Deztinee Izabella


dw-Dezi0151ribedit (640x480)

Meowllo and welcome to Deziz World. Love ya’

10 thoughts on “Deztinee Izabella

  1. Yer Mum n me Mum simmylar in namin kittehz too!! Me waz just ‘Nyla’ when Mum resckued me. She looked up da meenin of me name which iz dark blue in East Indian Sanskrit so me beecame Nyla-Blue which beecame Nylablue…me Aunti befur me waz just ‘Ming’ when Mum reskcued her n she beecame Ming-Flower which beecame Mingflower…me finkz me Mum iz BERY clever 😉
    Do iz yer Mum!!!
    ❤ Nylablue ❤


  2. Yow Deztinee Izabella iz lubly to meet ya oddishallee like n me name iz Nylablue Sweet Feet.
    Mum iz Sherriellen so she has 2 ferst namez just like me!!
    Yerz Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxoxo


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