A Sunshiney Furiday

Meowllo and welcome to a happy Sunshiney Furiday. Me told ya’ll last week dat we had received a few awards but hadn’t posted ‘bout them cuz mommy was too busy with other stuffs. So today, we’re gonna get to another of those pawsum awards. Our amazin’ furiends Purrseidon, Mr. M and quiet, shy Saphera bestowed on us da Sunshine Blogger Award. Fank you Purr, we’re honored.

 Dezi looks at the camera from the Liberty cat tree

Da rules fur acceptin’ da Sunshine Blogger award are to thank and link back to da bloggy what nominated you. We’ve done dat. Next we have to answer 11 questions asked by Purrseidon, come up with 11 questions of our own and pass them and da award along to 11 other bloggers. So let’s get to those questions.

 The Sunshine Blogger Award Badge

Where would you live if you could live wherever you wished?

     Me and Raena both agreed it doesn’t matter where we live so long as we always live with mommy.


What is your favorite holiday?

     Well, till we joined social media, da only holidays we really celebrated was Christmas and Birthdays. Little Raena hasn’t celebrated any holidays yet (We don’t celebrate da 4th), but me ‘magines her favorite is gonna be Christmas just like me.

Dezi in a Santa Suit including the hat

What is the top thing on your bucket list?

     Me had to ask mommy what a bucket list is Purr, and me discovered we don’t have one. Ifin we was gonna make one, da only thing on it would be to meet all our wonderful furiends from da innernet.


What is your favorite book?

     Da only book mommy reads to us is da Bible, so dat would be our favorite. We do luv da stories of Jesus.


What is your favorite movie?

     Me’s not much fur movies, and Raena likes everythin’ on da teevee, so we asked mommy what her favorite movie was, and she said she has always luvved Where the Red Fern Grows.


If you could take your ideal vacation, where would you go?

     As chaotic as it was, we would luv to go to BlogPaws or any of the other big animal conventions.


If you had three wishes, what would they be?

     Our furst wish would be to have sis Lexi back with us, healthy and whole. We know dat would never happen, but it would be our wish. Our second wish is dat all kitties had luvvin’ furever homes like we do. Our third wish would be dat we all, animals and humans, could live together peacefully.


Do you speak more than one language, too?

     Well we speak cat and some human English. Mommy speaks English, some Spanish, Some Hebrew, Some Greek, and a teeny bit Italian. She’s also fluent in Cat.


What is your favorite color?

     Purrple is of course our favorite color. We also like blue, and animal print. Is dat a color mommy?

What’s your favorite way to relax?

     Our favorite way to relax is to lay on mommy’s lap.

Raena sleeps in mommy's lap

What is your favorite treat?

     Me’s favorite treat is freeze dried chicken breast. Raena really luvs freeze dried chicken hearts.

So there ya’ have it, our answers to all those questions. Those were some really great questions, so we’re gonna pass them along to our nominees. And this is where it gets tricky. Every blog we follow, read, and/or comment on brings a little sunshine to our day. So there’s no way we could limit this to just 11 blogs. And of course, cuz we’re late postin’, a lot of you have already received it. So here’s what we’re gonna do. Ifin ya’ haven’t received da award, purrlease take it and answer da same questions we did. And remember, you all bring sunshine each day.

 Pet Parade banner new

It’s da weekend, so dat means we‘s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co hosts fur da Pet Parade. Head on over and check it out. Mommy woke up this meownin’ with a pawful migraine, so we’ll be ‘round to see ya’ as soon as we can. Here’s to a wonderful Happy Sunshiney Furiday and weekend.

 Dezi looking out the front door from the cat tree while Raena sits on the small oerch watching

 See ya’ next time



Till da next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Blest Sunday’s Inspirations

Meowllo evewypawdy and a happy and Blest Sunday to you all. Yep dat’s wight. It’s time fur ow weekly blest Sunday posty. And OMC Hav fings been on a woller coaster fur us this week. As you know it stawted out wiff Sissy goin’ to da office of torture on Monday and they made us wait all week fur da wesults. Mommy be tweatin’ sissy’s infection wiff sumfin’ naturwal till da Vet calls us back and purrscwibes sumfin’ else. A culture wuz posed to be dun on hers uwine but wiff all da incompetence weez sperienced fwum dat udder Vets office weez guessin’ they didn’t do it. So it’s pawsible dat we may hav to hav Lexi go in fur anudder uwinalysis. Mommy sure hopes not. And it’’s not just cuz of da gween papers, it’s cuz  sissy’s been poked enuff fur a bit mommy sez. So even tho’ this whole sperience wiff this udder Vet wuz pawful, weez coountin’ it as a blessin’ cuz we wuz able to finally get sissy’s wesults. And they be much better than we kuld have hoped fur. 

 dw Dezi lap v1

Sis Lexi can purretty much eat whatever hers wants cuz hers nummews awe so good. Dat means dat maybe we can put sum weight back on her. So mommy’s actually lookin’ fur sum fattenin’ foods wight now. And weez also blest cuz da suppowt gwoup we joined is full of such pawsumly nice and helpful peeps and kitties goin fwu a lot of da same fings we awe. And we awe blest to have so many pawsum furiends and fwamily dat be purrayin’ fur sissy and mommy and me. Mommy sez dat’s why she finks sis Lexi be duin’ so good. Altho’ Lexi is complainin’ dat hers neck itches. Mommy told her dat wuz purrfectly nowmal wiff da fur gwoin’ back. And Lexi be pawfully glad it’s gwoin’ back cuz she sed they did a pawful shave job on her. It’s completely uneven and jagged. Well anyways, we sure do wanna fank all of ya’ fur yous continued purrayers and suppowt.

  dw Lexi lap3953

Now me also wants to tell ya’ ‘bout this amazin’ award we weceived. Our wunnewful furiends Miss Janet and da Kitties blue over at da Cat on my head nominated us fur da Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Miss Janet sed we inspiwed her. (blushes) We all blushed when we wead dat. You know we be just a kupple little kuntwy kitties wiff a kuntwyfied mommy. So a meowsy big fank you Miss Janet and furmily. We be twuly honored to weceive this award and be in such amazin’ kumpny. And don’t furget da kitties blue host a selfies bloghop evewy Sunday. Honestly we don’t always join. And it’s not cuz we don’t wanna suppowt ‘em. It’s cuz mommy furgets most oof da time and we feel bad joinin’ up to sumfin’ dat weez not linked up too. How many times have we joined da Pet Pawade and furgot to link up. Mowe times than we can count dat’s how many. Anyways, join up wiff yous selfies today. Yous don’t have to be a kitty to join. You do have to hav a selfie tho’. MOL

 Sunday Selfies

Anyways, da wules fur da blog award awe to link back to da blogger dat gave it to ya’ and fank ‘em. Weez dun dat. Display da award on ow bloggy. Just look unnew this pawagwaff. Nominate 15 blogs dat inspire you and link to ‘em. Leave a comment on their blogs to let ‘em know you nominated them and list 3 things dat have inspired you in da last week. Now we know sum of ya’ don’t purrticipate in da awards purrocess of postin’ and passin’ along and all. So ifin yous one of those, dat’s fine, yous not have to pass it on. But fur us nominatin’ sumpawdy is ‘bout lettin’ you and udders know dat weez be inspired by you. So purrlease accept ow compliment even ifin yous not post da award.


Now on to ow nominees. 

1. Miss Ellen and da crew of 15 and meowin’  

2. Miss Barb and Nellie of My Cat from hell 

3. Mr. Pete and Timmy of da Tomcat Commentary

4. Miss Caren and Cody of Cat Chat with Caren

5. Noodle of Here Comes Noodle 

6. Miss Claire and Zorro and Pixie of da Swiss Cats

7. Miss Kat and da Katie Kats of Katies Furry Mews

8. Easy and hims amazin’ mommy of Easy Weimaraner

9. Miss Pam and Sammy of One Spoiled Cat 

10. Christy Paws  

11. Athena and Miss Marie of Athena Cat Goddess

12. Da bootyful Hannah and Lucy 

13. Basil da Bionic Cat 

14. Annabelle of Manx Mnews 

15. Jan of Jan’s Funny Farm  

All of you inspire us in so many different ways. And all of you we didn’t list inspire us too. Now weez post to list 3 things dat inspired us in da last week.

Da furst, mommy and me hav to say sis Lexi. She wuz put fwu da winger at da Vets office. Weez not exaggeratin’ when we say it wua a torture chamber. But fwu it all she wemained calm and mostly docile. She nevew attempted to bite or smacky paw or nuffin. Ifin dat ain’t awe inspiwin’ me don’t know what is.

 dw Lexi lap3955

Da second fing we wuz inspiwed by wuz seein’ how da blogosphere and all it’s members ban togedder to shawe a kitty in need or show suppowt fur anudder hoo is experiencin’ loss or need.

 dw Dezi watercolorsm

Da third fing dat inspiwed us this past week wuz da genewosity of ow furiends. You never cease to amaze us and inspire us wiff yous luv and suppowt and how much you twuly care. We have never known such devotion and fur dat we can never fank you enuff.

So till da next time……………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi



Neat Tuesday

Meowllo evewypawdy hope yous all had a good time yesfurday wiff all da Dr. Seuss posties. There wuz sum weally gweat ones out there. We weally do fink dat litewacy shuld be purrmoted more. Me knows there’s a foo of ya’ out there dat be laffin’ cuz yous fink it be widiculous dat me wuld talk ‘bout litewacy while speakin’ cat. And you know what…dat’s okay. Hopefully genewations to come will be able to wead and write and enjoy da same fweedoms we hav today to choose whether we write in hooman or cat. Anyways on wiff todays post.  

Meez checkin' out all dat snow. It's finally meltin'.
Meez checkin’ out all dat snow. It’s finally meltin’.

Da udder day meez sweet furiend Sammy nominated me fur a kupple pawsum awards. Da furst is da Real Neat Blog Award. And there be 7 questions dat go along wiff this award so weez gunna see ifin we can answer da questions hims listed fur us. Weez also posed to pass it along to udder bloggers and giv them 7 questions to answer too. And weez posed to link back to Sammy, which we just did. So here’s those questions as Sammy purrposed ‘em to us. 

 realneatblogaward-Sammy 2-26-15premiodardosaward Sammy 2-26-15

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live and why?
  2. What’s your all time FAVORITE gift you EVER received?
  3. What scares you the most?
  4. Do you think animals and humans reincarnate?
  5. Do you think there’s life on other planets?
  6. What’s your FAVORITE food?
  7. Do you enjoy OUTDOORS or being INDOORS the most?

dw DnL cat tree64

And here be ow answers: 

1. We alweady liv where we wanna, cuz we only wanna liv wiff mommy. And mommy sez hers has lived all ovew da U.S. and luvved evewyplace her lived. And dat anywhere is home so long as we be there wiff her. But Sammy, ifin yous got a guest house fur us to liv in, weez all on ow way.  

2. Ow favowit gift is……….evewypawdy hoo evew gave us sumfin’ is sittin’ on da edge of their seats wight now. MOL And we weally luv evewy gift weez evew been givin’. So weez eevew gunna make sum of ya’ mad or make yous all say “aaaaaah”, cuz ow favowitest gift evew is mommy and mommy sez hers is us. See weez all be miwacles. Yous wead ow stowries and know dat neevew Lexi or me wuz spected to liv, what you don’t know is dat mommy wuz nevew posed to be born. So on top of life, we got blest wiff each udder and all of you. 

3. Me finks da lawn cwu and funderstowms awe tied wiff what scares me mostest. Sis Lexi sez hers not fwaid of anyfin’. Altho’ me hears she be fwaid of mice. You know da weal ones dat squeak and wun and eat cheese and peanut butter. And mommy sez hers gweatest fear is losin’ us. (‘oh mommy don’t worry weez not goin’ anywhere.’) 

4. This is purrawlly ow showtest answer. No, weez not believ in weincawnation.  

5. Weez not believ dat there be life on udder planets. We believ in heaven and hell and God and da devil.

6. Mommy wuld purrfur ow answer be sum pawsum good fur us noms, but as yous all seen, ow favowitest food is PIZZA. Yeah hey mommy can we hav pizza tonight? Travis sed they hav it evewy week. 

7. Well weez be indoor only kitties and after mommies accident hers outdoor activities kind of ended, so we all wuld hav to say weez purrfur da indoors.    Whew, those wuz sum fawt purrvokin’ questions there.  Our questions will be at da end of this posty, and we nominate……..(dwum woll purrlease)….. YOU ALL.  

 dw Lexi loooking out70

Now da nex award be da Premio Dardos Award. This means Prize Darts in Spanish. And it be given fur cultuwal, ethical, literary, and purrsonal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writin’. (we copied dat mostly fwum Sammy’s posty). This one’s purretty simple, you just post it, link back and nominate 15 bloggers. Dat’s it. And again, we nominate you all.  

Now fur ow 7 questions.

1. Do you hav any nicknames? 

2. If so, what’s yous favowit, why and how did you get it?    

3. What’s yous favowit season and why? 

4. Do you hav any siblings, and if so how many? 

5. Awe you da oldest or yungest? And do you fink you get tweated diffewent cuz of it?  

6. Do you hav a favowit tweat or dessert and what is it?  

7. Do you hav a favowit game or past time, and what is it?    

Well there ya’ hav it. Fank you Sammy fur these pawsum awards. Hope you all hav a pawsum day. Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

Companies Coming

OMC Me gives mommy an inch and hers takes a mile. Meowllo evewypawdy, happy TCIF (Thank Cat It’s Furiday). When we last left you da lectwicians had finally got all ow wires uncwossed and put back togedder to giv us power again and we wuz havin’ company comin’ hoo wuz bwingin’ us a big supwise. We did get mommy to visit a hunnewed and sum of ow furiends bloggys yesfurday, but she wusn’t up fur takin’ dictation so we kuld make a posty owselves. Sumtimes it’s weally hawd fur a cat to get good help. We know lots of ya’ know zactly what weez talkin’ ‘bout. Oh me knows we shuld cut hers sum slack after all even tho’ she wusn’t up fur takin’ dat dictation she wuz all ‘bout givin’ us luvvin’ and she did let us visit sum of ow blog furiends. And da weason she wuz down wuz cuz she had overdid it fur us. Mommy did get a little more cleanin’ dun afur ow company came, but she didn’t get to evewyfin’. She sez she’s savin’ sum of it fur spwing. MOL

 0dw Dezi lays br2

Anyways, Wednesday came and mommy had hoped to get wound a little earlier than normal. Of course dat didn’t happen. And as always we knew sumfin’ wuz up, and did evewyfin’ we kuld to distwact her. Kulda had sumfin’ to do wiff da fact dat hers wuz puttin’ on hers “purretty” face. Me had to get in on dat action. Me luvs mommys makeup. Hers bwushes awe so soft, and da powder feels so good. And of course when she’s twyin’ to draw a stwaight line wound hers eyes wiff dat tiny little bwush me has to nose bump hers awm. She needs dat extwa luvvin’ and help. And then just when she wuz makin’ hers lashes blacker than black da fone wang and it wuz ow company. They wuz a little bit lost and a lot early. 

Can me help you mommy? Me wuld like sum powder too.
Can me help you mommy? Me wuld like sum powder too.

See GPS never weally worked here in ow town, but a foo years back we went fwu dat e-911 addwess change dat a lot of towns and cities did, so dat emergency workers kuld find you ifin yous wus usin’ a cell fone. Yeah wight!!! Now nopawdy can find anypawdy and evewypawdy has to pay da tax man. When there’s a gawage sale in town now, da listin’ in da newspaper tells da name of da purrsun havin’ da sale, not their addwess. Udderwise nopawdy wuld come; cuz they wuldn’t be able to find ‘em. Aaaaah da joys of small town livin’. MOL Anyways meez getting’ off twack again. Mommy had told ow company to be sure and purrogwam ow nummer into their fone so hers kuld giv them diwections or go and meet them and let them follow hers to ow house. So mommy wuz twyin’ to giv them diwections and put on hers mascawa at da same time. Till hers got black stuff all over da place. You know mommy has dawk circles and jumbo luggage wound hers eyes anyways, she dusn’t need anymowe black. She finally wealized hers kuldn’t do boff at da same time, and just talked on da fone and helped them find us. When mommy got up to wave out da door, me got da message dat sumpawdy wuz comin’ and they wuz here.  

 0dw Lexi wheelchair cu

Well after da last 2 days of stinky sweaty men bein’ in ow house cuttin’ da lectwicity and stompin’ back and forff fwu ow house, me kuldn’t magin’ just hoo wuz comin’ up da walk nex so me took off fur pawts unknown. Better known as UTB. It wusn’t long afur me heard da voices of women chattewin’ and laffin’ and then me saw mommys feet headin’ toward da bed. And then me heard sis Lexi let out hers twademawk Hisssssssss and whine. And mommy sayin’, “Oh honey it’s okay. Don’t you wanna meet awnty Ann? She’s come all this way to meet you and bring you a surprise. And sissy let out anudder Hisssss and low wumbly growl. Don’t know when mommy’s gunna get it fwu hers fick skull dat weez not get nearly as ‘cited as fast as her. But then me heard those girly voices cooin’ over Lexi and tellin’ hers how purretty she wuz and what gawjus eyes she had and hers wespondin’ wiff a foo more hisses and growls. Now as you all know she ain’t got no teeff so it’s not like she wuz gunna bite anypawdy, she just wanted to show off hers technique. And then da hissin’ and growlin’ stopped.  And sis Lexi joined me, UTB. Whew…it’s all over.  

What'cha gettin' weady fur mommy?
What’cha gettin’ weady fur mommy?

And then…there wuz mommys hands gwabbin’ onto me. OMC Meez had to show off too, so me Hissed da biggest hiss me kuld get out to show meez dispurrleasure. Then mommy sed in dat voice, you know da one, so sugawy sweet it’s posed to mask da bad fing dat’s comin’. “Oh Dezi you’re way too purretty to be actin’ like this. I promise you’re going to love awnty Ann and hers furiend.” And against meez purrotests down da hall to da livin’ room we went. And then me saw them, 2 very purretty ladies; lookin’ down da hall at me and cooin’. Aha Take dat sissyfur, they fink meez bootyful too and dat me has gawjus eyes too. And then they offered soft hands and stawted pettin’ me. Well this ain’t so bad after all. At least they’re much purretier than da lectwic men. They smell better too. So when mommy put me down me had to show off meez belly and meez rollin’ in da nip nana technique. And me had to check out da new purrses in da house. Not nearly big nuff to hold me, but they did hav sum innewestin’ smells. So me had to add meez own smell to those dat wuz alweady there. Hmmmpht When they get back home their furries awe gunna know dat they cheated fur sure. Meez gunna make certain of dat. MOL  

Isn't mommys new coffee cup cute? It sez it all purrfectly.
Isn’t mommys new coffee cup cute? It sez it all purrfectly.

Awnty Ann had bwought us a package of glitter balls and sum of those pawsum shwimpy tweats. Even mommy got a gift. Hers got a weally cute Cat Mom coffee cup. Yous know what dat means don’tcha? Mommy’s gunna want to hav a whole cup of hot coffee outta hers new mug. They visited a little more and then took mommy to lunch. Since hers went wiff udder hoomans, mommy let me hav da time off to stay home wiff sis Lexi and play. And play me did. Just wait’ll you see what else we got. Yous gotta wait just a little longer cuz mommy wants to get just da purrfect fotos and all da infurmation hers needs to help me wiff dat posty. Anyways, when mommy came home she came bwingin’ us a pizza. They took mommy to da Pizza Hut and also ordered Lexi and me ow very own pepperoni pizza. It wuz soooo delishus. Fank you sooooooo much awnty Ann, fur evewyfin’. We know we wusn’t on ow bestest behavior, but we do hope yous will come back and see us sumtime. Mommy had a gweat time and wuz so happy to hav met you in purrsun.

We got ow very own pizza.
We got ow very own pizza.

We hav a ticket to BlogPaws in Nashville where we kuld meet even more of ow furiends. We sure hope we can get da gween papers togedder to rent a caw and get a room fur those 3 days. Mommy sez hers might twy to hav an auction of sum sort to waise da munny, cuz we weally wanna go. And it wuld be weally pawsum ifin we kuld go and ifin we wuz to win a Nose to Nose award. Nominations awe open fwu tomowwo, so ifin yous not nominated yous favowits, purrlease take a foo minutes and do dat now. And ifin you fink we deserve to win, we wuld be honored to hav yous nomination. There awe quite a foo categories we might qualify fur. As fur ow postys, we fink ow series on UTI’s wuz good as well as sum of ow udder educational posties. But you might hav anudder favowit dat you wuld like to nominate. Maybe you liked one of ow funny twainin’ postys ‘bout me runnin’ us into da wall in da wheelchair, or meez affinity fur da fone. Weez wuld just be honored fur yous consideration. As fur ow fotos, mommy sez dat evewy foto of us is wunnewful but she’s ow mommy and wuld fink dat. So ifin yous like one or da udder and wuld like to nominate them, purrlease do. Yous just hav to click on it to get da addwess to put on da form. Yous can copy and paste it fwum da addwess baw acwoss da top.

Here again is sum of da infurmation yous will need: Da linky to nominate is here and will open in a separate window. 

Meez bloggy link is: https://dezizworld.wordpress.com

Me owns meez bloggy but weally it’s under mommys name: Audra High 

Ow email addwess is: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com 

Meez BlogPaws community page is here: http://community.blogpaws.com/profile/DeztineeHigh

And ow Facebook page (and microblog) is here: https://www.facebook.com/Alexandra.Furiends

And twitter: https://twitter.com/DezizWorld 

And here’s da linky fur ow UTI posty: https://dezizworld.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/the-silent-killer-pt-2/

Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi