We’re Feeling Blest

Well what a weekend. We missed our Blest Sunday posty mostly cuz of mommy’s finger issue which is getting’ lots better. She was finally able to file da jagged skin so it dusn’t get caught on things and hurt more. Another reason we didn’t post was cuz we’re workin’ on sumfin’ special fur Christmas and didn’t wanna overdo this week. 


Dezi sitting with mouth open and talking
Oh c’mon mommy, purrlease just let me have a little peak at da purresents meez furiends sent.

We also got a kupple more packages in da mail from meez fellow Cat Scouts. They are such a pawsum gwoup of cats and peeps. Ifin you have been wantin’ to join and just haven’t yet, what are you waitin’ fur? It’s a gweat place to gather wiff other cats and cat pawrents fur fun, adventure and learning. We got a package from awnty Ellen, Sammy P and da kitties of 15 and meowing dat mommy wuldn’t let us see just yet and it included sumfin’ fur mommy. Fank you soooooo much fur includin’ us in yous holiday givin’.

Gifts from awnty Ellen and 15 and meowing

And then mommy opened a big ole box from Cat and awnty Lisa. Me kept twyin’ to check out da contents in dat box, but mommy sed it was fur Christmas. And they included a gift bag full of fings fur mommy. Fank you bunches and bunches and bunches. Cat and awnty Lisa have done a lot fur sis Lexi durin’ da year and now they’re sharin’ their Christmas wiff us. Mommy sez you hit a home run and dat weez gunna luv everythin’.


So needless to say, tween these packages and da ones we got earlier in da week, mommy had da leaky eyes big time. They was da happy kind but salty tears none da less. And just when we fawt mommy was all cried out, another of meez fellow scouts sent us a email and sed they had sent us a little sumfin’ sumfin’ dat shuld be here today. We are so Blest!!!

Dezi tries to sneak a peak in box from Cat and awnty Lisa

You know times are tuff all over and this year has been a real strain fur us with both sissy and me needin’ da extra VET care and special type noms so we really weren’t spectin’ to have a Christmas with purresents. Sum of you already know dat afur we got into social media, mommy wuld take da lesser played wiff toys from our toy box and put them in our stockings fur Christmas and she wuld buy a can of special noms fur us to eat. Because we recently changed foods and da new ones are so spensive, there wasn’t gunna be a special can of noms this year. But you know what? We feel so blest to have each other and all of you. And after all isn’t luv what it’s all about? Let me tell ya’, in dat department we are overflowin’. And now meez furiends have purrvided da purresents. We al have da leaky eyes round here. We are so gwateful to have so many pawsum furiends. 

Lexi tries to sneak a peak in box from Cat and awnty Lisa

Furiends and family of da innernet, Y’all are amazin’, pawsum, wunnerful and purrfect. Purrfectly luvved by us. You give us a gift every time you read our postys, comment and share. We are purrayin’ your week is full of joy and luv. We know a lot of you are really busy this week with last minute purrepurrations and company. But we hope you’ll take a minute to remember why we’re celebratin’ and give thanks fur all da blessings in your lives. We know we’re thankin’ God fur each and every one of you. And we can’t wait to see what you all get from your secret Santa’s. We can’t afford to purrticipate in da givin’ department, but we so look furward to purrticipatin’ in da joy of seein’ what y’all get. Meez gotta go now, mommy sez there’s sum treats we gotta try fur our last review of da year 2015.


Lexi looks up
Dezi sed ifin I made da face too, maybe mommy wuld give us da purrezentz erlee

Oh, by da way, you can read our Thanksgivin’ story over at da Daily Mews here. Our Christmas story will be published shortly. 


Our Christmas plans are to spend da day togevver luvvin’ each other and openenin’ and playin’ wiff our new purresents. What are y’all doin’ this week, da last few days afur Christmas?


Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi 


30 thoughts on “We’re Feeling Blest

  1. Sounds like you girls will have a great Christmas. The only gifts under our tree right now are for us. Mom won’t let us open any yet either. We thought with Fiona being sick she might relent, but she isn’t. Pfft. Thanks for sharing info about CKD. Mom knew she could depend on our friends to do that for us. Take good care of yourselves. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  2. Woohoo! You are doing great Ladies. Our friends are so kind. I loved the candy canes…I never saw those before…looks good…do these taste like cat nip or peppermint…I would like the nip better.


    Love you ladies,


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    1. We sure awe Shoko. We never spected anyfin’ and lookit what all we got. As fur da candy canes, weez not know. Mommy’s been keepin’ those outta reach till Christmas she sez. We’ll let ya know when we finally sink our teefies into ’em.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi

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  3. I’m so happy that so many of your friends and fellow Scouts are able to make your holidays so happy ladies……you sure deserve to have all the fun presents and yummy foodables and other things that are coming your way that’s for sure. We can send you our love and friendship all tied up in Christmas ribbon and we hope you’ll accept that humble offering of Christmas spirit………………..we’re all set for Christmas here in my house. Mom, Dad and I will celebrate it like we do every year – together!

    Love, Sammy

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    1. Oh Sammy we had no idea we had so much comin’ our way. We didn’t spect to be celebwatin’ Christmas wiff da giftables. We awe blest indeed. And YES, fank you fur yous pawsum gift. One of da bestest gifts ever given. Weez sendin’ you and yous pawents all our luv and big hugs. Weez’ll be spendin’ our day enjoyin’ da fact dat we be togevver and have each other and all our furiends.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  4. Hi, dear Dezi, We are so glad Santa is being good to you, and we can’t wait to see what all the surprises will be!

    We hope your mommy is feeling better and will be like new on Christmas! Pat/Maggie/Felix

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  5. Mommy’s appointment went okay, but she has to go back (of course) to check out one of her legs. Talk about going from heart to legs! Weird, huh? It’s okay, though, cause the leg has been bothering her for a long time, and this doctor decided it was worth looking at more seriously. But Mommy was gone a long time. She sat downstairs and talked to people for quite a while, and got to bring upstairs some leftovers from the assisted living place next door. Which included a whole half gallon of milk! I don’t drink it, but she loves milk.
    I almost complained to her, but she did leave me food and water before she left, and I was only starved for attention. Even though she got to pet Layla downstairs (she’s this cute little woofie downstairs who likes scritchies and belly rubs and loves my Mommy), it was okay. Layla loves my Mommy and that’s okay. I can be generous! I have Mommy a lot more than she does!
    Mommy seriously loves Jackie Chan. And really wants to meet him, but, well, I guess she will have to settle for some movies….
    Glad your mommy is doing better. So is mine. Just in time for Christmas! Mommy has an evening service on Christmas Eve and she plans to share her turkey leg with me (she bought this huge leg!) on Christmas.
    She loves Christmas Eve. It had special meanings when she was growing up. It was deeply religious, and your mommy would have loved it!

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