Service Cats: Kitty Goes To College: Introducing Kitty To Roommates

The followin’ post will be written in human English fur reader and translator ease. Our Service Cat posts aren’t intended to be an all inclusive Trainin’ Manual but rather Tips, Tricks and Techniques used/developed by mommy A thru her many years of animal trainin’, cats in purrticular. And to offur insight into your questions about Everything Feline. Always remember, Training is all ‘bout Repetition and Rewards. 

Dezi laying in cat tree in new harness

MeOW  Welcome to Service Cats and Everything Feline on Furidays. Ifin you’ve missed any posts in this series, you can ketch up or re-read them anytime by clickin’ the links on our Training Tips and Everything Feline page in our menu above. And don’t furget to submit your questions and/or blog topics in the comments section below or by sending us an email via our Contact Us page, also in our menu bar. There’s no stupid question, and we’ll tackle them all. Mommy says ifin you’re wonderin’ ‘bout somethin’, chances are so are others; so, just ask.


Raena sits posing in her tiger harness




     Last week, we talked about what one should do with kitty when going away to college, but it could just as easily apply to any relocation. Long story short, kitty is happiest wherever their bonded human is. Kitty bonds with people, not houses (Obviously we’re speaking of cats who are pets and not ferals). Unfortunately, many colleges still don’t allow pets in campus housing, but do require Freshmen to live on campus. So, you’ve made it thru your first year and are now moving into your off campus apartment that you’ll be sharing with roommates and possibly their furry purrers. The question now is how to make introductions so that everybody can live in peace. 


Dezi in a graduation cap sitting on cat scratcher




Introducing Kitty to their new home:

     Ideally, all humans should be moved in and unpacked. Set up kitty’s litterbox, feeding station and a few favorite toys in a quiet place, preferably, your bedroom. While the roommates are out, bring in kitty to explore the new place and new scents. Make sure kitty can escape back to your room and a safe “hidey spot”. You may want to set up one of your boxes in a corner with a heavily scented shirt or bed sheet inside so kitty can go there to decompress. Don’t worry, kitty will adjust so long as you’re there. We’ll discuss boundaries next week.


Introducing Kitty to the new housemates:

     The next step is bringing the roommate(s) in. Don’t force kitty to come out and be sociable, allow kitty to take things at his/her own pace. Tell roommates to avoid grabbing at or trying to pet or pick up kitty until kitty has shown he/she is comfortable with them. As tempting as a quick pet may be, pretending to not notice kitty will help him/her to acclimate quicker. You’ll also want to make sure roommates and any frequent guests know to not leave doors or windows to the outside open. And, to watch for kitty when leaving the apartment. No one wants to deal with kitty escaping. College life will keep you busy, but remember to spend time with kitty each day.


Raena in graduation cap sitting on the liberty cat tree




     What if your roommate has a kitty they’ll also be introducing to the mix? Or perhaps, you’re getting married and you and your spouse both have kitties that will have to assimilate into your new lives? Or somebody decides it’s time to adopt a new furry family member? Tune in next week when we discuss introducing kitties and co-mingling households. We promise you’ll be in for a hair raising hissy fit of a good time.  


Dezi lays on the floor




Well there ya’ have it. Taking kitty with you is a breeze. Remember, when you adopt an animal, you’re making a commitment to love and care for them until the day they die. Not just when it’s convenient or fashionable, but furever. In return, we’ll give you unconditional luv, days filled with laughter and joy, and nights full of purrs. Don’t furget to post your questions and topic suggestions in the comments below or send us an email via our Contact page. We’re linkin’ up with Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday.  


Till the next time………………………………………………Be Blest!!!




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

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  1. I love your little graduation caps. When my niece was a freshman in college, she adopted a kitty despite the school not allowing cats. He ended up living here for 5 years until she had her own place. XO

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