It’s Christmas Eve 2015

It’s finally here. It’s Christmas Eve!!! Like you didn’t already know dat. MOL  Anyways, as purromissed, mommy helped us make a purretty wiff all our pawsum Christmas cards dat we received and a few fotos of sum of da gifts we purreviewed. We do hope you enjoy it and are havin’ da happiest of days.

Animated mosaic of Christmas cards received for Dezi and Lexi

Sissy is restin’ and has kept down last nights dinner and this meownin’s breakfast. We’re still purrayin’ she comppletely bounces back, and will keep you updated. Fank you to everyone who has helped us. Ifin you haven’t yet, but can, we sure wuld purreciate it. You can donate fru our paypal: lexi(dot)dezi(at)yahoo(dot)com or da fundraiser here.


We all chatted ‘bout our Christmas day posty and decided we wuld like to share wiff you all a little of our Christmas traditions. Afur we had a catputer and furiends, we still celebrated Christmas even tho we didn’t have gifts and such. Mommy started a few traditions years ago dat we continue today. So ifin you get a chance, drop by and share in our Christmas traditions this weekend.


In da meantime, enjoy all da beautiful cards we received and have a very Merry christmas Eve. Fur a bettter and bigger look at our mosaic, or to create yous own, click here. You may also see it here where you can zoom in on a purrticluar spot. 


Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi, Lexi and mommy Audra