Chatting Cats: Time To Blow The Leaves

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. (Raena zooms thru the house) Sissy!!! Look’it, the sun’s shinin’!!! Hurry, ya’ don’t wanna miss it!!! 


 Dezi walks down hall




          (Dezi slowly saunters toward the living room) RaenaBelle, calm down. It’s not like you’ve never seen sunshine befur. 


 Raena lays in liberty cat tree cubby




But sissy, it’s been gone furever!!! When ole man Winter got here, Mr. Sunshine left. I’s thought he went and packed his bags like Ms. Fall. 


 Dezi and Raena look out the door and window from their perch on the liberty cat tree




          Raena, you know Sunshine, Fall and Winter are seasons, right? They don’t really have bags to pack. That’s just somethin’ mommy says to make fun fur us. 


(Raena looks around as if thinking about what Dezi just said) Hmmmm Well sissy, bags or no bags, Mr. Sunshine’s here today, and mommy says he’s gonna be gone again tomorrow. 



 Dezi stands in middle of floor licking lips




          Okay Raena, whatever. Mommy’s gonna have to get the leaf blower out befur we can go fur any strolls. Have you seen all the leaves on our purrch? 


Yeah sissy, I’s did. I’s don’t like those big ole trees any more than mommy does. All Summer they drop dead leaves and harbor those nasty web worms. And, ifin that wasn’t bad enuff, now they’re droppin’ all their leaves right on our purrch. Ya’ know some of our furiends post fotos of all these purretty rainbow colored leaves; but none of our leaves look like that. They’re all brown and holey from the worms. Ole man Winter just makes everythin’ look yucky. And did you feel that bump on your last stroll? Mommy said that was cuz of a crack in the pavement from tree roots.


          Yeah Raena, those trees do cause a lot of purroblems. But, we can’t do anythin’ ‘bout ‘em, so we just need to help mommy with the leaf blower.


 Dezi looks out window from cat tree while Raena lays sleeping atop the tree




Am I’s gonna like the leaf blower sissy? 



          Well Raena, it’s a lot louder than the carpet monster, but let me meow ya’, mommy gets really crazy with it. Oh The stories me could meow. MOL 


Really sissy? Maybe you could meow a few durin’ our upcomin’ playdate?. 


 Dezi lays on the chair arm and gets loving from mommy




          Maybe Raena. Me can’t wait to see who our guests are gonna be. Are you and mommy plannin’ a surpurrise fur me’s Gotchaday next week? You know it’s the day befur Fanksgivin’. Me hasn’t heard ya’ll meow or talk ‘bout it at all. Surely mommy didn’t furget?. 


Oh purrlease, sissy. You don’t think mommy could furget your Gotchaday, do you? Mommy’s always sayin’ how blest she is to have you choose her to be your mommy. But, I’s don’t know ifin mommy’s plannin’ anythin’ fur your Gotchaday. Ya’ know, money’s been real tight lately. I’s do know she’ll give ya’ lots of extra special luvvin’. And what more could a kitty ask fur?


          Me just knew she would be the purrfect mommy, Raena. Didn’t you feel it too? 


 Raena lays in mommy's lap and gets loving




Yep sissy, I’s sure did. We sure are blest kitties. I’s not only got a pawsum mommy, but I’s also got you. Even tho’ you can sometimes be grumpy, I’s know you luvs me too. Well, guess we better go help mommy with the leaf blower ifin we plan on getting’ in a stroll today.


 Dezi and Raena atop the liberty cat tree




          There’s one more thing me wanted to meow ‘bout Raena. Lately we’ve had several peeps ask ‘bout our fone service. Ya’ know, we use the magic jack. Mommy says peeps wanted to know what we pay fur service, how we like it and ifin it has to be connected to a catputer that be turned on all the time. Furst, we pay fur service once a year. Our payment fur the next year is due this month, and be $39.00 plus $3.00 fur 911 service. That 911 fee was added a couple years ago when peeps started droppin’ their land lines and usin’ cell fones more offen. Secondly, it doesn’t have to be connected to a catputer at all. It plugs into a wall outlet and your innerent modem. And thirdly, we really can‘t complain ‘bout the service. We can call all of the US and Canada fur furee. There’s no long distance charges or hidden fees and taxes. The only time we don’t have service is when the ‘lectricity’s out or the innernets be down. And well, what with cordless fones bein’ used fur those who have land lines, they don’t have service durin’ power outages either. So, we hope that helps those of you who were wonderin’. 


Fanky fanks sissy. C’mon, let’s go play in the closet while mommy gets the leaf blower. Since the closet’s off limits, who knows what we might find in there. MOL 


Till the next time………………………………………..Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Shoulda Been A Warning Label

Meowllo everypawdy.  Me told you da udder day we wuld share a story ‘bout mommy and da leaf blower, and so we ‘cided mommy’s first ever leaf blowin’ episode wuz purrawlly da bestest one to share wiff yous today.  Now me will warn you tho’ Don’t take too big a sip of dat coffee or tea or coke, cuz yous just might end up blowin’ it all out yous nose on da puter scween.  Yep, it’ dat funny.  Me showed you all those leaves da udder day but not where they came fwum.  See Weez hav these big ole oak twees out in fwunt of ow pawtment.  There be 3 of ’em, and they stawt losin’ their leaves weally bad wight after halloween.  And then they stawt pilin’ up on ow fwunt porch and walkway.  Da wind can’t get under them and move them along cuz of da way owr house sits wiff it’s store room.  And mommy can’t get out and sweep them all off anymore.  So she got this idea to buy a leaf blower.

0dw DeziSurreal Chess

Everywhere she looked they cost a lot of munny.  She finaly found one dat she kuld afford, and so she orderd it.  Well it finally arrived and mommy wuz so excited.  Now just so you know, da leaf blower is one of da fings dat me just hates bout da lawn crew.  But they be gone fur da year, so me has all calmed down now.  Anyway, mommy opened da box and took out hers new leaf blower, and stawted laffin. It wusn’t much bigger than a hair dwyer.  But mommy wuz still excited and wanted tu know how well it wuld weally work.  So she went outside tu giv it a twy.  Let me tell you, It wuz a site.


Mommy had to get a heavy duty extenshun cord cuz da plug on it isn’t very long.  She finaly got it plugged in, and she’s standin out on da porch lookin’ at it.  She turned it over and wound and back upwight again cuz she kuldn’t figger out how to turn it on.  Sis Lexi and me wuz in our window perch and we wuz boff watchin’ her wiff anticipation.  MOL Mommy turned and looked in da window at us and sed, “I got it girls, get ready for the noise…..hopefully.”  Now let me splain, me hates da lawn crew visits and all their noise.  Mommy can make all da noise on da fwunt porch her wants to and me dusn’t care. Me can even sleep fwu it. Oh yeah, me almost furgot to tell you. Mommy has never dun any kind of actual lawn work.  She just stawted learnin’ to garden a foo years ago, and da only lawn mowers mommy has ever seen is da tractor kind. (anudder story altho’ it’s bout mommy growin up and not us).  So to say mommy dusn’t know how to use da leaf blower her just bought is puttin it mildly.

0dw Lexi hi globe

Here we go.  Mommy’s got da leaf blower pointed toward da store room door.  Da window where Lexi and me awe layin is wight by da store room so we hav a purrfect view of mommy and what’s goin’ on.  Mommy pushes da ‘on’ button, and…… da leaf blower jumps.  Up then down and mommy be scweamin’ and leaves and dirt are flyin everywhere and Lexi and me………well, we boff jumped wight off ow perch so fast yous head wulda spun.

Mommy finally got da ‘on’ button turned off, and now she be laffin uncontwolably.  Me be standin’ at da fwunt door wiff me paws on it lookin’ out at mommy, and  Lexi be standin’ behind me lookin’ up fwu da door at mommy.  And what we saw wuz a site to behold.  There wuz mommy laffin’ loud and hawd.  We fawt she might hav been cwyin’ too, but ifin so they wuz brown tears runnin down hers face.  Hers hair wuz all over da place.  Weez never seen it look dat way, not even in da meownins.  Mommy had leaves and dirt all over her.  She didn’t even look like ow mommy.  She  looked at us standin at da door and sed, “Oh my catness girls, this is much more powerful then I thought it would be especially since it’s so small.  Sorry I scared you girls, I will get better. I promise.”  Mommy turned wound and turned da blower back on and well….needless to say she made a bigger mess than we had to begin wiff. 

She finally had to come back in da house cuz it got dawk.  But da purrsun dat came in wusn’t da same one dat went out dat’s fur sure.  She smelled funny and looked funny.  Specially wiff all those leaves in her hair.  Leaves and dirt wuz stuck to mommys legs and awms and face. She sed, “I know it’s dinnertime girls but I’ve got to take a shower first.  And I guess I’m gunna have to work on the leaves tomorrow.”  Again, we fawt. Mommy’s gunna du this all over again tomowwo?  Well she did, and didn’t do much better then eever. But after a foo more times, she did get a little better.  Mommy’s just learned dat she needs to stawt early nuff to do ow porch and walk and da neighbors.  Cuz dat’s where she ends up blowin’ most of ow leaves.  MOL

 Friendship Dezi - 2HEoW-15U - normal

Oh and sumpawdy sed sumfin’ ‘bout livin’ in pawtments and maint. men duin’ da leaves and such.  And yous so wight.  Least dat’s what mommy fawt too. And it’s always been dat way everywhere els she lived.  But not here.  Da idiots they hire here don’t do nuffin’, specially ifin they don’t hav too.  Fur years da lawn crew didn’t do anyfin’ wiff da leaves.  They sed it wusn’t in their contwact.  Once da contwact wuz up, management put leaf cleanin’ in da new one.  But they be gone fur da year, and so now it’s up to each wesident to take care of their own porch and walkway or get written up.  Anyways, hope you enjoyed mommys adventure wiff da leaf blower.  Me told you it wuz funny.  We still fink dat little blower shulda came wiff a warnin’ label.  MOL

Till da nex time…………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi