Cat Speak Dictionary

Deztinee (Dezi) Speak

Dezi speaks coyly with the accent of a true Southern Belle. She has a high pitched almost whispery voice that can get loud and animated when called for. She can be a bit shy altho’ she loves to be the center of attention.

  • Y standing alone is a Southern expression of excitement or to stress the following statement. (ex: Y thank you)
  • W may replace R’s and GH’s(ex: weplace, sowwy, dollaw, fawt = thought)
  • D may replace the hard TH sound (ex: dis = this, dat = that, da = the, anuddew = another)
  • F may replace the soft TH (ex: nuffin = nothing)
  • AW may replace OUGH (ex: fawt = thought)
  • Fur may replace FR, FOR  (ex: Furiday = Friday, furiends = friends, fur/fuw = for)
  • Purr may replace PR or PL. any word that begins with P may now begin with Purr (ex: purrrposal = proposal, purrice = price)
  • Purr may also replace PUR or PER (purrtain = pertain)
  • Puss may replace POSE (purrpuss = purpose)
  • MEOW may take the place of MO (ex: meownin’ = morning)
  • Paw replaces AW at the beginning of words (ex: Pawsum = awesome, Pawful = awful)
  • U may replace O when making a u sound (ex: gunna = going, sumwhere = somewhere, tu = to/too)
  • MOL = Meow Out Loud
  • OMC = Oh My Cat(ness)
  • WTC = What The Cat
  • POL = Purr Out Loud
  • UTB/UDB = Under the Bed
  • In’ = ING (southern speak)
  • ( ‘ ) followed by a word or following a word = shortened version (‘puter/putew = computer, altho’ = although)
  • E may be dropped off the end of a word if it is silent (luv = love, leav = leave)
  • Ifin = If (southern speak)
  • T may be dropped off the end of a word if it is silent (ex: nex = next –southern speak)
  • K replaces CT (ex: zaklee = exactly, purrfek = perfect)


                                  Alexandra (Lexi) Speak 

Lexi speaks with a true Texas drawl with an occasional deep South outburst. She is loud and outspoken but can be a little shy at times.

  • Y see above
  • U see above
  • AW see above
  • D see above
  • F see above
  • FUR see above
  • PURR see above
  • PUSS see above
  • MEOW see above
  • PAW see above
  • Z = hard S or C that sounds like S (ex: suppozez = supposes, fotoz = photos, weez = we’s, playzez = places)
  • I’z = I is/I was
  • K takes the place of C when it sounds like k (ex: kant = can’t, kuldn’t = couldn’t)
  • B or D may take the place of V (ex: lubz = loves, kubber = cover)
  • AY replaces the long A and silent E (ex: awayk = awake, layk = lake)
  • EE replaces all letters that sound like long E (ex: lubblee = lovely, reelee = really)
  • OW replaces OU (ex: sownd = sound, pownd = pound)
  • W replaces GH (ex: fawt = thought, bawt = bought)
  • Bull replaces BLE at the end of a word (ex: reedabull = readable)

We will continue to update and add to this list from time to time, so check back often. And if there’s a word or definition you think should be on here, please let us know.


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