Blest Sunday: Friends Are A Blessing

Dezi:  MeOW  C’mon Raena, it’s time fur Blest Sunday and we’ve gotta get to it while mommy’s able to type fur us. Ya’ know, things would be so much easier ifin we had thumbs to type fur ourselves. 


Blest Sunday purple kitty clip art graphic




          Raena:  Or an app that could translate kitty meows to human speak. Wouldn’t that be pawsum sissy? As it turns out, the new smarty pants fone doesn’t unnerstand meow speak after all.  


That would be purretty cool Raena, but humans have enuff trouble unnerstandin’ us kitties, can you ‘magine the misunnerstandings a catputer purrogram would make? (Dezi shakes head


Raena sits on small perch in front of door




          Only ifin humans created it, sissy. Maybe we could create the app. We’d be famous. We’d be rich. We’d be…


We’d be somethin’ Raena, that’s fur sure. Anyways, we’ll just have to hope that mommy can adjust and keep helpin’ us. 


          Yeah sissy, I’s just don’t unnerstand how a group of peeps that don’t even know mommy or her medical history can make laws that tell her doctor how much medicine she can take. Mommy said they were gonna cut her dose again soon. She’s already started fallin’ more and passin’ out more and I’s swear, we’re gonna wear our paws out with all the migraines she’s been gettin’. I’s lost count of how many massages we’ve given her over the last couple of days. 


Dezi lays on floor




Me feels ya’ Raena. But, we are so Blest to have such a pawsum mommy. Ifin she needs a hunnerd massages a day, me will gladly help her. Me’s just happy that the doctor or his staff wasn’t mean to mommy. She had no idea what to x’pect when she went in fur her regular monthly ‘pointment Furiday. After all, the last time she was there, that office lady was yellin’ at mommy and throwin’ papers at her. 


          Yeah sissy, I’s was glad ‘bout that too. That lady basically just ignored mommy and purrtended she didn’t see her. Anyways, enuff ‘bout that. Did you see the woofy that moved in next door?  


Is that what that was on our porch the other day? 


Raena lays on the floor with her mouth wide open




          Yeah sissy,, the grandkid was s’posed to be walkin’ it and stead of takin’ him/her on the grass ‘round back, they were all over our porch and garden. Mommy said she better not open the door to find any surprises. We just don’t unnerstand why peeps don’t clean up after their woofies. 


Yeah Raena, me thinks woofies could take a few lessons from us kitties on how to train their humans. Us cats have that one down. Hey did you hear that today is National Friendship Day? We’re so Blest to have so many amazin’ furiends. 


          We sure are sissy. Can sissy’s be furiends too? I’s think I’s Blest to have you fur a furiend and mine’s sissy. 


Dezi lays atop the cat tree selfie




(Sarcastically) Yeah, yeah, whatever Raena. Me’s Blest too. 


          Really sissy? Do you mean it? 


Yeah Raena, me means it. (Dezi thinks about all the possibilities and then mumbles quietly) Guess me could’a ended up with much worse. (Dezi clears her throat) Anyways, meowin’ of furiends, there are so many who aren’t feelin’ tip top lately. We just hate it when our furiends are feelin’ yucky. We’ve been sendin’ up lots of extra purrayers fur all.


Dezi sits on shower chair and Raena lays on the shower bench




          Sure ‘nuff sissy. Ya’ know, we’ve got a big week ahead of us, we better get to crackin’. 


Me’s comin’ Raena. But, me’s not doin’ all the cleanin’ me’s self. You’re gonna be helpin’ too, right? 


          Of course I’s gonna help sissy. I’s gonna snoopervise. That’s what alpha kitties do. 


We’re not a pride of a hunnerd Raena. You’re gonna do lots more than snoopervise or me’s gonna tell mommy. More than half this mess is yours. You’re the one who uses the piddle pads as skateboards not me. 


Raena sits pretty on scratcher




          Yep sissy, and you have no idea what fun you’re missin’. Trust me, try it just once. I’s bet you’ll luvs it. You can go from one end of the hall to the other in no time…watch me. (Raena runs and jumps on the piddle pad in the hallway and slides down the hall) Wheeeeeeeee!!!  See sissy? It’s sooooooo much fun!!! 


Sure Raena. Me’s not sure mommy would agree. Anyways, let’s get off here and finish brekky so me can have a beauty nap. As we do each Blest sunday, we’d like to remind everypawdy to take a minute today and every day to give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Fank you all fur bein’ a pawrt of ours.


          Don’t furget, we’re linkin’ up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies too. 


Till the next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

19 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Friends Are A Blessing

  1. My mom gets annoyed too when neighborhood doggies do their business on our lawn and their owners don’t clean up after them. Mom always makes sure to clean up after Bessie when she takes her on walks.

    As I am curious by nature, what medical condition does your momma have that makes her dizzy, faint and have migraines? And don’t feel you need to answer if that is too purr-sonal of a question. You always take good care of her. Mom’s cousin has gotten terrible migraines all her life and still does, in addition to other health issues. She and your momma are real troopers to have to deal with what they do on a day-to-day basis. Hugs and luvs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your mommy is a good doggy owner Valentine. We wish there were more of them.

      As fur mommy’s medical conditions, we’ve written ’bout them many times, so it’s no secret. Mommy has a blood clot on her brain that is pawrt of the reason fur the migraines and her memory issues. She also has a lot of nerve damage and a few nerves that when they get pinched off due to certain movements, will cause her to pass out. She also passes out due to an over load of pain. Ya’ know, her body just can’t take it and shuts down. It only makes it worse, but her body ‘pawrently doesn’t know that. MOL She also has bilateral sciatica and neuropathy/fibromyalgia. She had cancer and had surgery, so as far as we know, she’s good on that front. It was a lady pawrts cancer and after refusin’ to switch primary care doctors, the lady parts doctor says her insurance won’t pay fur her any more exams, so we’d never know ifin it came back. The insurance thing is a lie, but ifin the doctor won’t make a ‘pointment with ya’ what are ya’ s’posed to do?. Anyways, mommy has quite a few more issues, but those are the main ones that cause the issues you asked ’bout. The migraines are purretty much constant, and just sometmes get really really, block out the world, bad. Mommy doesn’t feel much like a trooper, she spends a lot of time cryin’. But, she says, she doesn’t have a choice. The world didn’t stop fur her and her purroblems, so she just has to do the bestest she can to get by. Anyways, hope that answers your question. Ifin not, just ask. We’re an open book. Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  2. Now that sounds like a great winter olympic sport… or should it be a summer one? Anyways heres hoping they put the meds back where they need to be else change to something better.
    Toodlepips and get well purrs and happy head bumps

    Liked by 1 person

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