Blest Sunday Inclusion

Meowllo and welcome to a brand new Blest Sunday. It seems fall has arrived fur most peeps and cooler tem-purr-atures are arrivin’. Y, It was even cool here one meownin’. Our area  doesn’t usually see much fall. It’s hot right up till halloween and suddenly it’s 30°F. So we were happy to have dat cool meownin’. Not dat we were out in it, mind ya’, but we knew ‘bout it. MOL  Anyways, this week’s gonna be a busy one fur us. We’ve got dat repairman comin’ tomorrow to fix da a/c pipe and clean da coils. Mommy has her regular monthly doctors ‘pointment on Furiday, and we sure hope somethin’ can be done with her medicines, cuz it’s been a really tough month fur her. And then on Caturday, sis Raena has her special spa day. WooHoo  Me sure hopes she calms down some afterwards.

 Dezi lays in lap and takes a selfie



       What’s dat sissy? Why would I calm down after mines spa day?

Uh, No reason Raena. Just wishful thinkin’ on me’s pawrt and purrobably mommys’ too.

 Dezi looks out while Raena surveys the living room

       Oh sissy, you know you luvs me and so does mommy. She even lets me sleep under da covers with her.

Of course we luv you Raena, but we’d luv a calmer you too. As fur sleepin’ under da covers, good fur you. But it gets too hot under there fur me.

       Yeah sissy it does get hot, but it sure is fun.

Well Raena enjoy it while it lasts. Someday you’re gonna have so much fur you won’t like it either. Anyways, you know how much we luv all our furiends, and feel so blest to have them right?

 Raena lays on the pounce toy.

       Of course sissy. When mommy picked me up, I was so scared I didn’t know where she was takin’ me or what might be there. All I had ever known was bars and burnin’ eyes and a nose from all da amonia. God sure blest me. I got a wonderful luvvin’ mommy, a gawjus sissy, a purretty smellin’ home, lots and lots of toys, and amazin’, wonderful, kind, carin’, supurrb furiends.

Dezi looks out from perch

 This purrch used to be all we had befur we were blest with our

Cat trees. Me used to sit here all da time and look out da door.

This past week we posted da foto below of Raena and

confused a lot of peeps. Mommy says she doesn’t see

da sameness ya’ll see, cuz to her we don’t look anythin’ alike.

But we thought you might enjoy a blast from me’s past to compare.




Raena looks out from the perch

Yep, this is Raena, not me. MOL

Yes Raena, you got blest alright. Our furiends are amazin’. And last night we got an email from our meezer furiend Nellie and her mommy, awnty Barb. Every year they make a big ole punkin patch and carve names into punkins. We have one dat everypawdy can see on our sidebar. It says Dezi and Lexi, and we luv it. But sis Lexi’s gone now and Nellie, bein’ da sweety she is, made us a new punkin. This one has your name on it too. Lookit, Dezi and RaenaBelle it says. Wasn’t dat nice of them to do dat fur us?

 Dezi and RAenas' pumpkin patch pumpkin from Nellie


       It sure was sissy. I’s luvs our new punkin. Fank you Nellie fur includin’ me in your punkin’ patch. This is mines furst ever, well anythin’, so I’s learnin’ all kinds of things.

Yeah Raena, you are learnin’ all kinds of things alright. Y, you’ve learned to turn all our ‘lectric toys on and da wheelchair too. Mommy said dat after you have your spa day she’s gonna start trainin’ you to drive da wheelchair.


       Well it’s ‘bout time sissy. I’s can’t wait. Did you see me drive da chair into da counter da other day?

No Raena me missed dat. But me did hear mommy hollerin’ fur you to stop and to turn da chair back off. Me thinks it’s funny dat you can turn everythin’ on, but when it comes time to turn things off again you purrtend to be clueless.  

       But sissy, none of those things are any fun when they’re turned off.

Raena, not every minute of every day has to be ‘bout havin’ fun. There’s also nap time, meal time and time fur luvvin’ from mommy.

 Raena getting mommy love while laying in her lap

       Yeah Dezi, dat last one’s mines favorite.

 Dezi laying in mommy's lap

Me too Raena, me too. Speakin’ of mommy luvvin’, let’s wrap this up and go get some. We’ll post a selfie or two so we can join da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies and remind everypawdy to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur da blessings in their lives. We are blest to have a luvvin’ mommy, a home, all our furiends and live in da greatest Country ever, America. We purray you all have a pawsum day. 



Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 

Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!





Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle