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Thank you for your interest and for following Service Cats U.S. a.k.a. Deziz World, where all who visit become family. We are always adding links to this page, so check back often and/or bookmark it in case you need it in the future. Links included here will also cover Feline Behavior, Nutrition and Health. The Training Tips featured here will never go out of date or fashion as they incorporate Positive Reinforcement and the bond between animal and human. There is no other bond quite like it in the world. If a cat has chosen to love you and share it’s life with you, count yourself Blest. And then, check the post links below to help you  and your cat live a more harmonious and happy life together.

Below you’ll find links to Training posts written to help Cat and Dog owners train their pets. These Training posts are not meant to be all inclusive and should not be taken as a Training manual. All of the Tips/Tricks/Techniques discussed have been developed/used successfully by me (Audra High) throughout my many years of animal training, cats in particular. Training is all about Repetition and Rewards and takes time. No two animals learn at the same speed, but all animals do well with some training. These posts are not meant to train your animal to be a Service Animal, but rather to be a happy well adjusted member of your family. All Training posts are written in human English for reader and translator ease. If you have any questions, concerns or topics you would like to see covered, please contact us using the private form below or e-mail us at We try to answer all questions in a timely manner.



What to Look For      Training Foundations:  Bonding with your kitty, The “Scent Me Up Game” explained, Discovering how to best train kitty,

Train Kitty To Massage: Training kitty to retract their claws, Focusing a cat’s natural need to knead,

Smelling Disease      Do You Need One      Who Bears the Cost

Housing Laws & Exceptions      Accommodations & Common Sense

When the Handler Dies      Proper Training Methods Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Easiest Task to Train      Getting Kitty Ready for an Outing: Harness and Leash training, Taking kitty out in public

Discipline: Stop Countersurfing Kitty      Internal Disputes

Calling Emergency Help      Just What Is Kitty Capable of

Shad: Original Service Cat      Harness, Vest, Leash or Stroller

Dezi, the Wheelchair & Chest      Round and Round We Go

Tumble & Fall Response      Raena Calls for Help

The Rest of the Story     Raena & the Wheelchair Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3 Pt. 4

When to Train      Explaining Rewards & Kitty’s Feelings

Stop Kitty’s Begging     Calling For Help Options Pt. 1

Medicating Kitty

Training the Pig Headed, Stallion Strong, Submissive Pup & Conniving Cat

Cats Love Training & Social Media Downfalls

Reintegrating the Scared or Bullied Cat

There’s No Bully Cat Breed: A Cat’s Natural instincts, The 4 Basic drives of all cats

Going for a Walk When in a Wheelchair

Calming the Tiger Pt.1:  Learning how to spot aggression due to fear and overcoming it

Calming The Tiger  Pt. 2:  Agression, The Alpha Cat, Seeing the world through a cat’s eyes.

Calming The Tiger   Pt. 3:  The foundation of Aggression,

Surviving A Remodel : Decompression Room,

Taming A Feral Cat

Designer Cats & Scent      DNA Doesn’t Change

Fighting or Posturing: What signs to look for when determining whether you kitties are fighting, playing or posturing, Introducing cats,

Clicker Training & Operant Conditioning :Defining methods of Training

Wheelchair Training: Training kitty to be comfortable around a wheelchair and how to drive it

Basic Training Continues : Training tips when equipment is broken

Managing Without A Wheelchair: Our daily routine when the wheelchair is broken

Are Spray Bottles Effective : Does discipline work on pets

Hands Are Not Toys: Tips on appropriate play, how to stop kitty from biting

Does My Cat Need A Friend : Tips on integrating a new cat with a resident cat

Helping Your Bullied Shy Cat: Confidence building tips, Recognizing the difference between Aggression and simple posturing

Why Cats Scratch : Scratching posts, Alternative scratchers, Declaw Alternatives

Halloween Safety : Safety tips for pets and food, holiday decorations and parties

Stop Cord Chewing: Tips to stop cord chewing

Pica: Unusual Habits: What is Pica and how to manage it

Holiday Safety Tips : Safety tips for pets and holiday food, decorating, parties

Feline Urinary Habits: Litterbox needs, training, diseases, solving problems

Feline Nutrition: Obligate Carnivore : A look at cat food and what cat’s need

Q & A About the New PowerChair: Highlights Differences in Wheelchairs

Defining Service, Therapy and Emotional Support Animals : Simple definitions

How Long Does it Take to Train a Cat: Part 2Part 3: Describes the length of time taken to train several different cats

How Do We Respond to 911

What Age Should Kitty Be Altered & Preparing For The Visit: Age for spaying/neutering, Harness/Leash Training

Should I Use Flea Prevention: Life cycle of fleas, Types of preventions

Does Your Garden Contain These Natural Flea Preventatives: Natural Flea Preventatives, Herbs used to repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos

Am I Training My Cat or Is She Training Me: Scent Me Up instructions, Taking an animal’s natural abilities and turning them into Trained Tasks

6 Tips to Keep Kitty Stress Free While Going To the Vet: Stop Kitty from peeing/pooping/throwing up in the car/carrier

How to keep Kitty off the Bite List at the VET: Calming Options, During the exam

You Asked, We Answered: Does Mommy Train Other’s Animals, Our View on Animal implants

What Happens To Your Pets When You Die:  Put your wishes in writing, What to put on the list for your pets future owners, Care Fund: How to fund your pets future, Sample Forms,

How To Deal With An Attack By An Unleashed Animal: Training your Cat or Dog to Heel, Who is Legally and Financially responsible

Common Household & Party Toxins To Avoid: Toxic Foods, Party Prep, Toxic Meds, Toxic Cleaners

Kitten/Cat Proofing Pt. 1Pt. 2, Pt.3, Pt. 4, : Cords, Kitchen Safety,  Pt. 2: Bathroom Safety,  Pt. 3: Bedroom, Closet, Sewing/Craft/Spare Room, Medications,  Pt. 4: The Outdoors, Garage and Cat Toys and Furniture

How Toxic is that Food: Symptom onset and prognosis of Food Toxicities in cats and dogs

Beat the Heat & Treating Overheating in Cats: Tips for Summer Heat, Symptoms of Overheating in Cats and dogs, Treating Symptoms of Overheating for Cats

Where Does Your Lifelong Furry Buddy Belong When You’re Off To College:  Tips for de-stressng kitty

Introducing Kitty To Housemates:  How to introduce kitty to roommates and a new home

Introducing The New Cat To The Resident Cat: Steps for Introducing Cats

Making A Local Move With Kitty:  Steps to a successful local move

Tips For Moving With Cats: Kitty’s Overnight Bag Contents, Packing Tips, Driving Tips, Relocating with kitty

Do Cats Need Sunshine: Daylight Lamps, Vit. D Toxicity,

Are Cats Ambidextrous:  Do we get along, Are cats right or left pawed

Free or Scheduled Feeding: A look at the pluses and minuses Free Feeding and Scheduled Feeding,

Pet Food Ingredients: Pt. 1: Protein  Pt. 2:  Why Cats shouldn’t eat Grains and Vegetables

Pet Food Ingredients Pt. 3:  Supplements and Additives, Amount of actual Meat Protein percentage in commercial feed/food

Pet Food Ingredients Pt. 4: Vit. K (Menadione), Design of Teeth, Definitions of Food and Feed

Pt. 5: Our Food Recommendations, Dezi’s transition from kibble to raw

Prey Model Raw Made Easy Pt. 1: Debunking the myths around Raw feeding

Prey Model Raw Pt. 2: What is Prey Model Raw and Defining Meat and Organs as well as Bone content

Prey Model Raw Pt. 3: 10 pound Raw Recipe, Cost breakdown

Prey Model Raw Pt. 4:  Dezi’s transition to raw from kibble, Topper Suggestions, Natural Hairball Treatment,

Prey Model Raw Pt. 5: Prescription Diets and Supplements, Salmonella Poisoning Debunked

Prey Model Raw Pt. 6: Taurine, Pet Feed Regulations, Frankenprey,

Emergency Contact Is A Must: How to find an emergency Contact, Where to set up a Pet Trust, What to say in your Letter,

Starting Over: Introducing Zebby, our new service cat and describing traits to look for

Harnessing Kitty: How to harness kitty with videos, Carrier/PTU Training

Steps To Add A Kitty to Your Home Pt. 1: Research and questions to ask,  PT. 2: Decompression Room, Pet First Aid Kit, Litterbox Options, Scratcher Options, Kitten/Puppy Proofing,


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