Spreadin’ the Blessings Sunday

Meowllo and a Blest Sunday to you all.  Weez awe sum very blest kitties to hav all of you in ow lives.  Weez been gettin’ so many pawsum and bootyful Christmas cawds boff fwu da snail mail and email.  Fank you all fur yous wunnewful Holiday wishes.  This is da last Blest Sunday afur Christmas.  And weez so fankful to be togedder and sharin’ ow Christmas wiff you also.   

Lexi's checkin' out da twee.
Lexi’s checkin’ out da twee.

Now fur da pawt yous all been waitin’ fur.  Weez hav a winner fur da 40 pound bag of Multi Cat SwheatScoop.  And awe weez ever gwateful fur random name selectors.  Weez hate to choose ‘tween peeps, so of course we didn’t.  Weez used Random Picker.com. It’s purretty cool.  Weez didn’t know ‘bout it when we stawted da give away or weez wulda made da pick public.  It works a lot like Rafflecopter.  Anyways we put in all da names dat entered and pawed da choose button and da winner is: Suntan Midori.  ConCatulations  Obi and Fank you all fur entewin ow very first ever give away.  We sure do hope dat weez get to do more of these in da future.  

Multi Cat
Multi Cat

Yesfurday we told you all dat me wuz gunna be playin’ Therapy cat fur da wesidents of da nursin’ home.  It wuz cold outside, let me tell you.  Me wants summer back.  Anyways, we had planned on takin’ a foo fotos, but we didn’t know da purrivacy rules.  Weez wun’t allowed to take and post fotos of da wesidents wiffout welease forms bein’ signed by them or their power of attorney.  Well this wuz ow first year goin’ and bloggin’.  Anyways, we had a good time and most of them seemed to enjoy meez visit. 

 0dw Dezi Santa

And us Cat Scouts had a gweat time at da Norff Pole wiff Santa.  It wuz just a one day twip, but we got to see so much.  Dat Sammy is a gweat twip planner.  Me can’t wait to see what hims got planned fur da nex time.  Altho’ mommy sez she hopes we get a bit of rest and awe fwu twip takin’ till after da first of da year. MOL  

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Till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi  

Made in Canada

Well it seems Blogger has a new captcha.  All of us hoo visit and leave comments on da blogger postys know dat weez been havin’ to “purrove” weez not robots fur gazillion years days now.  And most of us hav typists dat awe a bit ‘older’ and their eyes not be what they once wuz.  In ow case dat has meant dat on da blogs we fell behind on, stead of commentin’ on all da back postys. weez just comment on da latest post, or ifin one of da udder ones needs a comment more.  So anyways, this meownin’ when weez got to ow first blogger bloggy, there wuz actuall and little box dat sed “prove yous not a robot”.  After clickin’ it it kicks out a nummew or word dat be a lot easier to read than da old ones, but still nummews and words.  After yous enter dat then yous click o to verufy and then da puter checks not a robot and yous can now publish yous comment.  OMC  will it ever end?!!! And ifin yous a blogger blog and didn’t get a comment fwum us, sorry, weez musta been in robot mode when we visited yous bloggy.  Cuz even tho’ they be more legible, they’re still a little hawd to see fur mommys old tired eyes . MOL   

 0dw Dezi robot

Anyways, yous didn’t come by today to hear ‘bout da captchas now did ya’.  So da udder day we wuz hangin’ out just like every udder day when da mail lady came to da door bwingin’ us a package.  Me can tell ya’ dat we knew wight off it wuz fur us.  We kuld smell it.  Mommy’s one of those open everyfin’ ever so gently as not to rip da package, so Lexi and me sat there ever so im patiently.  Then mommy pulled da contents out and put da package on da floor.  Lexi and me boff stawted rollin’ wound like cwazy on dat package.  And then mommy held up a baggy…and OMC  Yous know weez heard dat Canadian nip wuz outta this world, but let me tell ya’ da rumors AWE twu!!!  Sis Lexi and me boff went to rubbin’ dat baggy.  Mommy wuz laffin’ at us.  And she finally scooped sum of dat Canadian NIP outta dat baggy and onto a kupple toys.  Oh dat stuff is soooooo good.  Fank you Shoko and Kali, weez weally happy kitty girls.  Mommy had to stash dat nip outta ow reach or els we wulda had it all over da place and owselves.  So nipped out me ‘cided to purractice meez zoomies. 

 0dw Dezi Canada nip

Well as you all know we hav new floors.  They not be like da old tile ones at all.  And when me came runnin’ up da hall towards mommy hoo wuz standin’ there lookin’ at me twyin’ to “put on da bweaks”.  Me musta slid a biilion feet or at least it felt like it.  First meez hand paws slid apawt and meez back paws came purrpellin’ forward and meez hiney dwopped onto da floor.  Me wuz squirmin’ and twyin’ to stop.  And suddenly me turned sideways.  Sis Lexi hoo had been layin’ in a nip haze in da livin’ room got up to see da commotion dat mommy wuz laffin’ at, and me slid wight into her.  Hers paws wuz knocked out fwum underneaf hers and me finally came to a stop.  Now me can’t actually see meez own face, but mommy sed me had eyes big as saucers.  Altho’ me didn’t actually plan on dat happenin’ it wuz kinda fun.  heehehe 

 0dw Lexi Canadian nip

Fanks fur all yous purrayers. Sis Lexi’s not frown up in a kupple days, but hers still not eatin’ very good, so weez wuld purreciate yous continued prrayers.

Now don’t furget this be da last day to enter da give away weez be havin’ fur a 40 pound bag of da Multi Cat Swheat Scoop.  Ifin yous not left yous comment tellin’ us you wanna enter then you can do so now.  Yous hav till 11:59 p.m. tonight. Just paw here and leave yous comment. 

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi  

All Pink and Purretty

Wowza what a week weez had so faw, and it’s not over yet.  Altho’ meez a little ‘cited fur it to be over cuz dat mens weez dat much closer to Christmas day.  Oh and afur meez furgets, ifin you haven’t entered ow give away fur a 40 pound bag of Multi Cat SwheatScoop litter there’s still time. Just leave a comment on  ow weview posty here lettin’ us know yous wanna enter. 

Multi Cat
Multi Cat

Now member me told you ‘bout mommy and me goin’ to da city to get da caw fixed and mommy wealizin’ she didn’t hav hers wallet or checkbook wiff hers, wight?.  Well mommy purromised to make it up to me cuz she had been tellin’ me all dat day while we wuz waitin’ on da caw dat me kuld hav sum bacon.  And then me got nun cuz da gift cawd we needed wuz in mommys wallet back at home.  Course it wusn’t all mommy’s fawlt and hers fur sure didn’t lie to me on purrpuss.  She didn’t know she didn’t hav hers wallet till wight afur da caw wuz finished.  Well guess what?  Me finally got meez bacon. 

 0dw DnL pretty in pink2

Mommy had to go back to da city on Tuesday and this time she membered hers wallet and checkbook.  So we made a stop by da bank so me kuld say meowllo and get a foo tweats, and OMC they didn’t hav any tweats!!!  Me kuldn’t believ it.  They had given all their tweats out to udder animpals.  See they giv me da fweeze dwied chicken bweast tweats so they not only be fur kitties, but aso fur doggies.  So no tweats fur me.  Me let everypawdy coo over and pet me and we wuz off again.  Of course we went to Walmart.  We can’t ever go to da city wiffout goin’ by there.  Mommy sed she dusn’t know why, but she just has to go.  Anyways we walked wound a bit and looked at all da stuffs.  We also stopped in at da Petco to see ow furiends fwum a local wescue gwoup.  They had a kupple hawnesses donated to them, but nun of their cats will wear them, so they gave them to me.  They be so cute and pink.  And then…we went to get me sum BACON!!! 

 0dw DnL Purretty in Pink

It wuz alwweady dawk and cold out.  And there wuz so many caws. Mommy kep wunnewin what all those peeps wuz duin’.  When we passed da corner we saw it. We saw where all those caws wuz goin’.  We hav a bwand new fast food store.  it’s Chik fa let.  Me catness there wuz caws lined up wound severwal blocks.  We don’t know ifin what they hav is any good or not, cuz mommy dusn’t hav dat many patients. MOL  There’s no way mommy wulda waited in dat long line.  So we just did what mommy had originally planned.  We headed out to da mickey Deez fur a bacon burger and fwies.  Yummy dat sure wuz sum gweat Bacon.  Me enjoyed every bite.  And then we came home.  Wusn’t a cwazy busy day, just a little.  Me saved a foo bites of bacon fur sis Lexi.  She purreciatted dat and meowed fank you.  She’s been feelin’ a bit better, but we sure wuld purreciate yous continued purrayers.   

It’s not too late to send us yous email addwess ifin yous wuld like to weceive a Christmas cawd fwum us.  Just send us an email ( you can use da form on ow contact page).  

Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi

We’re Havin’ a Give Away

OMC Weez havin’ ow very first ever review and give away.  And we are so excited to be duin’ this cuz we alweady use da purroduct weez reviewin’.  It be SwheatScoop Natural Clumping Litter.  Weez hav talked ‘bout it afur on lots of occasions, but this time weez gunna give one of you da oppurrtunity to twy it out fur yous selff. Or maybe you alweady use it and kuld use a bag.  And it’s not just any bag, it’s da 40 pound Multi-Cat formula. 


Fur those of you hoo awen’t furmiliar wiff SwheatScoop let me tell ya’ ‘bout it.  It’s made fwum mostly U.S. sourced secondary wheat.  Dat’s da wheat dat wusn’t good enuff fur bakin’ and puttin’ in flour, but still 100% natural wheat.  No purrfumes which we cats hate.  No chemicals and is 100% bio- degradable.  Safe fur septic systems (accept Ca. where it’s not legal) and  da compost pile (so long as it’s not used on edible plants).  And ifin kitty ( or doggy, kiddo, etc.) accidentally ingests it, it’s 100% safe.  You know all those clumpin’ clay litters on da market?  They clump up like rocks, wight?  Well hav you ever wunnered just what they wuz duin’ inside yous kitties (dog)  wet intestines?  As a former Vet Tech mommy kuld tell you sum pawful stories (but dat’s not what this posty be bout).

 litterbox with SwheatScoop

SwheatScoop clumps just as well as those and actually better.  And if you awe a “flusher” (down da toilet) dat hawd clump of wheat bweaks up nicely when it hits da water in da toilet.  Just use a little common sense and don’t over fill.  In udder words, ifin yous got 3 or more kitties yous scoopin’ up after don’t put all of it in da toilet at da same time and expect everyfin’ to be fine.  Get weady fur an overflow.  MOL  But one clump at a time…no purrawlem.  Ifin yous have a kitty dat pees geysers, yous might wanna bweak up da clump a bit, but again, no purrawlem.  SwheatScoop dusn’t weally hav much of a smell until kitty uses it.  And fur a bwief moment, (and this is mommys descwiption) it smells like fwesh baked bwead.  Then da smell is gone and no more odor.  And it keeps da odors away naturally.  Again, No smelly purrfumes. And ifin yous innewested in da science of why wheat is so pawsum yous can check it out here  

 dw Lexi in litterbox

Of Course ifin yous worried ‘bout bein’ gween and duin’ good fur da planet then yous can’t go wrong wiff SwheatScoop.  Bein’ biodegwadable and made fwum renewable, sustainable wesources it’s ‘bout as gween and good fur da planet as they come.  

Scroll across da fotos fur da descwiption.

And SwheatScoop  is readily acceptted by most cats and is wecommended by Vets.  They even give back to da community of kitties in need wiff their Swheat Shares purrogwam.  They choose 12 wescues a year and  each mumff purrvides them wiff 2000 pounds of litter and adoption kits dat follow adopted kitties to their furever homes. 

Awe you still on da fence?  Well da only fing left is to let yous twy it yous selff.  And then you and yous kitty make da choice to make da switch.  Weez givin’ away a 40 pound bag of da Multi Cat SwheatScoop.  Now dat’s a pawfully big bag to be shippin’ so what you will weceive is a coupon fur your furee bag dat you can get anywhere SwheatScoop is sold.  Ifin yous not know whether it’s available in yous awea or not, visit SwheatScoops store finder to locate a wetailer near you.  Just leave a comment tellin’ us yous wuld like to enter tween now and Furiday 12/19/14, and weez’ll put yous name in a random selector and pick a winner.  

 Deztinee MERRY CHRISTMAS - 2HEoW-1d5 - normal

Now a little news ‘bout upcomin’ postys.  Weez did get a kupple comments and a foo emails wunnewin’ ‘bout mommy smokin’ out da house wiff da fireplace.  Even tho’ it wuz afur Lexi and meez time, there were so many wunnewin’ ‘bout it dat weez will be tellin’ da story.  And weez got lots of you wantin’ to hear ‘bout me dwivin’ mommy and me into da snow, so weez’ll be tellin’ dat too.  Hmmmmm  Me finks meez stawtin’ to see a pattern. Me finks yous all like to hear ‘bout ow boo boos. MOL  Dat’s okay, weez got lots of ‘em. 

Anyways, till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

   Dezi and Lexi


disclaimer: We received a 40 pound bag of Multi Cat SwheatScoop Litter for this review. It did not affect our opinion in any way. Mommy has been using SwheatScoop since it’s inception over 20 years ago.