Chatting Cats: Be The Change #BtC4A

Raena:  Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Sissy, did you know this month is full of kitty holidays?


 Dezi lays in wheelchair looking at camera




          Dezi:   Is this a trick question Raena? Me knows your birthday is comin’ up. You meow ‘bout it all the time. What are we gonna do? Is me plannin’ a pawrty fur ya’? What… 


 Raena sleeps while hanging over the edge of the liberty cat tree




No, sissy, that’s not what I’s was meowin’ ‘bout. Altho’, I’s am x’cited ‘bout mine’s birthday and those are all good questions. You do the same thing befur your birthday. I’s ‘member you meowin’ ‘bout your birthday day and night. Anyways, I’s was actually meowin’ ‘bout the quarterly Blog for the Change (4/15), Pet Cat ID week (4/15 – 21), Hairball Awareness Day (4/27), Tabby Cat Day, Animal Cat Advocacy Day and Adopt a Shelter Cat Pet Day (4/30).





          Me sees you tried to slip us kitties into all those days Raena. Ya’ know, there’s lots more anipals out there that need help. While we may be partial to kitties, we luv all anipals and don’t wanna see any anipal hurtin’ or bein’ mistreated. 


 Raena lays atop the Liberty cat tree




You’re right sissy. All anipals deserve to be treated with respect, even those we eat. I’s saw on the teevee where some farmers really mistreat the animals in their care. There’s chickens out there purr-actically livin’ on top of each other. And ducks bein’ force fed just so their livers will swell up to make one of those hoity toity dishes (Foie gras) some humans like to eat. And cows livin’ so close together, they can’t even move. I’s just don’t unnerstand it. Sure, we like meat. Actually, as kitty cats, we can’t survive without meat, but that doesn’t mean we want our dinner to be abused or mistreated. 


Dezi lays on scratcher with mouth open




          So true Raena. Mommy says there are some good farmers out there, but we wish they could all be good. God meant fur man to take care of the animals He put on this earth. And, He meant fur some animals to be food fur others, but me thinks it makes God really sad when He sees how some of His creations are treated. The laws that govern animals are rarely enforced. But, they’re also not really sufficient fur purrtectin’ animals. Mommy says the law calls us propurrty. Can you ‘magine that? We’re mommy’s propurrty? 


 Raena stands on scratcher with paw lifted




Yeah sissy, I’s don’t think mommy sees us that way tho’. Unfurtunately, lots of peeps do. That’s why they don’t take very good care of the animals. Mommy says we live in a disposable world, where peeps no longer take care of their things. Ifin somethin’ breaks, or they get tired of it, they just throw it out and get somethin’ new. It’s cuz of that way of thinkin’ that shelters and rescues are almost always filled to capacity and so many animals die each day. 


 Dezi sitting on scratcher close up, selfie




          So, what can we as a society do to change the way farmers treat the animals in their care you ask? Well, look fur labels that tell you that piece of meat was raised and treated humanely all the way to slaughter. Support laws that call fur humane treatment and slaughter of such animals. Write your local government officials and insist they introduce or support such legislation. 


Humane food Labels

Humane Food Labels




 Raena scratches ear while sitting on cat scratcher




As fur all the anipals in shelters and rescues, consider adoptin’ ‘stead of buyin’. And ‘member, when you adopt that sweet kitty or doggy, they’re yours fur life, not just while they’re cute or convenient. Mommy’s always said, “You can’t take your two legged child back when they misbehave, so you shouldn’t take your furry child back either.” We rely on you fur food, shelter and luvs. In return we offur unconditional luvs and devotion. Purrlease don’t give up on us. Unlike that human child, when we act out, there’s usually a very good reason, offen a medical reason. Purrlease, luvs us and give us the care you’d want given to yourself. You may not be able to Be the Change fur every animal on the planet, but you can Be the Change fur some. Whether, you volunteer, donate, lobby fur law changes, or just be the bestest mommy or daddy to the animals in your care, what you do can make a difference. 


Dezi lays on scratcher and licks paw




          Those are great suggestions Raena. Shelters and rescues are always in need of volunteers and supplies. You can make a difference. 



 Raena lays atop Liberty Cat tree and hangs paw over edge




I’s like that idea sissy. We don’t have much, but we always try to help out when we can. We wanna Be a pawrt of the Change in the way animals are treated. C’mon sissy, let’s go see what we can find to donate to those kitties less furtunate than us. 


Till the next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee     

19 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: Be The Change #BtC4A

  1. It is our hope and prayer that one day all animals will be treated well. And that shelters will be empty. I think on May 12 there is an event to ’empty the shelters’ with free adoptions that day at shelters that are pawtisipurrting. The adopters need to be pre-approved as per the particular shelter’s policies…and it sure would be good to know that some shelters were emptied that day:)

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  2. You girls are doing such a good thing! I plan to put together a package of toys and noms to go to a kitty shelter. Mom and I feel the same as you on all the points you make. Humans should be the steward of the land and animals, but so-o many are failing at that. If only humans realized that our survival is their survival. We sure hope that this “throw away” attitude people have for all things is only temporary. Mom was taught old school – to take the best care of what you have so you will have it for a very very long time. Hugs & luvs.

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