Rumbling, Grumbling and Gray

OMC this week is alweady almost ovew. Can you believ it? We suwe can’t. Just like we can’t hawdly believ this year is almost ovew.

Well all day Wednesday wuz gway and da heavens wumbled and gwumbled all day long. It wuz da longest day weez had in a long time. Yous all know me not like it when God goes bowlin’ (what we call storms) cuz it makes me a little scawed. And dat means me dusn’t do meez job as well as me shuld. Yous know me wants to look after mommy but me also wants to hide. Well as yous know mommy has twied da fundershirt on me afur and dat dusn’t work at all. But hers got to finkin’. (Yes dat can sumtimes be dangewous) but hers got to finkin’ dat meez used to wearin’ meez hawness and in theowy at least it’s a lot like da fundershirt, so mommy put on meez new hawness fur me to wear wound today. Yous know what?  Me luvs meez knew hawness so much dat me just played and napped and looked after mommy and ignowed all da wumblins in da heavens. Okay, at least most of da wumblins. Fanks mommy, dat wuz a purretty good idea. (She has them sumtimes)

Mommy suwe duz luv me, and me luvs her.
Mommy suwe duz luv me, and me luvs her too.

Meez lookin' out fur mommy.
Meez lookin’ out fur mommy.

Well anyways weez know weez sed no mowe updates til weez in da motel, but weez just can’t hold onto this. Today Cayla da snoopervisor hoo wuz so ugly to mommy da udder day; called mommy and asked vewy nicely ifin weez had ceilin’ fans. Mommy of course told hers no cuz we don’t. This is just a basic pawtment dat wuz fwown up wiffout amenities. Mommy tells hers dat she wuld luv ceilin’ fans, and asked ifin she wuz gettin’ ceilin’ fans, and Cayla sed coyly, “ma___by” (wiff a lilt in hers voice). Then she told mommy dat she wuz twyin’ to get evewyfin’ ordered so they wuld hav it all fur when they be workin’ on mommy’s pawtment. Weez weally might be comin’ home to an all new pawtment. OMC Wuldn’t dat be wunnewful.  

Notice meez got da nip nana and da nip cigaw wight here. MOL
Notice meez got da nip nana and da nip cigaw wight here. MOL

Now me also has a question fur yous. But afur meez asks, me wants to say dat weez not fink yous wuz complainin’ or puttin’ us down at all, but maybe mommys finkin’ be wong on this so weez fawt weez wuld ask those dat wuld be impacted by it, ow readers. So here be da question, Wuld yous like to see mowe fotos on meez bloggy. Mommy assumes (not a good fing to do) dat yous wuldn’t wanna wade fwu a lot of fotos on a  wordy posty. Dat’s why weez only put up 1 or 2. So purrlease let me know what yous fink. Weez do twy to fink of yous all when we write.  Well weez not gunna keep yous today, but weez do look furward to hearin’ yous wesponse. Now back to da wumblin’ and grumblin’ cuz it’s happenin’ today too.

0dw Dezi harness laying out

 Well it be time fur a nap, see ya’  wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile.png

Till da nex time…………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses   wlEmoticon-redheart.png