Blest Sunday: Emergency Preparedness and Prayers

Hey Raena, do you know what day it is?


 Blest Sunday purple kitty clip art graphic



          Sure I’s do sissy. It’s time fur our Blest Sunday posty. You know what we haven’t done in a while? 


What’s that Raena?


Dezi and Raena in a photo frame welcoming friends




          We’ve not welcomed all our new furiends. Ya’ know, we say ifin ya’ come by once, you’re a visitor, ifin ya’ come back again, you’re family.


That’s right Raena. We’re so happy to have so many pawsum furiends. Me’s sis Lexi always said we had the bestest furiends in the universe. And, me’s sis Lexi was hardly ever wrong. 


          I’s sure wish I’s could’a met her sissy.


Dezi atop the Liberty cat tree



You would’a liked her Raena. But, ifin she was still here, you wouldn’t be. Mommy says things work out the way they’re s’posed too. We might not unnerstand why things happen the way they do, but, God has a plan fur everythin’ and we just have to believe He’ll take care of us. 



Raena lays on the back of the chair



          Like all those hurricanes, sissy? I’s sure don’t unnerstand why they have to happen. We’ve got so many furiends bein’ affected by ‘em. I’s really worried ‘bout their safety. 


Me too Raena, but all we can do is purray fur them. Fankfully, there are lots of peeps comin’ together to help out. You know, we saw a lot of those helpers last night on the chatter box.


          I’s was so happy to see all those peeps reunited with their furry furmily members. And, to learn that the laws were changed so that anipals had to be included in all rescue effurts. Peeps are furinally startin’ to unnerstand just how ‘purrtant us anipals are to our humans. I’s know mommy would never go off to save herself and leave us behind. And now, the law’s on her side and she wouldn’t have too. 


Dezi lays on chair


Yeah Raena, me’s happy ‘bout that too. So offen in the past, anipals have had to fend fur themselves, cuz rescuers and shelters didn’t allow anipals to accompany their humans durin’ disasters of any kind. Even tho’ anipals can now accompany their humans, steps should still be taken to make sure we could be reunited in the event we were to get separated.



          Like our microchips, sissy? Ya’ know, I’s wasn’t crazy ‘bout gettin’ that thing to begin with. But, ifin it helps to make sure I’s will always be with mommy, I’s glad I’s got it. 


 Dezi bathes atop the Liberty cat tree



Yep Raena, our microchips are a purrfect way to identify us and help make sure that we’ll always be with mommy. But, the microchip alone won’t work ifin ya’ don’t keep the infurmation updated with the chippin’ company. Our chips are registered with Petlinks. Mommy checks our infurmation at least a few times a year. Since not too much changes ‘round here, that’s all she needs too. But, ifin we were to move, change our noms, require meds, or change VETs or anythin’ else, mommy would need to update our profiles’ to reflect those changes. Could you ‘magine us bein’ separated from mommy and not gettin’ the food we’re used too? As ifin bein’ scared wouldn’t be bad enuff, but then, we might not even eat cuz the food would be wrong.


 Raena lays in mommy's lap



          Not that we’d eat anyways, but it’s a good idea, just in case. It’s also a good idea, to have copies of our chip nummers, mommy’s fone nummer and VET records in an emergency bag in the event we had to evacuate or somethin’. And, our peeps should also make sure to keep some fresh noms and bottled water, food and water bowls, a first aid kit, any meds or supplements we might need, leashes, harnesses/collars, some litter, a small box, a comfurt blanky or nip mat and maybe even a toy or two should also be in our emergency bag. You can check out our post here fur a list of things you should have in the event of an emergency.


 Dezi with bowed head praying on the pet steps



Those are some great suggestions Raena. We are so fankful that mommy’s purrpared. While it’s unlikely we’ll be hit by a hurricane, we are subject to tornadoes, wild fires and even earthquakes. We’ve heard from many of our furiends in the path of the current hurricanes, and we’re so happy that they are all still together. But, there are many peeps and anipals that aren’t. We’re purrayin’ fur all those in need. We’re very blest to not be facin’ these storms ourselves and to be home safe and sound with our mommy. We are also blest to have so many amazin’ furiends. We’d like to remind you all to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur the blessings in your lives and to say a little purrayer fur all those in need. 


 Raena lays in mommy's lap and gets loving



          We’d also like to remind everypawdy that wants to help to check out the many ways you can by clickin’ the links here. We’re joinin’ the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies and sendin’ lots of hugs to all of you. Fanky fank ya’ fur bein’ our furiends. Purrlease, stay safe and ifin you’re in the path of a storm, keep in touch so we can all know how to purray and/or help. And join us tomorrow fur another Service Cat Monday posty. 


Till the next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Disaster Strikes! Are You Ready?

Well we finally got a little break from da storms yesfurday and me got to visit a lot of ya’. Dat weather guesser says we should be in fur sunshine startin’ tomorrow afternoon. Me sure hopes so; me hasn’t been fur a stroll in furever. Me did get da sads while visitin’ as there have been quite a few kitties who have joined sis Lexi this week includin’ me’s furiend Spooky from 15 and Meowing. Mommy says da sads are cuz our brains know they’re in a better place now and no longer sufferin’, but our hearts just can’t make sense of it all. Me can attest to da makin’ no sense fur sure. Purrlease lift up and support your furiends, loss is hard on us all.

 Dezi cocks head to the side in thought

You know with all da storms we’ve been havin’ lately and knowin’ dat tornado season is comin’ up soon, me had been thinkin’ ‘bout writin’ a posty on disaster purrparedness. We’s posted one befur but we think it’s a really purrtant topic so there’s nothin’ wrong with postin’ every year. And yesfurday one of me’s furiends and fellow cat scouts made dat very suggestion. It’s better to be purrpared and not need it than to be caught in a disaster with nothin’ but da purrverbeal shirt on your back. So dat there’s no confusion, me’s switchin’ to human speak so everypawdy can understand.


Dezi close up on arm of chair

As me said, we have tornados, flooding and high winds, but no matter what weather patterns are prevalent in your area the following applies to all disaster/emergency circumstances and all pets.

You should have a First Aid Kit for your pets on hand at all times, and keep it’s contents up to date and fresh. Me will cover what goes in that kit shortly. You should also know which, if any shelters in your area are pet friendly. A lot of shelters are only for humans and only allow Service Animals because of the laws. Please don’t pass your pet off as a Service Animal. You might also want to check for pet friendly hotels/motels in your area. A last resort would be boarding. Check with your VET, shelter, groomers, etc. for boarding facilities in your area and know their policies. Most boarding situations require the animal to be up to date on all vaccinations.

 ASPCA first aid kit

Please don’t leave your pet at home alone in the hopes they will survive and you’ll be reunited. Altho’ they will be stressed, they will be far more comfortable being with you than trying to weather the “storms” by themselves. It’s a good idea to get your pet comfortable with their carrier/PTU before a disaster.

Be sure to have a list of emergency numbers on hand and in your First Aid Kit. Your cell number along with your VETs number and a family members number should be on that list. Keep current photos of all pets on hand and make sure your pet has identification with up to date contact information. Updating your pets microchip information is usually free. We use a company called Pet Link. You can register all your pets microchips with them for a nominal fee; and then all updates are free.

 Pet Link Microchip company logo

We’ve recently learned that emergency personnel look on the fridge for information about the residents of a dwelling and any medical conditions, etc., so it’s a good idea to put your pets information there as well. Things such as how many and what species of animal lives in your house as well as VET information and any medical conditions/special instructions for them should be listed. Mommy keeps photos of us/me on the fridge and on the back of the photo is our name, age, and any special instructions. In me’s case, it says me is a Service animal named Deztinee, and that me also answers to Dezi. Me’s age and what food me eats is also included along with mommy’s cell phone number and our VETs number. Just in case, mommy also keeps a photo just like this on the front door and in the glove compartment of our car.

The next thing you need is a small bag for your pets that contains at least 3 days worth of food, litter and (disposable) litterbox (for cats and other small animals), water, a favorite blanky/you scented shirt or bed, food and water bowls or paper plates and disposable spoons. A pooper scoop and plastic bags for disposal and a toy or two. Treats and nip are optional. Mommy also likes to keep an extra leash and harness in our bag in case there’s a problem with the one we’re using. Paper towels for clean up, a small washcloth and towel are also handy items to have. Often a hard shell carrier/PTU can double as a litterbox if you use liners in it.

Dezi in stroller looking out

Now let’s get to the contents of that First Aid Kit. You’ll need the following if your going to make your own:

1. Current photos of your pet and any proof of ownership in a plastic baggy. (vet records will suffice)

2. Phone numbers for you, your Vet, and an emergency contact person who is not in your area and might not be affected by your emergency. Phone lines and cell towers may be down.

3. Gauze pads and adhesive tape and/or the sticky wrap

4. Cotton balls and swabs

5. Hydrogen Peroxide 

6. Disposable Gloves 

7. Scissors and tweezers 

8. Antibiotic Ointment and Anti Itch Cream

9. Oral Syringe and/or Turkey baster

10. Alcohol 

11. Styptic Powder/Pencil

12. Claw Clippers 

13. Artificial Tear Gel

14. Band Aids (mommy keeps a few in our kit for her if she gets bit or clawed while trying to trim claws or care for a wound-they don’t take up that much room)

15. Any medications your pet may need. If your pet is diabetic, you’ll need ice packs. And keep some insulin in an easily grabbable baggie in the front of the fridge, clearly marked for emergencies. Syringes can be kept in your kit or packed bag at all times.

16. Liquid dish soap such as Dawn

17. Flashlight

19. Saline Solution

20. Ice Pack

21. Disinfectant  

Be sure to check your kit every 3 months or so for expired items. Always keep your kit fresh and up to date.


Altho’ this is not a comprehensive list, it’s pretty close to it. You can purchase a First Aid Kit instead of making your own, but you will need to add a few things to it especially if your pet requires medications. These kits vary in price depending on where you buy it.

 Dezi on cat tree with mouth open

Well me sure hopes this helps. Remember, your pet will be frightened and nervous during a disaster, so any preparations you can make in advance will make this time less stressful for all of you. And trust me when me says, we would much rather be with you than fending for ourselves. Please Don’t leave us behind. You wouldn’t leave a baby or two year old behind…

Do you have a Pet First Aid Kit?

Do you have an emergency bag packed?

Are you ready should disaster strike?

Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses