OMC Kitty Dance Happy

OMC OMC OMC Can you tell weez be weally ‘cited? Well we awe. Weez been duin’ da happy kitty dance since yesfurday. It kinda stawted out like any udder day. Well it did get cold on us again. (Yucky) Anyways back to da happy. So you all know we got a whole house full of Chewy boxes da udder day. Four to be exact. You know it cuz we posted ‘bout it. One of ow pawsum Facebook awnty’s sent them, and so we also posted on Facebook ‘bout it. And… well wait me needs to back up just a little. See we luv Weez been shoppin’ there since afur we had a blog or even wuz on Facebook. We only got a “local” (45 minutes away) pet store a kupple years ago. So shoppin’ fwu da mail wuz sumfin’ mommy wuz used too. Da puter just makes it so much easier. (sumtimes too easy-MOL) Ow local store has purrawlems wiff bugs. You know, worms and weevils and moths and so many more. They get in da food and litter and tweats and everyfin’. OMC Well you can bet mommy wusn’t gunna feed us dat kinda stuffs, nor wuz she puttin’ dat in ow pawdee boxes. So she went in search of a place to get our supplies dat had a good purrice, good shippin; rates and a good reputation.

Me wuz sittin' in da stwoller waitin' fur mommy to fix dinner. Weally me wanted to go fur a stwoll. MOL

Me wuz sittin’ in da stwoller waitin’ fur mommy to fix dinner. Weally me wanted to go fur a stwoll. MOL Mommy leaves it unzipped and we lay in it all da time.

And……there wuz Chewy. They carried all ow noms, and ow litter, and of course ow tweats and so much more. And what do you know, their purrices wuz better than da “local” store. And shipping? Well let me tell you. They hav a very weasonable flat rate shippin’ charge and it’s furee ifin yous order is $49.00 or more, and they offered autoship. Well dat wuz it. Chewy wuz ow new supplies/pet store. And mommy just luvs ‘autoship’. Dat means she can set up an order of da fings we use constantly and hav them ship out wight afur we run out so we never run out. And anytime she needs to add sumfin’ to it or take sumfin’ away she can wiff da click of a button or a fone call. Or in da case of like now when awnty Ann sent us all dat pawsum food and litter, mommy can even delay a shipment wiff just anudder click of da button or fone call. And you all know meez mommy’s a night owl, but dat dusn’t matter, Chewy reps awe always there. And they awe just da nicest peeps. You can tell they all hav furries at home. Yous can check ’em out here.


So yous all wunnewin’ why in da world awe we writin’ a posty on Chewy wight? After all, lots of you alweady know ‘bout them. Well dat’s where ow todays Fankfull comes in. See since comin’ to da blogosphere and seein’ all da weview postys and such, weez wanted to do just dat owselves. After all, we luv twyin’ new stuffs. But just how duz one get in on dat? Well this is where ow wecent posty comes in. There wuz a comment fwum Chewy on ow Facebook posty and they wuz so sweet and also sed, ifin we needed anyfin’ let ‘em know. Hmmmmmm Mommy fawt.

Whatcha' duin' in da strowller Dezi? Itz time fur dinner.

Whatcha’ duin’ in da strowller Dezi? Itz time fur dinner.

Well, meez mommy’s one of those dat finks and then acts. So mommy calls up customer service and talks to a very nice young lady hoo gives hers an email addwess. Knowin’ me wuz alweady behind in meez visitin’ mommy sed she wuld help me visit a little afur hers got down to business. And yous know what happened? Outta da first 5 blogs we visited 2 of them wuz reviewin’ sum yummy noms fur Chewy. Sum of da noms weez been wantin’ to twy by da way. MOL So me told mommy to tell ‘em weez need to learn how to get hooked up like they awe. And do yous know what happened then? Miss Jan fwum da Funny Farm sent us an email addwess wiff a name attached. OMC Awe yous kiddin’ me? Fank yous so much Miss Jan. so of course mommy halted everyfin’ and shot over an email. Wiffin 5 minutes we heard back fwum ‘em. They checked us out and looked at ow pages and stuff and sed we wuz a gweat match. Well emails back and forff and yous now readin’ da blog of da newest weviewer. WooHoo We wuz so ‘cited weez been duin’ da happy kitty dance ever since.

 0dw Dezi and Lexi Give Thanks

Ifin dat’s not sumfin’ to be fankful fur me dusn’t know what is. So in continuin’ ow week of fankfullness, weez addin’ this posty. And weez fankin’ Miss Jan, and Chewy. We awe so BLEST!!! What a Fanksgivin’ weez havin’, and what a Meow/Gotchaday mumff meez havin’. You know me kulda made fank ya’ postys all mumff and still not hav covered all da blessings we hav.

 000dw Lexi Happy TG

Well tomowwo be Fanksgivin’ here in da U.S., and so sis Lexi, mommy and me wuld like to wish you all a Happy Fanksgivin’. Fur those of you not celebwatin’, hoo liv in udder countwies, we still wanna wish you blessings. As we say all da time, yous don’t need a day set aside to giv fanks fur yous blessings, yous can and shuld do it everyday. Cuz everyday is a Blessing.

 000dw Dezi Happy TG

Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra  

Tuesday Mewsday

Happy Tuesday to you all. Guess you wealized by now me gave mommy da day off yesfurday. Me didn’t post or visit. As me told you Sunday it turned weally cold here and mommy was alweady feelin’ a bit under da wedder so da jamboree weally zapped mommy. So we took yesfurday and mostly just purred. Mommy had a new case manager come to visit for a  couple hours and then we braved the cold to go and get her medicines. And let me tell you it wuz COLD!!!  But now dat mommy had a day, weez’ll be back at it. Postin’ and visitin’ and spweadin’ da luv.  We got sum supwises in da mail dat weez gunna be shawin’ wiff yous soon, but mommy’s gotta get all da fotos in da puter first.

OMC Lookit meez new uniform. Me wuz purrmoted to Cougar and me had to get meez badge sewn onto meez  sash.
OMC Lookit meez new uniform. Me wuz purrmoted to Cougar and me had to get meez badge sewn onto meez sash.

Me fawt today me wuld show you sum fotos of ow furbulous jamboree at Cat Scouts. We had a cheerleading contest, a knowledge bowl, a tent decowatin’ contest and so much more. We had a wunnewful time. It’s always fun when you get to spend time wiff furiends.   

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Me and sis lexi and mommy also wanted to ask you all ifin you wuld like to receive a lectwonic Christmas cawd fwum us. Ifin so, purrlease visit ow Contact Us page and send us an email wiff yous addwess.  

Till da nex time……………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi


It’s A Special Day Today

(Me wants to pawlogize fur all da emails yous got and da confusion. WordPress seems to be havin bwain farts and not workin’ so good when it comes to schedulin’ meez posty, and weez twyin’ to get this worked out.)

WooHoo It’s National Cat Day!!! Can yous believ it? A day totally devoted to kitties. Wait a minute, I fawt dat wuz evewyday. (Dezi turns from the computer and loudly meows) Mommy, hey mommy…

Mommy: Yes dear?

Dezi: Me fawt yous sed evewyday wuz all ‘bout me and Lexi. What’s up wiff this National Cat Day?

 0dw Dezi stretched out

Mommy: Yes honey, everyday here is all about you and your sister. But in 2005 a lady named Colleen Paige decided to make a day for everyone to celebrate the unconditional love and companionship they get from the cats in their lives. And the ASPCA also tries to encourage cat adoptions on this day. It’s a day to show the world how wonderful you kitties truly are. But, my dear we will always celebrate you and Lexi everyday here. Okay? (pats Dezi on the head and gives her a kiss)

 0dw Dezi in chair JG toys

Dezi: OH, okay mommy. Then it’s a good fing there’s a whole day fur evewypawdy to celebwate their kitties. Uh, duz dat mean extwa tweats fur Lexi and me today? (whispers) Yous know a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get those extwa tweats. Hey  Lexi, put on da mushy luv ya’ face and let’s get sum extwa tweats. And maybe weez can do sum playin’ wiff those new toys we got in da mail.

 0dw Lexi sittin catification

OMC Lots of da blogs hav an in wiff da cat daddy Jackson Galaxy. Weez not know how yous all did it, but anyways lots of ‘em, even sum of yous readin’ meez posty today. And anyways, all of ‘em wuz havin’ these givaways of dat new Catification book and sum Jackson Galaxy inspired toys. You know we entered evewyone of those contests and weez just kuldn’t catch a win. But we wusn’t deterred we just kept twyin’, and then…OMC ow wunnewful furiends ovew at Sometimes Cats Herd You sent us an email and sed………You Won! Yep, we had finally won. We wuz gettin’ sum of those pawsum toys and dat book. Hope mommy learns a lot and turns ow pawtment into Cat City Centwal, or better yet, meez vewy own Dezi’s World. Well as me sed da toys came in da mail and we fawt you might like to see a little video. Sis Lexi did mowe playin’ than me in this video, but it always makes mommy happy to see hers old girl havin’ a good time, so me let Lexi hav fun. After all meez Meowday is comin’ up and meez gunna be gettin’ all kinds of special attention, so what’s one play session. Weez also wuz havin’ a little twubble wiff da camewa and da memowy cawd so da video has a foo glitches, but we hope you enjoy it. And giv yous kitties sum extwa tweats and hugs and kisses and luv today and evewyday. And member tomowwo be National BLack Cat Day.

By da way, mommy wants me to tell yous dat hers not finished cleanin’ and puttin’ evewyfin’ away, so purrlease ignore da messy house. Fank you.

 Ifin yous can’t see da video, purrlease paw here.

Till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

What Is That?

Happy Caturday to yous all. Well weez told yous yesfurday dat weez had a funny not so much story to tell yous ‘bout da new toilet weez got, so weez decided to tell yous ‘bout it today. Weally it wuz mommy and sis Lexi dat fink it be so funny, me wuzn’t laffin’. But me will tell you all ‘bout it anyways. Well by now you all know dat da vice purresident of da management company came down wiff sum men to put ow stuffs in da wight places so dat mommy kuld stawt unpackin’, and they also planned to put in a real toilet and not dat kiddy fing dat wuz put in here after all da work wuz dun. Well while they installed sed toilet, mommy wuz in da closet unpackin’ hers hangin’ clothes and Lexi and me wuz under da table in da kitchen. Yous know they wuz sum vewy big men, so weez wanted to stay outta their way fur suwe. Dat bein’ sed we don’t know what all goes into puttin’ in a toilet or makin’ suwe it works. But da man dat did da job wuz a plumber so weez figgered hims knew what hims wuz duin’, and left hims to it.

ifin yous can’t see it, paw here. 

After they got it installed they called fur mommy to come and look at it and make suwe it wuz gunna work fur her. Well there wuz mommy lookin’ at da toilet and 4 big ole men lookin’ at her. So of course hers not, yous know, sit down or nuffin’, and hers didn’t need to go. Ifin yous know what me means. Da men left and mommy finished unpackin’ da hangin’ clothes dat wuz put in da closet, and went up fwunt to sit down and take a little bweak. By then it wuz dinner time fur Lexi and me and ommy did need to use da new toilet. So to da pawdee box room weez all went. Mommy cleaned da toilet (well 4 sweaty men had been pawin’ all over dat there seat) and sat down. When mommy got up and reached wound to flush it, she musta pawed fur hours. Just kiddin’ hers only pawed twice afur turnin’ to look at it and see dat da mechanism (like meez big word?) was diffewent than da last one.

Fank yous Alice Marie and Pacific Cat toys.
Fank yous Alice Marie and Pacific Cat toys.

Well Lexi wuz layin’ on da vanity and me wuz sittin’ in da floor as always wight aside da toilet. So mommy pushed da new toilets mechanism and, and, well…………OMC!!! Meez nevew heard or seen anyfin’ like dat afur. It wuz so loud and forceful it just ‘bout skeered da furs wight off me. Me jumped stwaight up in da air and stawted runnin’ afur me evew touched down. Now these new floors be a little slick, so when meez touched down meez legs went all sowead eagle and me wuz still justa movin’. Me didn’t get faw afur it wuz ovew, and me bein’ curious of course slinked back into da pawdee box room. Mommy wuz cleanin’ out Lexi and meez pawdee boxes, and didn’t see me slink back in. Me wuz squatted ‘bout as low to da gwound as me kuld get wiffout crawlin’ on meez belly. Mommy dwopped me and Lexi’s deposits into da new toilet, and , and…………………………well me did it again. It skeered me again, and again meez jumped stwaight up in da air and stawted runnin’ afur me evew hit da gwound. Meez gotta tell ya’ dat new toilet may be wight up mommys alley, but it’s gunna take me sum gettin’ used to. Mommy sed she’s vewy sorry there be no fotos or videos of meez escapade, but hers wuz goin’ back there to take cawe of business and nevew fawt ‘bout takin’ da camewa. And even hers didn’t know da toilet wuz gunna do dat or dat me wuld be skeered.

Wow Dezi. diz beez a grayt toy. Fankz Alice Marie.
Wow Dezi. diz beez a grayt toy. Fankz Alice Marie.

Well weez hope yous all hav a pawsum weekend and get sum west. Weez wanna continue to fank Savannah and Miss Linda fur organizin’ a fundraiser fur us and Miss Janet fwum da Kitties Blue fur purrmotin’ it. And a meowsy big fanks fur all those donatin’ to it. Weez will be makin’ Our fank yous on Blest Sundays. Yous can check it out by pawin’/clickin’ here. In da meantime meez will be twyin’ to figger out just what dat new toilet is. Me also won a little I spy game da udder day ovew at Alice Marie’s place and me got a cute little made wiff luv bumble bee. So me decied to shawe sum fotos and a video fur yous to enjoy.

Till da nex time…………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi