Chatting Cats: Our Christmas Wish

Hey, Is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. It’s finally that time. The time when sissy and me get to write our letters askin’ the big guy to make our Christmas dreams and wishes come true. Sissy said I’s could go furst. 


 Dezi and Raena lay on the floor together




          Yeah right. You were bein’ a pain and mommy said me should be the big girl and let the baby get her way.


Nuh Uh She did not sissy. (Raena starts to pout


          Oh Raena. Me’s sorry. Look’it, It’s Christmas. We shouldn’t be fightin’. Just look around you. See how Blest we are? Just ‘member that when you start makin’ wishes and plannin’ dreams. Besides, mommy said we could write our letters together. 


 Raena atop the Liberty cat tree




Oh sissy, I’s could never furget how blest we are. In fact, I’s been thinkin’…You’ve been writin’ letters to the man in the red suit fur a few years now. And it seems the shelters ain’t any emptier today than when you started.


 Dezi lays in the cat bed




          Well Raena, mommy says it’s not always easy to find homes fur kitties and doggies and that Santa’s job is really more ‘bout bringin’ toys and things. Ya’ know, he’s not really in the furever home findin’ business. 


Exxxxxxxx-actly sissy. That’s why I’s thinkin’ we’re askin’ the wrong purrson. It seems, when you and mommy needed to find me ya’ll were askin’ God, not some man in a red suit or any other colored suit fur that matter. Mommy says it’s always bestest to go to the source of all when you have a need. So, I’s decided we need to write us a letter to God.


 Raena sits atop cat tree-praying




Dear God,

RaenaBelle here. And Dezi too. We’s just wanna say fank You so very much fur sendin’ mommy to save us. We were so scared, and even befur we knew how to purray, You were lookin’ out fur us.

 Mommy says You do that. She says You know everythin’ cuz You created everythin’. She says when You finished creating the world and all that’s in it, You thought it was good. I’s know it must break Your heart to see Your creation in the state it’s in now. I’s know how it must hurt to see how peeps treat other peeps and how some of them treat the anipals You gave them to luvs. I’s also know that You know good peeps that really need the luvs of a furry cuz you know mine’s mommy and sent her mine’s way. You also sent her to sis Dezi and all those what came befur. So, Lord, I’s askin’, purrlease find luvvin’ peeps fur the anipals who need ‘em. It’s just not fair that they should have to live and die without knowin’ luvs. What a sad life that must be. I’s grateful fur all the rescue peeps out there, but there’s nuffin’ quite like a home of your own with your own mommy or daddy.


 Dezi prays




          That’s the truth Lord. But, we do ask that You help purrvide fur all those that save lives every day. And Lord, fur all those soldiers off purrtectin’ our country and those that can’t purrtect themselves, we ask that You keep them safe and in Your luvvin’ arms and let them know You’re there. Me knows they must sometimes wonder when they’re surrounded by such horrors. And God, bring them back home safe and sound to their families. Lord give our President and the rest of our government leaders wisdom. Make them good stewards and to think furst of who they serve. And God, we have so many furiends who are sick in body and really need a healing touch. And so many who face turmoil each and every day. Lord, bring them comfurt and peace.


 And Father God, there are so many who have basic needs every day that they can’t meet fur whatever reason. We ask that You purrvide according to Your riches in glory. God, I’s still young and don’t know how this world works, but mommy tells us every day that You can meet every need and that You have us all in the palm of Your hand. She says, all we need is a little faith. So I’s believe You can help to make this world a better place fur all Your creations.


And Lord, we ask that You keep Your hands on mommy. She luvs us so much that she’s tryin’ her bestest to make some green papers to take better care of us. Lord, we ask that You heal her leg. The one she cut up in that fall the furst day she was gettin’ ready to leave fur work. Make it stop bleedin’ and not get infected and heal up. Help her not to pass out anymore, it’s just not safe out there fur her to fall on the ground. Give her the strength to carry on and bring her home to us each day, safe and sound.

Lord, we really have all we could have ever asked fur. You gave us a luvvin’ mommy that guaranteed us furever. So it really is our purrayer that You would grant the dreams and wishes of our furiends. And purrlease take care of all those anipals who thru no fault of their own are now livin’ outside and not sociable enuff to live in a home. Send someone to take care of them while they’re here. Lord, we thank You fur all the blessings You bestow on us each and every day. We thank You fur all our furiends and their families and ask that You bless each of them. We thank You fur our lives and fur meeting every need. We ask and purray these things in Jesus name believing…Amen.


 The Blessing Train



We really do purray each and every day fur all these things, and all of you. Today is the last day of our 12 Days of Blessings Blessing Train. So, the Blessin’ we’re celebratin’ today is…Freedom. We are so truly blest to live in a country where we are free to speak our minds and worship in our own way, just to name a few of those freedoms. We’re also fankful that Annie and Pierrot and Valentine hopped on the Blessing train too. Guess our train didn’t get as long as we would have liked, but that’s okay, we’re still really blest.



Till the next time……………………………………Be Blest.


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Both: Purple  




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

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