Shad: Original Service Cat Part 1

SHAD, Mommy's Original Service Cat
Shad, Mommy’s Original Service Cat

Lots of years ago befur mommy’s accident hers had a beautiful white Persian kitty named Shad. They were really close as they had been thru lots together. Mommy had gone back to school and her and Shad lived together alone. Then one day mommy had a car wreck dat left her disabled. Among many of hers purroblems, she passed out. Sometimes mommy would just lose consciousness outta da blue.  And then there was actions or surroundings dat could cause her to pass out. She always got a little warnin’, but it still happened. After passin’ out at school and in da shoppin’ center, mommy’s doctors stawrted talkin’ to hers bout lookin’ into a Service dog.


Mommy likes doggy’s fine but hers had a kitty cat and lived in a small pawrtment and couldn’t hardly afford to feed Shad and herself. Mommy just didn’t think a  doggy was very feasible fur her. So mommy just kept trudgin’ on and tryin’ to make it.  Now Shad had always been very clever, And back in those days fones wus big and had answerin’ machines dat recorded to a tape and played aloud fur everypawdy in da room to hear. When mommy wusn’t home and sumpawdy dat Shad knew would call, she’s would paw at da fone til she’s hit da speaker fone button and then try to talk to them. More than once mommy came home to half messages and da fone off da hook.  Mommy thought it wus cute so hers didn’t worry ’bout it too much specially since Shad only did it wiff people she knew.  

So one day mommy was makin’ some dinner and hers passed out and hit hers head on da corner of da desk. Mommy is very tall and da floor is a long way down.  MOL Anyway when mommy came too hers heard sumpawdy bangin’ on da door hollerin’… POLICE. Mommy got up and answered da door and there stood a very nice policeman askin’ ifin she’s was alright. Mommy told him hers was fine and asked why he was there?. He told mommy dat da police had received a 911 call from hers address. Mommy told him hers had been unconscious and she’s hadn’t called 911. He asked ifin anypawdy else coulda called, and mommy told him dat she’s lived alone. So hims called into dispatch and they told him dat all they heard was a cat meowin’ on da other end of da line. So he’s asked mommy ifin hers had a kitty cat and ifin was pawssible dat da kitty called 911. You’s know is a crime to call 911 ifin you’s don’t have an emergency. Mommy told him of course she had a cat but she didn’t see how Shad coulda called 911 cuz she hadn’t been trained fur anythin’ like dat. At da time mommy didn’t know anythin ’bout Service animals other than seein’ eye dogs herself. Hers doctors hadn’t been very specific ’bout what kinda help she was gunna get fwom a Service dog when they had suggested it. Da nice police officer came in and checked everyfin’ ovrw and then he left only to be called back out a few days later.


So this time he asked mommy ifin they could try to recreate what happened. Cuz da 911 call had a kitty vewy frantically and loudly meowin’ into da fone and then da meowin’ wuld get faint and could barely be heard in da background. And then very loud again and then very faint. So mommy agreed to try to recreate it and da officer left after callin’ dispatch and tellin’ ’em what they were gunna do and settin’ up a small camera.  (mommy had no digital camera or video camera at da time) A little later da plan was set into motion. And mommy watched thru squinted eyes as Shad ran to da fone and pawed at it til she’s hit da speaker fone and got a dial tone. Then she would paw da numbers on da fone til a voice answered and said, “911 what is your emergency??” Shad would begin to meow and meow and then run to mommy meowin’ da whole time. Hers would paw mommy’s face and then run back to da fone and meow into da speaker and then run back to mommy again. She’s did this 4 times and then laid down beside mommy and waited.   



Part 2


Well mommy learned dat Shad could call fur help ifin it was needed. Now mommy was glad hers had never gotten onto Shad fur playin’ with da fone all those times. Mommy wondered what else Shad could do but mommy didn’t really know what all she needed. As bein’ disabled wus somethin’ mommy had never thought ’bout.  Well as me told you yesfurday mommy passes out quite a lot. Ifin hers raises both of hers arms above her head then hers fur sure gunna pass out. So ever time she takes a shower and washes hers hair, down she goes. MOL  Well of course any of you’s dat have a kitty knows dat you can’t go to da pawdee box room fur anythin’ alone.  And well Shad and mommy was no different. Anytime mommy went to da pawdee box room Shad was hot on hers heels. Shad had been sittin’ on da hooman pawdee watchin’ mommy take showers fur years, and now dat mommy wus passin’ out, Shad was still der observin’ it all. As mommy would start to pass out hers would grab hold of da shower curtain or shower bar, or anythin’ else hers could tryin’ not to fall. But alas, she would end up in da tub with new bruises and bangs and a nose full of water. Til one day…..


Mommy had gone to take hers shower as usual, and sure ’nuff while washin’ hers hair she’s started to get dizzy. Dat was da last thing mommy membered til hers came to with Shad in da shower with her up under mommys’ arm and tryin’ to push mommy over da edge of da tub. After mommy finished hers shower and dried her and Shad , mommy noticed a wad of hers hair by da outside of da tub. Mommy didn’t know what to think, cuz she still had a head full of hair and it didn’t hurt so she’s didn’t worry much ’bout it at da time.  But as da day wet on mommy kept thinkin’ ’bout it and thinkin’ how she’s didn’t come to this time with a nose full of water. So mommy set out to try tu figger out what had happened. After mommy had rested up hers went back to ‘take another shower’.  Shad of course was right there with her.  So mommy got da water runnin’ and purrtended to start washin’ hers hair and gettin dizzy. She’s noticed dat Shad jumped fwom da hooman pawdee to da edge of da tub. So mommy started grabbin at da shower curtain and Shad jumped in da tub. Mommy slid down, and Shad jumped on mommy and pawed at da shower curtain til it was moved back and then she’s started pawin’ mommys head and head bumpin’ hers head tryin’ to lift it up. And then she grabbed a mouth full of hair and pulled mommys head over so dat da water wasn’t hittin hers in da face. And then under mommy’s arm she’s went and started pushin’ with all hers might tryin’ to push mommy out of da tub.


Shad seemed to pick up on what mommy needed and she taught herself many more things befur she went to heaven. And because of her mommy knew dat hers could train any kitty cat to do da same things and more. And so dat’s zactly what mommy did and continues to do.  Since Shad went to heaven mommy has trained or helped train (as you’s will learn with meez story) 5 more Service Cats includin’ me.🙂 And each kitty has brought sumthin’ new to mommy. Kitty’s are very smart and very sensitive so we’s make great Service Animals. Me sure hopes you’s have enjoyed hearin’ ’bout Shad, mommy’s original Service Cat,




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi



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10 thoughts on “Shad: Original Service Cat Part 1

    1. Fank you Annie, Charlie and awnty Yvon. Shad was amazin’ accordin’ to mommy. And, the start of each service cat after her. Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  1. Hey how did you get them to let you have service cats the ada says only dogs but I have a cat who knows how to call 911 for me when im having a panic attack i have Depression Anxiety And PTSD i need a service animal cause i have episodes of siezures in panic attacks and i get dizzy and fall down my cat tries to save me when i black out and when i dont wake up he calls 911 but they say that cats cant be service animals in adas eyes they can only be esa but i need actual help i need my cat help

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She was indeed a pawsum kitty. As fur pickin’ out cats, mommy had a big ole laff, cuz we all picked her, not da other way ’round. MOL Of course mommy says all kitties are gawjus.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena

      Liked by 1 person

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