To Garden Or Not To Garden

Meowllo evewypawdy. Hope yous all duin’ gweat. You know how meez always complainin’ dat mommy furgets to make sure we mention and link up to blog hops we purrticipate in? Well…her went nd talked me into joinin’ up wiff this bloggin’ A to Z next mumff. Fwum what we can make of it yous gotta post Monday fwu Caturday and each day is a new letter of da alphabet. Guess da one good fing is dat ifin weez not do evewyfin’ weez posed to they’ll take us off da list. Meez gotta tell ya’ we only follow a couple hunnewed blogs and we have twubble getting’ to all of you evewyday. Weez not know how they’re gunna get wound to da ovew 1000 bloggies dat be signed up. Whew, meez just glad it’s not us.

dw Dezi sweet ipad

Check out meez iPad foto mommy took. She sez it turned out to be a better quality than she spected. Course she hasn’t slept in ovew 24 hours so ifin it’s blurry furgiv her cuz she fawt it wuz gweat. MOL




Meez not fink mommy wuld get any sleep next mumff ifin it wuz. Me knows we fur sure wuldn’t get any stwoller time. And well…dat just can’t happen. It’s posed to be nice and sunny so me plans on makin’ mommy take Lexi and me boff fur a foo stwolls. Speakin’ of da good wedder yous all know we got a new neighbor this past summer duwin’ da whole flood fiasco. Well she wuz outside today diggin’ up da gwound to plant. Well let me tell ya’ a little stowry. It stawted a long time ago when mommy and sis Lexi furst moved down to this pawt of Oklahoma. Mommy wuz much yunger then and kuld do lots mowe than hers can now a days. And she ‘cided to gwo a gawden. Da wedder stawted getting’ nice and all da stowes wuz carryin’ all their plants and seedlings and evewypawdy wuz buyin’ and plantin’. So mommy got out hers seeds and went to diggin’ and plantin’. She planted corn and beans and watermelon, and taters, and tomatoes, and lots of herbs and flowers. She watered and tended hers little seeds evewyday. 

And afur she knew it they wuz spwoutin’ up outta da gwound. Just when they got big nuff to be called “tender plants”, ‘bout da end of Apwil, da bootyful sunny warm wedder changed. And overnight there came a fureeze and killed off all da little plants mommy had planted along wiff all da ones evewypawdy else planted. Da next week when it warmed up again mommy saw all those same peeps weplantin’ all da plants they just lost. Da nex year mommy watched all those peeps buyin’ seedlin’’gs again and plantin’ ‘em up in Apwil just liked da year afur, and just like da year afur there came a cold snap what killed all those plants again. Evewy year this happens and evewy year all da locals plant and then have to weplant. Mommy sez evewy year she wishes dat ifin they just wanna fwo away munny they wuld fwo it ow way. MOL So da new neighbor, hoo by da way has lived here most of hers life, and is no spwing chick be out there diggin’ and plantin’ yesfurday. So mommy offewed up a little advice ‘bout maybe waitin’ till May to plant. And she sed she knew ‘bout da fureeze, she lost evewyfin’ but pears evewy year. Well then all we can say is quit complainin’ ‘bout not havin’ any munny.

dw Mirrored Lexi

Check me owt. I’z dubble da trubble. MOL Mommy wuz iPad playin’ and fawt I’z looked grayt dubbled. Aldoe she did say I’z herz one and owenlee Lexi lub.




Lexi Update: Our wegular VET called and it wusn’t a purrleasant call but hims purrscwibed da Clavimox fur Lexi wiff a wecheck uwinalysis in a kupple weeks once she’s finshed wiff da antibiotics. Da udder VET finally called too. They sed they didn’t wanna tweat hers infection at this time and wuld just do a wepeat uwinalysis in a kuplle weeks along wiff new blood tests. No, weez nevew goin’ back there. And now dat weez fwu, mommy’s gunna be weportin’ them.


So weez not gunna be plantin’ up anyfin’ anytime soon. Not dat mommy had planned on plantin’ up a gawden this year anyways. We hav way too much wildlife to enjoy da spoils of all da work. But hey, dat leaves lots mowe time fur stwolls unnew da sun.  

Till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses                 

Dezi and Lexi