Blest Sunday: The Stabby Place Is Not…

Oh MeOW, what a week we had. Me really wants to fank all of you who worried ‘bout what was wrong with me at Raena’s Gotchaday pawrty. Me’s fine. Unfurtunately, it’s lease re-cert time and that means it’s also V-E-T checkup time fur me. Who knew? When mommy took sis Raena the day befur fur her Gotchaday surprises, she meowed all ‘bout the fun they had; and how they went to the Petco and Wally world to get us some special treats and toys. You know, a real fun mommy and me day out. So, when mommy said it was me’s turn fur a day out, me never guessed she meant we were goin’ to the stabby place. The stabby place is not a mommy and me event!!! Mommy and me days are s’posed to be all ‘bout the fun.


 Dezi sniffs tree ledge while Raena watches her


          I’s sorry you had to go to the stabby place sissy. I’s went with mommy to her dentist ‘pointment. That was no fun fur sure. But I’s’ll tell everypawdy ‘bout that later this week. I’s sure everypawdy wants to hear your mews today.


 Dezi on the floor at the vets

Hmmmmm Now how does me get all the way up there?


Yeah right. None of us really enjoy the stabby place Raena, so me’s sure everypawdy reeeeeally wants to hear all ‘bout it. Hmmmpht  At least it didn’t take long. Once we got there that is. What was up with you tryin’ to horn in on me’s day out with mommy?


 Dezi lays on counter at vet office

Guess it wasn’t as cool as it looked.


          Sorry sissy. I’s just didn’t wanna miss anythin’. Ya’ know, I’s do most of the goin’ these days, and when mommy got you all harnessed up and in the stroller, I’s was sure I’s was gonna be next. But, when mommy said I’s wasn’t goin’, it made me sad. So, I’s thought ifin I’s could somehow get in the stroller with ya’, she’d have to take me too. Who knew ya’ll were goin’ to the stabby place. I’s wouldn’t have tried so hard ifin I’s had known that.


 Dezi on the exam table at the vet

Me wonders ifin me could make dat jump.


Well, like me said, once there, it didn’t take long. Altho’ mommy did bring up me’s paw issue. See, there’s this place on me’s front ankles that sometimes feels really sharp and has actually cut mommy a time or two. ‘Course, me doesn’t mean to hurt her, but she never could figger out what it was cuz of all the fur; and, me doesn’t like anypawdy messin’ with me’s paws. So, she asked the V-E-T to take a look. It seems, me has an extra toe and small claw on both me’s front paws up ‘round me’s ankles. They’re useless cuz of where they’re located, but they’re there just the same. You’ll have to s’cuse the foto, it’s hard to see ‘em, but fur sure me has ‘em on both sides. They don’t seem to bother me most of the time. Occassionally mommy sees me bitin’ at ‘em with a vengeance, but most of the time, me doesn’t pay them any mind.


 Dezi's extra claw on ankle

You can barely see it, but me has an extra toe and claw at

the back of me’s paw. I’s have one on each front paw.


          I’s glad those extra claws don’t bother ya’ sissy. Do you reckon I’s have ‘em too?


 Dezi sits on exam table at vet office

He ain’t comin’ back right? We can leave now?


No Raena, me’s special that way. Anyways, me gained a little weight. As most of ya’ know, we eat the Primal Freeze dried noms and luv ‘em. Well, they recently added duck and rabbit fur us felines. You know we luv us some duck, and we luv the rabbit just as much. So, as soon as mommy got us some, we’ve been eatin’ like the queens we are. Ifin ya’ haven’t tried ‘em yet, you oughtta think ‘bout it. We’re not bein’ compensated fur this, we just thought ya’ might be innerested. Anyways, cuz of the new yummy noms, me’s gained a bit of weight since last year. But other than that, me’s a healthy girly; and even with the extra weight, me’s not overweight. And, we furinally got to go to the Petco.


 Dezi among the cat scratchers at petco


          Did you get to play on the cat scratchers too sissy? I’s thought that was great fun.


 Close up of Dezi among the cat scratchers at petco


Yeah Raena, me could still smell you from the day befur. We also met a lady who had just got her furst ever kitten. He was born in their barn and had a bad eye, so she decided to rescue him and take him in the house. Ya’ know, so he wouldn’t get eaten by some big purredator outside. She was plannin’ to have him declawed, so mommy made sure to ‘splain all ‘bout declawin’ and how to have a happy kitty with claws. We’ve got our paws crossed she took it to heart and doesn’t go thru with the declawin’.


          Oh sissy, I’s sure hope so. I’s can’t ‘magine not havin’ mine’s claws.


Me neither Raena, me neither. Befur mommy and me left town she took me to the Mickey D’s to get a bacon burger. You’ll never guess what happened. Can ya’ guess? No? We got a huge blessin’. Sure nuff, the car in front of us paid fur our order. Was that not the nicest thing ever?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

          That sure was a blessing sissy. Ya’ know, we are so very blest each and every day. Me’s Gotchaday pawrty was so much fun. And, it’s like, all our furiends came. I’s got purresents and green papers. Fanky fanks to Timmy, uncle Pete, Einstein, Fitz, Toby, Buddy, Rumpy, Buttons, awnty Vonda, and Erin and her peep.  And look’it all the pawsum cards I’s got. 


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         And click here to see the card Valentine sent me.





Yep Raena, we’re very blest. We better wrap this up and finish our brekky befur church.


Dezi and Raena bather atop the Liberty cat tree

          Okay sissy. Let’s not furget to link up fur Sunday selfies with the Kitties Blue furst. And while we’re fankin’, we’d like to say a meowsy big fanky fank ya’ to those angels from last year who helped us get the air conditioner workin’ in the car again. It’s gotten really hot here, and we really ‘purreciated that a/c when we were out with mommy fur our fun in the sun days. No pantin’ was done by either of us.



 Dezi in chair at the vet office


Fur sure Raena. The ride was nice and cool. We also wanna remind everypawdy to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur the blessings in your lives. We are blest to have all of you in our lives. We’re blest to have a furever home where we’re luvved, adored and spoiled rotten. We could go on and on meowin’ ‘bout our blessings, but fur now, we’ll just say a meowsy big Fank you. And always ‘member, the stabby place is not a mommy and me event!!!  


Till the next time………………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses



Deztinee and RaenaBelle     

32 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: The Stabby Place Is Not…

  1. I think you’re very blessed with that extra toe, Dezi…you never can have enough of them..MOL 😀 We’re thankful to have you in our lives to have a little us time ❤ Pawkisses for a Happy Thankful Thursday 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We are sorry you had to go to the sticky place but we know your mommy wants to keep you healthy and safe from diseases. Looks like you had fun at the pet store and we too hope the lady took your mommy’s advice on the declawing. How nice to get the food paid for by the person in line in front of you. Pooh is still enjoying the Primal Freeze dried. Sending luvs, hugs and nose kisses to all from all of us.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re right, Dezi. The vet is not a mommy and me event! That sure was nice of the car in front of yours to pay for your meal. And now I’m going to have to go check my cats to see if any have that extra claw! Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

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