What’s That Smell…

A Service Cat is Born pt. 5


Me always enjoys hearin’ da stowries of da Service cats dat came afur me. They awe all an inspurration. Meez furst ever act as mommy’s latest Service kitty happened when me was ‘bout 3 1/2-4 weeks old. Mommy discovered just how smawrt and tuned in me was. Isn’t dat wight mommy?


That’s right Dezi, I sure did. You were so tiny and cute as a button and still so sick with worms, but there you were already trying to take care of me.


Oh mommy me luvved you so much and was so fankful dat you had saved me. Me knows dat’s what da nice peeps who took me away fwum dat dirty house was twyin’ to do, but they didn’t weally know what they was duin’ and just shoved me and me udder 10 littermates in a little box and put us in a bigger box wiff bars. They put down bowls wiff sumfin’ smelly in ’em but we didn’t know how to eat on our own, we still needed our cat mom. And meez tummy hurt so bad, and me was so tired fwum bein’ overdosed on dat over da counter wormer dat me fur sure fawt we was all dead. But then there you were, smellin’ so sweet and yous lap was so soft and yous voice so weassurin’ dat me just knew everyfin’ was gunna be alwight.

 dw-Dezi baby basket

So when yous sweet smell changed me just knew sumfin’ bad was gunna happen. And there you was actin’ like everyfin’ was normal. Me stawrted squeaking meowin’ at ya’ like cwazy. And you reached down and picked me up and hugged me tight and gave me a kiss and then set me back down. Me just kept on meowin’. Me weally liked da luvvin’ but dat’s not what me was twyin’ to tell ya’. Me was twyin’ to tell ya’ sumfin’ bad was ‘bout to happen. So when you stawrted to reach down fur me again, me ‘cided dat me needed to do sumfin’ diffewent cuz you just wasn’t unnewstandin’ me at all. And here me fawt you spoke squeak meow. So me stawrted pawin’ yous ankle. Me kuldn’t weach anywhere else. So me pawed at yous ankle and squeaked meowed even louder and stawrted turnin’ wound and wound. Finally you asked ifin me was twyin’ to tell ya sumfin’. It’s ’bout time me fawt, but by then it was too late and you went fallin’ to da floor. KaBoom!!!


Now what? You wasn’t movin’ and yous eyes was closed. But me knew you didn’t sleep on da floor like dat so me hurried to get sis Lexi, squeakin’ meowin’ all da way down da hall. Sis Lexi came wunnin’ up da hall towards me and went into da kitchen where you was and laid down ‘side you. Well me didn’t. Me crawled up on yous chest and began to kiss yous face. Me was so happy when yous eyes finally opened dat meez purr kulda rumbled da whole house. Yous eyes had been closed FUREVER (not more than a few minutes). You was so supurrized to see me there in yous face lookin’ at ya’ when you came back wound dat you smiled at me and petted me and told me how special me was. Me stawrted squeakin’ meowin’ dat you shulda lissened to me earlier.

 dw-Dezi baby

You sure did Dezi. And I was so proud of you. I still am, and always will be. And you’re right, I should have listened to you from the start. I learned my lesson tho’ didn’t I sweety?


Yeah mommy you did. Da next time me told you sumfin’ bad was gunna happen you went and sat down. No more cwashin’ to da floor fur you. Least not dat way anymore. Me better splain to everypawdy what was happenin’ zactly. See mommy passes out daily. It’s called Syncope. Dat means a short loss of consciousness and muscle stwength. It’s due to a lack of blood flow to da bwain. And there awe a few fings dat will make mommy pass out, includin’ da blood clot on hers bwain It can be scary, but so long as mommy dusn’t hit anyfin’ shawrp or conk hers head on anyfin’, it’s usually over in a few minutes time and there’s no need fur worry or external help (ie: ambulances, emergency purrsonnel, etc.) Well dat was meez furst ever task purrfurmed fur mommy, but it wuldn’t be da last. Stay tuned fur more stowries ‘bout da way we help mommy live a full and independent life.


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Till da next time………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi = Blue

Mommy = Black


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


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