Appalling Tuesday

Meowllo everypawdy sure hope yous getting’ more sun puddles than us. Weez turnin’ into fish here. Weez gunna furget how to use da ‘puter ifin weez not able to get on it soon. Altho’ mommy did purromise Lexi dat even ifin it’s stormin’ we wuld celebrate hers Meowday/birffday tomorrow. After all it’s not everyday dat she’s gunna turn sweet sixteen. So just in case you need a reminder, yous all invited to da pawrty tomorrow. And speakin’ of Lexi, she’s duin’ okay. She ate real good yesfurday and weez hopin’ fur lots more days of dat kind of eatin’. She’s also been actin’ a bit feisty da last kupple of days since she stawted takin’ hers vitamin B-12. 

 dw Lexi moon on sea

We did read a most horrible story in da news ‘bout a Texas VET. Seems a young female Vet posted ‘bout hers purroud moment when she killed a “feral” neighborhood cat with an arrow to the head. Turns out said “feral kitty” wasn’t feral at all and in fact belonged to a neighbor. No, we won’t be postin’ da foto. We awe outraged ‘bout this. Yes, we be frum da Souff and we believe in da right to bear arms. We believe in da right to defend ourselves and to kill to eat, but we be fightin’ a town full of ignorant people dat fink a bullet is still da answer to animal over pawpulation and here’s a VET dat’s posed to luv animals and has gone to school to learn how to make their lives better and she’s killing without regard. Cuz feral or not, dat kitty didn’t deserve to die. Specially not dat way. We find it even more upsetting dat da clinic where she worked didn’t fire her till after da public outcwy fur justice. It’s not like this was sumfin’ she was hidin’. She posted her elation along wiff da foto on hers Facebook page. What is wrong wiff peeps?!!! This is just anudder reason we believe the penalties fur animal cruelty need to be stiffer.

 dw Dezi in wave

We awe so gwateful to belong to such a wunnewful community wiff peeps hoo luv their animals and fight fur animals every chance they have. We purray fur da furmily of dat poor kitty and all da stray and feral fur babies out there fwu no choice of their own. We beg you all once again, to purrlease keep your cats inside. You never truly know hoo is out there or what their agenda might be. On dat note hold them a little tighter and tell them you luv them once more than usual. See you tomorrow fur sis Lexi’s pawrty.

dw Dezi colored border

Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Dezi and Lexi


46 thoughts on “Appalling Tuesday

  • Pawfully sad Dezi an Lexi…mee an LadyMum’ss jawss dropped open when wee read yur storey..
    That Vet purrson should nevurr practice again! Why wood anyone arrow a kittie?? It iss turribull…now mee knowss why LadyMum getss all riley upped when mee triess to go outside an walk round. Mee iss gonna onlee go out when shee takess mee to thee Condo!!!
    Wee will keep doin our bit fur thee feralss….purromise!
    nose kissess Siddhartha Henry xxx
    ((hugss)) LadyMum 🙂

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    • Yep dat’s why we get so uptight when one of ow furiends goes outside alone. It’s vewy scawy and dangewous. When even those hoo s’posed to cawe fur us and make us all better can do such a fing, there’s no place safe fur us to be wiffout ow mommys.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  • We already went to mew our Happy Birthday miaows…but now we are reading this…OMC:( Sure hope that so called vet lady looses her right to even call herself a vet, sheesh.

    Liked by 1 person

  • You are right darling. Mommy was sick at heart over that horrible horrible thing, She should have her license permanently revoked and all Vet offices should be sent her picture as a pet hater. I signed the pet ion to get her license permanently revoked. I hope it happens. She is a disgrace to the human race. We will all answer for our wrongs and she will too.

    Liked by 1 person

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