Blest Sunday: Who Turned Out The Lights

Hey dearest furiends, how’ve ya’ been? Let me tell ya’, we’ve had one you know what of a week. We finally got our new fridge, but it was delivered by the Fedex man. Can you believe it? I’s gotta tell ya’, mommy was not impressed at all. She called the manager and said, “Who delivers a fridge to a property full of old people and cripples via Fedex?” Yep, she wasn’t happy. And she got even more unhappy when the manager left fur the day leaving us with a new fridge sitting in the middle of the floor right in front of the door. We couldn’t get to the door or close it. At one point I’s saw steam coming from mommy’s ears. Not a pretty sight.





Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template


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