That’s No Hog, It’s Thunder!!!

HEY!!! IS ANYPAWDY OUT THERE? IT’S ME, RAENABELLE!!! (Raena meows at the top of her lungs) Mommy, I’s don’t think they can hear me over the thunder boomers. Are they ever gonna stop? At furst, I’s thought somepawdy had left their motercycle runnin’ full blast. But then the whole room lit up with that lightnin’ stuffs, and I’s knew it wasn’t no “Hog”. I’s really tired of it mommy. We haven’t got to visit any of our furiends all week long. And where’s sissy? Sissyyyyyyyyyyyy…Sissy!!! Where are you? I’s wanna play, sissy. Purrlease come out and play with me.


 Raena looks outside from the small perch

Isn’t this sunshine bootyful? It lasted a whole 30 minutes.


          (Dezi meows back from UTB in the bedroom) Me’s bein’ safe Raena. Didn’t you hear mommy talkin’ ‘bout all the tornadoes and hail? The weather guesser said cars, outside animals, roofs and trailer houses WOULD be damaged!!! Don’t you ‘member mommy cryin’ and us purrayin’ fur all the animals what live outside?


 Dezi lays in the house on the Liberty cat tree


Of course I’s ‘member. But what do I’s know ‘bout hail and damagin’ winds? All I’s know ‘bout is that wet stuffs. Did you see mommy and me tryin’ to get in the house befur we got soaked? I’s was so x’cited to see the sunshine peekin’ thru the clouds yesfurday. I’s thought it was a great oppurrtunity to go fur a nice stroll and get some furesh air. And I’s couldn’t wait to wear mine’s new harness. Did you see me? I’s grew into it so nicely. It’s a purrfect fit now. Altho’ mommy says I’s not thru growin’ and will purrobably have to get a bigger one next year. Anyways, did you see me? Didn’t I’s look adorable? 


 Raena sits on butterfly scratcher in harness


          (Dezi meowmbles from UTB) Perrfect fit, uh huh. Adorable, sure thing. (Meowing loudly now) You looked real cute hunkerin’ down in the stroller while mommy was tryin’ to get ya’ll back in the house befur ya’ both got struck by lightnin’.


 Raena looks out from the stroller


Raena sits on sidewalk beside stroller in her tiger harness


Who knew the clouds could cry that hard without any warnin’? One minute we were baskin’ in the sunshine and the next we were runnin’ fur our lives in the dark. (Raena shakes her head) Hey Dezi, ya’ know that Hooligan in a Can prize you won from Cat Scouts? I’s luvved it. Fanky fanks fur sharin’ with me. 


 Dezi with the hooligan in a can Cat Scout Derby prize


Dezi, sniffs the Silvervine bag


          Sure Raena. There was purrlenty of goodies to share. Me luvs bein’ a Cat Scout. That trip to the Kentucky Derby was a blast. And who knew me could pick the winner? Me chose me’s horsey cuz we’re always dreamin’ up ways to help mommy, so me thought Always Dreamin’ was a great name. Me fanked Den Master fur havin’ such a pawsum give away and sendin’ such a pawtastic purrize. Me can’t wait to try that grilled tuna fillet. Me can smell it thru the package, and it smells divine.


 Raena sniffs the bags of nip, vine and valerian from Derby prize


It sure does sissy. But I’s really luvved the smells comin’ from those smaller bags. Ya’ know, the ones mommy said was silvervine, valerian and nip? I’s sure wish I’s could be a Cat Scout.


 Dezi rolls with chirpy bird from the hooligan in a can Cat Scout Derby prize


          Well Raena, maybe after you grow up a bit more mommy will let you join. Right now, me’s the only Scout in the furmily, and me likes it that way just fine. (Dezi meows under her breath) Me needs some time away from You, even ifin it’s just virtual. (Dezi snickers


 Raena plays with refillable lobster from hooligan in a can prize


Well sissy, enjoy your time. I’s gonna keep askin’ mommy. At some point she’s gotta get tired of hearin’ it and let me join. In the mean time, I’s gonna go play with our new chirpy bird. Oh and link up with the Pet Parade too.


 Raena rolls on nip and toy from hooligan in a can Cat Scout Derby prize can


          Hopefully the storms will clear up soon and we’ll be able to visit our furiends. The power has flashed off and on all week, and mommy won’t turn the catputer on when that’s happenin’, so me sure hopes that stuffs stops soon. We’re thinkin’ ‘bout all our furiends even tho’ we can’t get by to visit with ya’. You go play Raena and leave me alone, so me can take a nap. 


 Raena's profile in the stroller


Till the next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

33 thoughts on “That’s No Hog, It’s Thunder!!!

  1. Wow, you all get hit by storms a lot! Does the lightning scare you Raena? We seldom get lightning & thunder where we live, but we get lots & lots of rain. Mom is still away so I’ve had a lot of time to look out the window & watch it fall from the sky. I don’t know why the clouds shed tears so much, do you? Raena, you look fab in your harness & what a great color on you! Dezi, how long have you been a Scout? That is something new I just learned about you. I’ve heard of that groups. Sounds super fun! Hugs & luvs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah Valentine, we do, at least lately. MOL Nuffin’ scares me. Mommy says dat scares her. MOL Mommy says da rain is da angels cryin’. She says, God and da angels like to bowl, a lot and all those thunder boomers are da ball rollin’ down da lane. Every strike is lightnin’ and when God wins, da angels cry, and we get rain. Maybe they’re playin’ cards ifin ya’ll don’t get da thunder and lightnin’. Dat’s a nice quiet game. MOL Sissy’s been a Cat Scout since we started our bloggy, ’bout 3 years now. It’s a great group and you can be as active as you wanna. They have birthday and gotchaday pawrties every month fur all da kitties, and other events, like da Kentucky Derby and such. Sissy even sonsored a Sadie Hawkins dance once. They have a university with classes and team sports and all kinds of things. You should check it out. We bet you’d luvs it. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


  2. Goodness we are so glad you and Mom were safe Dezi. That storm time where you live is serious business. Reana you be a good girl and dont push and maybe when you grow up Mom will let you join Scouts
    Purrs ladies

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We had a lot of wind and heat, but only a bit of stormy rainy weather. We sure hope you might be blessed with some serene weather for a time. Sun is such a good thing fur us kitties…and our peeps too…and now the gardens:)

    Concats on winning at the Derby Day at Cat Scouts

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  4. Sorry about all the storms you’ve been having. We saw a video on FB of the lightening in OK. It’s incredible. We used to live in TX so we know somewhat what those storms are like. We just hope you stay safe. Raena, you do look cute in your harness. The picture in the window is adorable. I think that’s you, Dezi.

    Those toys look fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I hope your weather improves. We had a lot of thunder and lightning last night too, but we don’t get storms often like you do. My Sammy won that too and will be writing about it tomorrow- it is amazing how much fits in the can.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Is all this thunder stuff -all the time (it seems) normal for your area of the country? It seems to be pretty extreme weather all over the world the last year and even a year before that. We thinks there really is something to all this climate changes stuff. It may be that my mom is working with peeps from all over the western U.S. these last couple of years when she was only used to talking with peeps in Oregon and Washington State but we thinks weather has become strange.

    But you never know what tomorrow will do so we will just have to wait and see. Keep safe all our friends no matter what the weather brings us. Humans and animals have made it through much worse in the past.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, it’s normal storm season fur us. Unfurtunately, storm season seems to be more furequent these days, and we’re not likin’ it one bit. And yes, when da storms rumble thru, da thunder and lightnin’ normall come with it. Dat’s sorta why mommy doesn’t unnerstand why sis Dezi be so ‘fraid. It’s not like she hasn’t ‘sperienced this befur. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


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