Where Am I?

Meowllo everypawdy hope yous havin’ a blest day. Sumfin’ happened last night dat goes wight along wiff what me wanted to post ‘bout today. Well at least sum of it. Meez posted a similar posty afur but me has new furiends now and we fink this be a topic dat kuld be shared everyday and it wuldn’t be enuff. So as wiff meez purrtant educational postys da rest of this post will be in hooman so there be no misunnewstandin’ what meez sayin’.

 0dw Dezi on cat tree

Last night right at dinner time there was a knock on our door. Our neighbor, mr. W. said that Buddy was loose and needed mommy to help get him back in the house. A new physical therapist had been at mr. W’s house and when he left Buddy darted out after a rabbit he had been watchin’ through the window. And before he knew it he had followed te rabbit out into the woods behind our complex. Now he found himself alone and lost. Yes, mommy put on her Eskimo garb and went out to help get him back home. It was already dark so mommy stood at the edge of the woods and hollered for him. She finally heard him rustlin’ the leaves and headed toward her voice. See Buddy’s been a little skeered lately cause mr. W’s been very sick, and even spent some time in the hospital. Buddy’s 5 years old and has been with mr. W since he was about 6 months old. He doesn’t really know any other life. So if something was to happen to mr. W and he could no longer care for Buddy, what do you suppose would happen to him?. 

This is a foto of Buddy in hims home bein' a good boy.
This is a foto of Buddy in hims home bein’ a good boy.

And everyday we read posts somewhere in the internet about some cat ending up in a shelter or rescue because their people could no longer care for them. We think it’s heartbreaking, but even more so when that kitty is older and has spent it’s life living in one home only to find itself behind bars in a shelter somewhere. And it’s not just cats, it’s all pets that are in danger of this happening to them. In this day and age, we just don’t understand why this happens. people can take the time to write a will leaving their earthly belongings to some family member or friend or charity, but they can’t take the time to ensure that the living, breathing, being who has shared their lives and given them love has a place to go to also.

 dw Lexi checking out toys

Please don’t assume your children or some other family member is going to come in and take your beloved pet. More often than not your family members are heading straight for the local shelter.  Since we are cats, we will focus on cats, but there are lots of places that you can contact regarding your particular pet. Click here for a list of some of those places. Your cat has given you years of happiness and love, don’t abandon them when it’s your time. Make arrangements and put them in writing. Let someone else know your wishes. None of us are promised a tomorrow. Anything can happen at any time. So the sooner you get the arrangements made the better. You can always change it, but after you’re gone it’s too late. 

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi  

Sayin’ Goodbye and See You Later

Well furiends lookin’ back over da munf we realize we’s lost so many sweet and dear furiends dis munf. Meez told you dat mommy wus feelin’ kinda blue wif Lucky’s Meowday comin’ up tumorrow so me fawt tunite meez wuld honor all those hoo hav gone tu heaven. Meez wandid tu du it tunite cuz meez and sis Lexi intend tu keep mommy completely occupied tumorrow so her dusn’t hav time tu miss Lucky or anypawdy else. 🙂  So tunite is fur all of you hoo hav lost a luved one. Just know dat even tho’ dey not be here anymore you did all you could fur dem and dey are in a much better pllace now. Mommy sez her mansion in heaven is full of luv and kitty fur and happy purrin’ kitty’s.  Til da nex time,

Wif Much Luv, 😀


ImageLucky Lucciano

ImageShad (da original service cat)