Blest Sunday: Material Blessings

Meowllo everypawdy, weez here. Mommy’s been tryin’ to relax and rest up after sis Lexi’s 36 hour throw up fest, but she sed we wasn’t missin’ 2 Blest Sundays in a row. Cuz no matter how bad things might get, or what’s goin’ on, weez still blest and me wants to meow ‘bout it. As ya’ know we find blessings in everything. We are blest to have all of you in our lives, and we are blest to have each other and a warm home full of luv. But we also received a kupple material blessings this past week. And we are so thankful to those who blest us.


Furst up is our new pawsum humidifier. Ifin you’ll recall, sis Lexi recently had to go to da VET and hers skin was dry and flakey; leavin’ depawsits of white dandruff all over her black furs. and of course da itchy ripple skins. Our humidifer broke a few years ago and mommy just didn’t have da money to buy another one, so we just dealt with da dryness as bestest we kuld. Well, one of our pawsum awnties sent us money to buy a new one and it arrived this week. Mommy got it all set up and placed on da vanity beside da bed where Lexi likes to sleep away da day. Within 24 hours da skin ripplin’ stopped and we all kuld breathe a little easier. Fank you so much awnty Anonymous, we reallly purreciate and luv our new humidifier.

Dezi and Lexi with 2 bags of Primal freeze dried cat food, gift from LouLou

But dat’s not da only material blessin’ we got this week. We also received 2 bags of da Primal freeze dried noms weez been eatin’. You all know mommy changed me’s noms recently, and she’s workin’ hard to get us to an all natural, species appropriate raw diet. Altho’ she sed ifin da freeze dried raw is where me draws da line, she can live wiff dat. She sez it ain’t purrfect, but it’s close. Course it be spensive, but as you know mommy will do whatever it takes to keep us healthy, so it’s really nice to have received 2 bags. Fank you soooooo much LouLou and awnty Suzanne. And hey, ifin you like gawjus kitties, good food and breads, you need to check out hers bloggy. She posted a gweat pizza recipe da other day, and she also has a recipe book out. You know pizza be our favorite human food so weez been meowin’ at mommy to make us one. We even purromissed to share.


Dezi's huge paw reaching for the camera
Ooooops Me didn’t move me’s paw fast enuff. Oh well how ’bout a paw selfie.

We woke up this meownin’ to a parkin’ lot full of emergency vehicles and da ambulance. They left wiff an empty stretcher so all must be well. Mommy sez we are very blest dat none of those peeps was here fur us. And we have sum sunshine today and a little warmer temps out so me’s hopin’ to talk mommy into a stroll later on. In da meantime, weez joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur da Sunday Selfie blog hop; and altho’ weez a day late, weez joinin’ Athena fur da Caturday Art blog hop too. Fank you all fur your purrayers fur sis Lexi, keep ‘em comin’ ifin ya’ don’t mind. And weez’ll be by as soon as we can to visit ya’.

Dezi in a hypnotic frame


Lexi with a star overlay

What are you thankful fur this week?


Till da next time…………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Oh What A Night

(Dezi sings) Oh what a night…Oh hey, it’s Finally Furiday, WooHoo!!! Meez singin’? You wanna know what dat was all ‘bout? Well let me tell ya’. Things have been goin’ purretty good round here lately. Sissy and me have both been eatin’ really well, no pawdee box purroblems, no errant hairballs, and weez been playin wiff a new toy. Stay tuned fur more on dat in a later posty. And then last night…OMC mommy was fit to be tied. And when me sez night, what me means to say is da lonely hour of 4:30 a.m. when mommy had gotten so tired she kuld barely hold her eyes open and we was finally goin’ to sleep. She gathered me up so we kuld join sis Lexi in da bed. We turned off da last of da lights and headed to da bedroom. We always stop off at da bed to turn on da lektric blanky and tell sissy weez comin’ to bed so she needs to move off mommys pillow.

Dezi on pet steps looking into camera

And dat’s when it all happened. Throw up was all over da bed!!! Yep, sure nuff, sis Lexi had thrown up hers dinner on da not so soft anymore top blanky and all over da edge of da mattress right next to mommy’s pillow. She was layin’ in da one clean spot on da bed. Me looked at mommy who was starin’ down wif half closed eyes in disbelief. Me’s guessin’ we ain’t goin’ to be right now me mewed quietly. Mommy set me down and moved sis Lexi and started cleanin’. Da whole time she cleaned she was shakin’ her head and repeatin’, “We don’t throw up where we sleep. We don’t pee or throw up where we eat, sleep or sit. Why did you do this Lexi? We have a pawdee box room full of piddle pads.” Sissy didn’t care, she was already back in da livin’ room getting a drink of water. Me was sittin’ at da edge of da pawdee box room door watchin’ an exhausted mommy tryin’ to get da bed sleep ready. Here we was, me’s once purroud sissy dat wuld never throw up on da bed, was now eever to weak or too lazy to get off da bed to leave her yack depawsits. An hour later mommy finally got da bed all clean and we turned in.

Lexi looks out the door from the Liberty cat tree 1-29-16

A few hours later mommy and me was awakened by a heavin’ sissy. Yep she was getting’ ready to yack again. Course mommy kuldn’t move, so she hollered, “Not on the BED Lexi!!!” So sissy took 2 steps and stood on hers climbin’ steps and one convulse later, blah. All over da steps. Then she went and stepped in it afur leavin’ another depawsit all over da floor. Me just lay there in disbelief. This ain’t how me’s sissy duz things. Me just dusn’t unnerstand why she duz things like this. Mommy sez it’s a combination of her age and da CKD; but in times like these me just wants me’s old sissy back. And while mommy was tryin’ to clean a bit and fix our brekky, me had her. She was climbin’ all over da Liberty tree and checkin’ out da big cold outdoors thru da crack in da door. Mommy has lots of laundry to do now and sum sweepin’, moppin’ and carpet monsterin’ too. Me just hopes sissy be thru throwin’ up fur awhile. Course now dat da bed is covered in piddle pads, nopawdy wants to lay on it.

Lexi sittiing on the Liberty cat tree 1-29-16


Pet Parade banner new

Well me’s gunna go take me’s place at da top of da Liberty tree while mommy gets sum work dun. Weez’ll be by to visit as soon as we can. And as we do every Furiday weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade blog hop. And maybe fur mommy’s sake, me will switch songs. Me dusn’t think she wants to repeat or even think ‘bout last night again. We sure wuld purreciate sum purrayers fur sis Lexi and all of us ifin you can spare ’em. Fanks.   


Till da next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!!  


Have you or your peeps ever had a accident on da bed?

Have you or your peeps ever had to clean an accident afur you kuld get into bed? 


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi 

Adopt A Purrecious Jewel

Well winter has been showin’ her fury. Weez so glad to hear most of our furiends made it fru da latest storm mostly unscathed. We was sure purrayin’ fur da poor ferals specially da ones whose care takers kuldn’t get to them. We purray they were able to find warm shelter and sumfin’ to eat. Member me’s challenge to you at da beginnin’ of da year? You know da one, to help more kitties (at least 1 more) get adopted this year than ya’ helped last year. Fur most of us we don’t actually count how many kitties we share or post ‘bout, so me’s challenge will go wiffout a nummer. But dat’s okay, so long as we share and try to get these anipals in their furever homes and getting’ lots of luv. Dat means it’s time fur us to innerduce you all to another pawsumly adoptable kitty.  

Dezi poses for the camera from the arm of the chair

Meowllo Jewel it’s so very nice to meet you. And your name purrfectly describes your beauty.

Well thank you girls fur sharing me. So many of the kitties at my shelter are getting homes and I sure would like one of my own too.  

Well Jewel dat’s why we share kitties like you. Why don’t you tell everypawdy a little bit ‘bout youself. 


 Okay Dezi. As you can see from my photo, I’m a domestic shorthaired tabby with white socks and maybe a bit of calico. I’m about 3 – 4 years old and have visited the place of white coats so no babies fur me. And I’ve had all my shots and am in good health. Some nice folks saw me wanderin’ the streets and brought me to the shelter. You know it’s a little stressful bein’ here and I didn’t care much fur bein’ in a huge room full of kitties. It reminded me of the days of havin’ to fight fur my food. So I would really purrfur a home where I can be the queen. I love peeps of all ages, and would turn on my motor fur a little lovin’. I don’t play much here, but once I get sprung from the big house, and settle in somewhere I bet’cha’ I’d really enjoy some nice play time and a cuddle or three. You know us tabby girls really are affectionate.  

Dat’z rite Jewel, we shur are.  I shur hope youz get a grayt home and soon. 

Fanks sissy and fank you Jewel. We boff hope you get a furever home soon. Jewel be at da Pauls Valley Oklahoma Animal Shelter and can be adopted fur a measly $50.00. You can find out more about Jewel and all da other pawsum adoptable pets there by callin’ 405-238-1303. Purrlease share Jewel and let’s get this girl her own happily furever after.  


Till da next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

2015 Cat Awards

Well now, fur most of us “little people/cats” it’s Just another January and winter, at least fur those of us in da States. But there’s this whole sub culture of so called “purrtant peeps” called movie stars or celebrities; as you don’t have to be in da movies to be “purrtant” anymore what wiff all da reality teevee and such. Anyways, these peeps are gearin’ up to receive awards. You know what fur? Fur their job, dat’s what fur. They have ceremonies, and big dinners and parties to celebrate these peeps fur duin’ nuffin’ more than their job. Gee, when was da last time da teacher or nurse or janitor got treated so well and sent home wiff a golden award fur duin’ their job? Makes ya’ wunner what we actually value sumtimes, dusn’t it? Anyways, dat’s another of our soap boxes, so afur we get all lathered up, we’ll move on.

Luv ya' sissy.
Luv ya’ sissy.

Wiff all this talk of awards and such cats fawt they wuld get in on da action. Well why not? We are stars after all, right? We were contacted by da peeps at Meow Mix and decided to partner wiff them to recognize this year’s top four legged purrfurmances in the 2015 Cat’s Meow Awards; which were created to celebrate the best cat moments of da year and da one of a kind bond tween cats and their humans. They received over 25,000 submissions from all over da country hopin’ to win. Dat’s a lot of cats, don’cha’ fink? Anyways, they whittled dat nummer down and came up wiff da winners in each category. Check out da finalists and da winners below. 







ConCats to all da finalist and winners. As self purrclaimed master cuddlers ourselves, our favorite was da cuddle brofurs. We always luv seein’ two kitties enjoyin’ each others company. And we say ConCats to all kitties everywhere; you are all stars in our books. Course as kitties we kuldn’t care less ‘bout sum trophy or gold plated award, we wuld much purrfur a treat or scritch unner da chin. Meow Mix created a new line of Irresistables treats wiff real meat in a variety of flavors; in boff crunchy and soft textures. You can get a furee bag to try out by postin’ your own irresistable moment here

Photo courtesy of Meow Mix
Photo courtesy of Meow Mix


Disclaimer: We received no money fur this post and all opinions are our own. Meow Mix is not responsible fur da views expressed. We only bring reviews of things we think wuld be of innerest to our readers. 


Did you have a favorite?


Till da next time…………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi