Buddy And The Holistic Blend #ChewyInfuencer

Well it’s Monday and time fur an update on Buddy’s 30 day challenge. As part of da Chewy bloggin’ furmily we were given da oppurrtunity to try a pawsum new cat food. Since it was kibble and you all know mommy won’t give me kibble ever again, we asked ifin it would be okay to let Buddy take it. So after we got him all signed up and received da noms, his challenge began. It’s been really cold and wet here lately so mommy trekkin’ up to mr. W’s to take fotos has been really funny to watch. You know since da wheelchair’s electric she has to walk up there. And of course we have armadillos and possums so there’s purrlenty of holes fur her cane to fall into and make mommy wobble all over da place. MOL Anyways, we’s here to talk ’bout Buddy today. Ifin you missed our furst posty, you can read it here. We told ya’ dat Buddy doesn’t eat a great quality food on a regular basis so da Holistic Blend Chicken and Salmon dry kibble cat food was gonna be a huge step up in his diet. All paws and fingers were crossed dat he would eat it. Mommy scooped out ’bout a cup of it to let us try it as a treat. Mommy had told mr. W to watch fur changes in Buddy’s activity levels, coat feel and look, stools and general overall well being; and to report back anything he noticed. And of course mommy subjects him to a thorough once over exam everytime she goes up there…Buddy, not mr. W. Mommy also made mr. W implement scheduled feedings and to use da resealable zipper to keep da food fresh fur da whole month. So now dat da business is outta da way let’s get on with da good stuff.

Buddy poses with the Holistic Blend cat food bag

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Did Buddy like da food and was he eatin’ it? Well, let’s ask him.  

Buddy checking out his empty food bowl
What? It’s empty and I’s starvin’!!!


Buddy: Fanks Dezi. Let me say furst off dat I’s really likin’ this scheduled meal time. I didn’t at furst cuz I’s was used to nibblin’ whenever I wanted. But hey, this scheduled thing means da food in my bowl is always fresh and tasty. And I gotta tell ya’ this Holistic Blend cat food is purretty nommy. It sure hits da spot. And I’s been feelin’ better too. My skin hasn’t been as itchy lately, and my furs seem lots softer. Even awnty Audra sed my furs felt and looked better. I’s even been more playful with my daddy lately. And daddy sed I’s seem to be sheddin’ a little less too. My litterbox habits haven’t changed, least not so dat anypawdy would notice. But I’s do like da food really well.

Buddy sniffing at the Holistic Blend in the measuring cup before it gets put in his plate
C’mon daddy what’cha’ waitin’ fur? Just give it to me now.

Thanks Buddy, glad you be likin’ da noms. And yes, mommy talked ’bout how your furs be lookin’ much better these days. She also sed you looked so cute waitin’ fur mr. W to put your noms in your bowl. Don’t’cha’ just hate it when you’re waitin’ to eat and mommy’s takin’ fotos? Da noms be so close you can smell ’em and almost taste ’em, but there she goes, snap, snap, snappin’ away. Mommy sez you was really patient and unlike me didn’t holler at her once to hurry up. Me still hasn’t gotten to try them, cuz mommy just hates dat da furst ingredient is chicken meal ‘stead of chicken, and then rice. Chicken is in da list, mommy just likes it to be da furst ingredient when da name sez “chicken”. Anyways, mommy talked with mr. W and he sed da pawdee box stench seemed to be da same. Da reason we mention dat is cuz one of da claims made by Holistic Blend is dat it “stimulates the breakdown of ammonia to reduce urine and stool odor.” However Buddy’s overall appearance seems to be much better. We’ll update you again at da end of da 30 days and let ya’ know if anything changed. We should note dat ‘stead of a slow transition, mr. W switched Buddy to da Holistic Blend food by serving it alone and taking away his other food. Buddy did start eating the Holistic Blend immediately without any tummy upsets. So based on his immediate acceptance we would say dat it is very palatable.

Buddy watching his meal being poured into his bowl
C’mon now, hurry up daddy.

You can find da Holistic Blend at Chewy fur $14.99 fur a 3 pound bag and $32.99 fur a 10 pound bag. They also make a grain free turkey option fur cats, and they have canine formulas as well. Chewy has lots of great purroducts fur all your anipal furmily members, so take a look around while you’re there. And they have a great auto ship purrogram so you never run out as well as speedy low cost or free shipping. All orders of $49.00 and over ship furee. And let me tell ya’ they have da bestest Customer Service ’round. You’re never stuck payin’ fur sumthin’ your anipal won’t eat, so you can order with confidence.

Buddy chowing down on his Holistic Blend dinner
Aaaaaaaw Yeah. nomnomnom, Dat hits da spot.

Disclaimer: As a #ChewyInfluencer we received the Holistic Blend in exchange fur our honest opinions. Neither Chewy nor Holistic Blend are responsible fur da content of our posts nor did free sway our opinions. We only bring you products we use or have tried and think would be of interest to you our friends and readers.    


Till da next time………………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi with Buddy

Holistic Blend First Impressions #ChewyInfluencer

Well we told you in our last posty dat we were puttin’ Buddy thru a 30 day challenge with some new noms. It’s called Holistic Blend. And we innerduced you to da handsum Buddy so dat even our new furiends wuld know him. We’ll be writin’ a 3 post series durin’ da month of March, startin’ with this one. As we told ya’ in our last posty we received da noms fur Buddy free of charge as part of da Chewy Blogger Program.

Dezi close up on arm of chair

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post. We received free product in exchange for our honest opinion. That does not affect our views, and as always all opinions are our own and truthful. Chewy is not responsible for the content of our post and we only bring products we think would be of interest to you our readers and friends.

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So our furst posty in this series is posed to be about our furst impressions of da food. So, even afur receivin’ da bag, mommy checked out da Holistic Blend web site and Chewy’s infurmation on it. They have kibble furmulas fur doggies and kitties. Naturally we chose da kitty furmula fur Buddy. It’s called All Life Stages Chicken and Salmon Formula and comes in two sizes, 3 lbs. and 10 lbs.. Well ifin you kuldn’t tell by da fotos, Buddy like sis Lexi and me is a big kitty boy so we got da 10 lb. bag as he usually eats 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 pounds a month. Aside from Buddy getting’ it fur meals, mommy thought we kuld keep a little fur maybe sum treats.

Holistic Blend Cat Food

So when da bag arrived from Chewy mommy kuldn’t wait to check it out. Da bag is quite sturdy and has a resealable opening to help keep it fresh. When mommy was settin’ it up fur fotos, me was really innersted in checkin’ it out fur meself. Right on da front of da bag they list da “good” ingredients inside and what’s not in it. It contains Chicken meal as da furst ingredient, millet, wild salmon, cranberries, apples and cinnamon. It does not have corn, beet pulp, wheat, BHT, BHA or Ethoxyquin. It also does not contain carageenan or da gums. Mommy’s not crazy ‘bout “meal” bein’ da furst ingredient, but was happy to see dat it didn’t have da other controversial ingredients.

Buddy licking lips

Da next step was to open da bag and check it out. It’s been a while since we’s had any kibble in da house so mommy furgot ‘bout how strong they can smell. It doesn’t stink, but it does have a very strong attracting odor. Me can attest to dat. Me was stickin’ me’s nose as close to da bag as mommy wuld let me. Da kibble itself is small and shaped kind of like a solid triangle. So mommy took a little out and put it in a treat baggy fur later and then took da big bag up to Buddy fur more fotos. And of course so he kuld start da challenge. Me will let Buddy tell ya’ what his furst impressions were now.

pinterest image of Buddy posing with the Holistic Blend cat food

Buddy:  Y thank ya’ Dezi. Ya’ know my pops usually keeps my foods in da bottom cabinet so it was purretty strange to see da bag in da middle of da floor. But I was sure interested in checkin’ it out. Since your mommy had opened it, I kuld smell it purrmeatin’ thru da bag. I may not have as good of manners as you and Lexi, but even when your mommy opened da bag I didn’t immediately jump in. But when your mommy took a few pieces out and put ‘em down fur me I kuldn’t gobble ‘em up fast enuff, flashy box or not. After those few pieces, pops put da bag away and said I’d start da challenge da next meownin’ at breakfast. I really kuldn’t wait. So all in all, I’d say my furst impressions was all paws up.

Buddy sniffing Holistic Blend cat food bag


Buddy waits for a bite from the open Holistic Blend cat food bag

Thanks Buddy, we sure hope yous enjoyin’ ‘em. Mommy will be checkin’ in with you and mr. W thru out da month to see how it’s goin’. So there ya’ have it folks. Furst impressions are dat Buddy is fur sure innerested in eatin’ ‘em and da resealable bag fur freshness is always welkum. As me sed earlier, we’ll keep ya’ posted on how it’s goin’. As always, check out Chewy fur all your pets needs. They have great prices, speedy and free over $49.00 shipping and pawsum customer service peeps. Now me’s gunna go see ifin mommy will give me a kupple to try out.


Have you heard of Holistic Blend before? 


Till da next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi with Buddy