeps. These dogs dat awe made to fight weren’t actually born to fight and kill, they were made dat way by peeps. So get da word out…Weez not gunna take it anymowe!!!! This behavior is not acceptable and weez wont support it in any way. No bweed of dog deserves to have a bad name because of irresponsible peeps. All dogs awe good dogs and deserve to have a good life.


dw Lexi up close cute
I’z lubz youz mommy. Kin I’z habz sum mower treetz purrleez? Member itz minez Birffday mumff. (mommy didn’t want youz too seez herz legz soz datz da reezun fur da paynt)

Fanks again fur all you do evewy day to make life better fur anipals evewywhere. We awe so gwateful to have you all in ow lives. Fanks fur bein’ ow furiends.

Till da next time…………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Dezi and Lexi



39 thoughts on “God, Gratitude and Generosity

  • Mee-you Dezi you look so sweet purrayin fur efurryone!
    Do you know LadyMum purrayss fur all of you an mee doess too inn mee own way. Wee iss all differint yet we all purrayss fur good fingss to happen an that iss sumfing wunderfull mee finkss!!!
    As fur the doggie fightin mee iss so agaisnt it as iss LadyMum. Wee where reedin bout thee Michael Vick doggiess that were reehabbed an wee iss glad they found new homess filled with LUV ❤ ❤ ❤
    LadyMum REEFUSESS to watch Football if that purrson iss playin! shee sayss hee iss an embarrassmint to thee sport an to Hue-manitee!!
    Let’ss keep purrayin thiss pawfull practice endss soon!!!
    Witth reespect an paw kissess
    Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxx

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    • Aaaaw Fanks, me likes to bow meez head and purray. Weez purreciate all y’all’s purrayers too. Weez not watch sports anyways, but anypawdy hoo be involved in animal abuse and cwuelty is wepurrhensive.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mee-you you know Dezi if all thee peeple purrayed…just spent their time purrayin an finkin good thottss bout otherss there wood bee onlee good inn thee werld….
        An mee agreess bout animal crueltee! PAWFULL an should not bee tolerated by society…
        **nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxx

        Liked by 1 person

          • Mee finkss purrayin to Buudha or Jeesus or Adonai or Thee Great Spirit iss fine…..
            As long as thee Supreeme Beein iss benevolent an mercyfull an guidess peeple to do GOOD then it iss good.
            Mee not purray thee way that you doess butt mee purrayin iss peecefull an kind just as yurss iss. So it iss up to thee peeple do to the RITE fingss an bee guided onlee bye GOOD…oh thiss iss berry deep…
            Mee jsut sayin what mee beeleevess an meenss no offence to yur beeleefss Dezi…
            paw kissess Siddharth Henry xxx

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            • Yep mommy sez there’s these topics dat peeps not posed too talk ’bout on dates, at dinner, or quite a foo udder places, and they be pawlotics, Furmily, money and weligion. Cuz these awe “hot topics” dat can weally make peeps mad and cause peeps to fall out ovew opinions. It’s a deep subject indeed.

              Luv ya’

              Dezi and Lexi

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  • Dearest Dezi and Lexi (and their Mom),

    This might be our favorite post in our 5 or so months blogging. It embodies everything we believe/feel since joining: we, too, stop and pray right away when we read someone is in need of prayers; we feel that the support received through our blog is invaluable; and we certainly loathe dog fighting and any other type of animal abuse.

    ‘G’ might be our new favorite letter (not that we had a favorite before :-P)

    Love to you all,
    Noodle’s Mom Samantha & Noodle

    Liked by 1 person

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