Tuesday Mewsday

OMC We wuz so exhausted still dat weez just disappeared yesfurday. First me wuld like to fank yous all again fur purrticipatin’ in ow blest Sunday postathon. We read so many heartwarmin’ posties ‘bout da blessings in yous lives. Mommy had da leaky eyes most of da day. Fur those of yous hoo still don’t weally know, meez mommy has a heart as big as Texas and she wears it on hers sleeve. Yep dat means dat hers can and does get hurt sumtimes, but it also means dat hers luvs and luvs wiff hers whole heart. We wuldn’t change her fur da world. So yes, hers had da leaky eyes while readin’ yous posties. But they wuz da good kind of leaky eyes.

 0dw Dezi tummy

This be da first full out tummy shot weez evew posted.

We also wanna say weez glad yous liked ow Grand Tour video. Mommy spent half da day recowdin’ and re-recowdin’ cuz hers kep cwyin’ and kuldn’t finish it. we awe so vewy gwatefull to yous all fur all yous luv and suppowt. And OMC hav we got a supwise fur yous today. We kuldn’t even believ it owselves. But, da bottom pawt of da steps came in da mail Munday!!! We weally did fink da twackin’ sed Tuesday or Wednesday. Now it did take mommy a while to get ‘em togedder and hers wuz still feelin’ a bit under da wedder, so weez not hav any video yet, but weez do hav a kupple fotos. Weez’ll post again wiff videos later. 

 dw stairs

Diz beez mines kool stepz. Day beez pawsum!!! (Lexi)

In udder mews, it turned way cold here today. Yesfurday it wuz nice and purretty and in da 80’s. And then last night it fell all da way down to da 20’s. And windy…OMC is it evew windy. Anyways, lots of you dat hav been followin’ us a while know dat mommy and sis Lexi lost a beluved fur baby and bwofur to a UTI. And seems here lately lots of ow furiends awe comin’ down wiff this howwible illness. Mommy calls it da silent killer and not fur da weasons yous might fink. But we wuz wunnewin’ ifin yous all wuld be innewested in us writin’ a posty ‘bout it? Needless to say when Lucky got sick and died, mommy immersed hers selff in studyin’ it so dat it wuld nevew happen again. Least not ifin hers kuld help it. We also got an email da udder day ‘bout a new litter dat kuld help identify UTI’s. Let me say dat we ordered it but Have Not yet twied it owselves, so weez not certain’ it works. But mommy sez ifin yous evew had a kitty wiff this purrawlem, no purrice is too high to pay to avoid catchin’ it. Yous can check it out here. We will be postin’ weviews after we actually twy it. As you know we just got a new pawdee box and mommy alweady put down a new littler fur us to twy. Mommy sez  1 new litter at a time. Anyways, wight now the Perfect Litter can be shipped to yous fur a small fee of $4.99 to cover da shipping. It is extwemely light weight and yous get 14 lbs. Weez not know how long this offer will last so we fawt we wuld go ahead and shawe it wiff yous.

I'z gunna like deez jiz fine. (Lexi)
I’z gunna like deez jiz fine. (Lexi)

Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi