Blest Sunday: All Partied Out

MeOW Raena, did you enjoy your pawrty? 


 Dezi and Raena on Liberty Cat Tree


          Oh sissy, I’s sure did!!! What fun. And so many of our pawsum furiends came by. I’s such a blest kitty girly.


 Dezi kneads cat bed


Yep Raena, we sure are. Me had a great time too, even tho’ it is stormin’ here. Me’s gotta tell ya’, you looked so funny chasin’ those nip bubbles ‘round the house. Mommy even found one you missed this meownin’ when she sat down in the sittin’ lift chair. 


 Raena on the Liberty Cat Tree


          Those bubbles sure are a lot of fun. All those red dot kitties don’t know nuffin’ ‘bout disappearin’ prey. Every time I’s thought I’d caught one, it was gone. One even hit me on the nose, but befur I’s could ketch it, it disappeared.


MOL  Me saw that, Raena. We don’t play the red dot game here, cuz mommy says we’re too smart curious. ‘Stead of tryin’ to ketch the red dot, we go straight fur the source; the light in mommy’s hand. Mommy says that’s dangerous fur kitties to stare into the lasered red dot. But we did enjoy those bubbles. 


 Raena lays on back of chair


          Yeah sissy, it’s too bad mommy ran outta breath, cuz I’s sure was havin’ fun chasin’ all the bubbles.


Well, there was lots of bubbles still floatin’ ‘round in the air even after mommy ran outta breath. Me’s sure she’ll play the bubble game with us again. ‘Specially now that she knows we like ‘em.


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          I’s sure hope so sissy. Did you see all the cards I’s got yesfurday (blog links listed as comment)? And, I’s can’t wait till the weather clears up enuff fur us to have mine’s Birthday pizza. Awnty Anonymous sent mommy some green papers and told her to get us a Birthday pizza. But since you hang out UTB when it storms, mommy said we have to wait to have it, so you can enjoy it too. Maybe ya’ oughtta think ‘bout not hidin’ away so much.


Me’s not hidin’ Raena, me’s just bein’ safe. All the news peeps say to stay away from windows and glass durin’ storms. So there. Me’s the smartest kitty in the house. 


          Yeah, Okay sissy, you’re not hidin’, you’re just bein’ “safe”. MOL 


You won’t be laffin’ ifin any of those storms actually break our windows while you’re lookin’ out. 


 Bird's nest with baby birds


          But sissy, that birdy that built her nest in one of mommy’s old pot baskets is so much fun to watch. Did you hear her callin’ mommy names the other day?


 Bird nest with babies


Me sure did Raena. Now that was funny. Mommy went out to trim the wisteria, and that ole momma bird was so mad. She flew into the big old oak tree in our front lawn and squawked and cackled at mommy the whole time she was out there. Guess she didn’t know that mommy would never hurt her babies. The really funny pawrt was when she came flyin’ in fur the attack when mommy was tryin’ to take fotos of her babies. 


          Oh sissy, that was funny. Mommy was tryin’ to swoosh her away with one hand and focus on the babies with the other. Mommy’s wanted to take more fotos, cuz the baby birds be growin’ so fast, but she doesn’t wanna face the wrath of momma bird again. MOL  Mommy didn’t get any fotos of the momma bird. Mommy says she wouldn’t coopurrate. MOL 


Yep Raena, mommys’ sure can be furocious when they’re purrtectin’ their young; no matter what size they are, or the purredators size.


 Raena lays draped across the back of the chair


          You’re so right sissy. And mommy unnerstands that cuz that’s the way she feels ‘bout us. 


Sure ‘nuff, Raena. We are blest to have such a pawsum mommy. Speakin’ of mommy, we need to update everypawdy ‘bout her complications. Ya’ know, we told everypawdy that mommy’s upper teeth has roots that were embedded in her sinuses. That’s not a good thing. But mommy was followin’ all the instructions and bein’ really careful, so when she went in fur her recheck, the surgeon was really purrleased with how well mommy was healing. But, she had a stitch that had been hangin’ down, and rubbin’ her tongue fur days. When the doctor looked at it, she said it was ‘bout to fall out, so she went ahead and removed it. They thought everythin’ was fine till the next meownin’. Altho’ thinkin’ it was a fluke, mommy didn’t call the doctor that day. And then the same thing happened off and on all last weekend. So furst thing Monday, mommy called the doctor to report that she now had an openin’ into her sinuses. ‘Pawrently, that stitch was holdin’ that hole closed.


          I’s got really worried ‘bout mommy, sissy. Cuz she said it’s not just gross and aggravating, it also hurts. Fankfully, the dentist put mommy on another round of antibiotics, more Sudafed and told her not to blow her nose fur another 2 weeks. 


 Dezi kneads and suckles the cat bed


Yep, Raena. They’re hopin’ the hole will close on it’s own so mommy won’t have to have another more serious surgery. And the antibiotics are to help make sure mommy doesn’t get an infection. Seems the Sudafed is harder to get than mommy’s purrscription meds. ‘Pawrently, the active ingredient is used a lot here to make meth. What does mommy know ‘bout meth and drug makin’? Anyways, mommy can only buy a certain nummer of boxes a day, week and month. And she has to sign fur them, and purrvide her drivers license and get her foto taken each time. One box lasts one day. Is that crazy or what? Me sure hopes she doesn’t have to take this stuff fur long. 


          Me too sissy. We’ve been so blest, that mommy hasn’t had any more purroblems, so we’re purrayin’ really hard fur this hole to close soon, so mommy can start feelin’ better and get on to the other bad teethies.


 Dezi lays all stretched out in the chair


Yes we are Raena. And we’re so blest to have so many furtastic furiends to help us purray fur mommy. Every time we think ‘bout our furiends, we are so humbled to be so blest. From purrayers to luv and suppurrt and even gifts, we have the bestest furiends in the universe. We wanna remind you all to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur the blessings in your lives. We’re gonna wrap it up now and get some rest. We’re all pawrtied out.


 Raena sleeps on birthday nip mat on the Liberty cat tree


          Speak fur yourself sissy. (Raena yawns) I’s not pawrtied out. MOL  We’re joinin’ the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies.


Till the next time…………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle    

44 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: All Partied Out

  1. You really had a Wonderpurr birthday, Raena! I’m sorry I missed it. It’s so special to be celebrated like you were. But you’re so special, you’re celebrated every day of the year. Sending warm hugs. Happy Birthday! Herman!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fanky fank you Herman. Mommy celebrates our birthday’s all month long. Altho’ as you said, she celebrates us every day too. Fanky fanks fur comin’ by.

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


  2. Yay! Meeeeow! So luvly to readz how much fun u hadz on ur B-Day dear Raena!

    Hehe, me kno wut u talkin bout! Those bubblez reely vanish into everythin dey touch! MOL! Or maybee da bubblez vanish into thin air?
    And ur Mommy iz rite! Iz reely dangerouz fur kittiez to lookz into da lazer thingy. Me wud LUV chasin da red dot, but Mumz iznt allowin it cuz of dat.

    Iz it still stormin or haz da weather calmed down by nao? Me hope so!

    Mumz also alwayz sez to stay away frum da windowz when iz stormin. Her alwayz haz to carry me off from da window, cuz me likez watchin da stormin goin on, and da heavy rainz. Me not afraid of da thunderin.

    Mumz and me purray u iz alwayz safe durin da stormz and nothin like breakin windowz iz gonna happen.

    Oh da baby birdiez iz adorbz! How smart of da Momma birdie to build herz nest in da pot! Fits purrfectly!

    Yay u putted all ur luvly bDay cardz in da post! U gotz reely sweet cardz! Furendz r da best!

    Mumz and I purray da hole iz gonna close on iz own and dat her iznt in pain and iz healz all purrfectlee! Wez keepz u Raena, and Dezi in our purrayerz also. We so thankful to hav met u sweet furendz & luvly Mommy! Iz truly a blessing

    So me gonna end da comment, iz gotten soooo long alreadee MOL! Luv u, Murli & Natascha💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fank you Murli and awnty Natascha, fur da purrayers and da card fur Raena. Da sunshine came out today, so we’re tryin’ to get all caught up now. We hope ya’ll stay safe as well, and fanks fur bein’ our furiends. Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh it seems you totally knew how to celebrate a super pawty…. We are so sorry to read about tha hole and your momma…. we hope so much that there is a way to close that hole and maybe it heals up and there is no another surgery in the game… POTP for your bestest mom.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You sure did have a wonderfur time partying!

    No wonder you are all ready fur a good long nap!

    And we are purring and pawyering furry hard that your mommy will not need more surgery. We know God can heal that hole and we are pawyering fur this to not be a purroblem anymore.


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great pictures, sweeties, but the last two are our favorite. Nope, Raena, you’re not partied out. 🙂 We hope your mommy heals up completely. We hope you can have your pizza party soon!

    Those are some nice birthday cards!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That really was quite the pawty sweeties! Hey Raena, don’t forget to send Simon home, it sure is quiet around here since he is at your place. Purrs and hugs to that very special Mom of yours. Love ya sweeties!

    Liked by 1 person

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