Blest Sunday Vet Update

Meowllo everypawdy. As you can see by da title, we know you wanna know how sis Lexi’s VET pointment went. As a lot of you know she started showin’ signs dat sumfin’ was wrong December of 2014. Mommy took her to da VET in early January of 2015, and she was diagnosed wiff Chronic Kidney Failure. At da time da VET told mommy sis Lexi needed to eat da RX diet and sold her a hunnerd dollar bottle of Azodyl and claimed he was purracticin’ holistic medicine cuz of da Azodyl. Azodyl isn’t a medicine, but rather a supplement. And then he sed “We’ll just make her comfortable for what little time she has left.” Mommy asked what he meant, and he replied, “ I’ve had a few patients that died within weeks and few lived for a few months. By the time we diagnose this 75% of the kidney function is gone and they just don’t live very long.” Well as many of ya’ know mommy hates those RX diets in general, so she refused da noms and came home to do research. She also wasn’t acceptin’ dat sissy was gunna die any time soon.

Lexi sitting pretty and posing for the camera

Mommy went ‘bout learnin’ everythin’ she kuld ‘bout this disease and it’s treatments. She felt validated when she discovered da research dat those RX diets are based on was itself based on what worked fur dogs and refurmulated fur cats and only purrfurmed by Hill’s. All da other RX diet furmulators base their diets off da “old” Hill’s research. Well as most peeps know cats and dogs are not da same, and just cuz sumfin’ works fur doggies dusn’t mean it will work fur kitties. Mommy found lots of studies dat purrmoted high quality protein and low phosphorous diets fur CKD cats. So mommy implemented what she found in research along wiff tons of purrayers. Our VET was and is not happy wiff mommy’s choices of treatment, but he’s learned it’s bestest to just not argue wiff her cuz she’s gunna do what she thinks is bestest fur us no matter what anypawdy sez. 


Unfurtunately CKD kitties are prone to UTI’s because their urine is so dilute from all da water they dwink. And da normal course of antibiotics given fur 2 weeks dusn’t work, they really need to take da medicine fur 3 – 4 weeks to truly get well. So now dat we be all caught up, sissy got a UTI round Christmas time. We kuldn’t reach our VET but we were able to get Lexi started on sum antibiotics none da less. We finally touched base wiff da VET who sed he needed to see her at da beginnin’ of da year. So mommy and Lexi headed fur da VET on Furiday. When he finally came in da room, sissy sed he looked shocked. So me thought she shuld tell ya’ ‘bout her own visit. Take it away sissy. 

Lexi takes a nap in the stroller at the Vets

Lexi:  Fankz Dezi. Yep he shur nuff looked shocked when he saw me. He asked mommy all da questions ‘bout how I waz duin’ and ifin I waz better. Then he started squishin’ me all over. He told mommy dat my kidneyz, liver and bladder waz awl da right size fur a healthy kitty. Nuffin’ waz swollen or shrunken. My furz waz kovered in white flakez cuz I habz a dandruff and dry skin purroblem and we don’t habz a humidifier anymore. It broke a kupple yearz ago and mommy juzt hazn’t had da green payperz to buy another one. She had hoped our fountains wood add sum humidity to da air, but alas, not so much. Anywayz az sissy told ya’ mommy beez treatin’ me her way stead of heedin’ da VETz recommendashunz. I lozt a lot of weight when thiz awl star-did, but I’z been holdin’ my own fur da lazt year. I’z not lozt any more weight, and da VET kuldn’t believe it. He didn’t spekt me to still be alive, much less lookin’ and feelin’ good.

Lexi lating in the stroller at the Vets office

When he asked mommy when she had stopped my antibiotikz, she sed she hadn’t. She told him dat everything she readz tellz her dat I shuld get them fur at leazt 3 weekz and maybe even 4. So he sed, “Well that’s fine. I think she probably had a bladder infection and I treat those for 3 weeks instead of 2.” You know he’z one of those dat can’t ever admit dat he duzn’t know everything and dat mommyz research iz valuable. Anywayz, he then star-did manhandlin’ my head and I skooted back towardz mommy. He grabbed my paw to pull me back towardz him and I’z gave him da hisssssssss of disapproval and he let go. MOL  He sed I shur had a lot of spunk fur my kundishun. And then he told mommy, “Well keep doing what you’re doing, she’s looking good. I don’t know how, but she’s looking good.” Mommy, Dezi and I attribute my duin’ so good to God and all da purrayerz and mommyz research and treatmentz. I shur waz a happy kitty when we finally left dat smelly place  and all da white coatz behind.


We went to Wally World to get Dezi and me sum treatz. Dat place waz buzzin’. I’z not member da lazt time I saw dat many peepz in one place. Mommy waz tryin’ to drag da buggy and da stroller down da ailez and a man kame up behind us and sed, “Lookz like you’ve got your hands full.” Mommy smiled and sed, “Just about.” He walked past us and then turned to look my way and himz jaw dropped. He sed, “That’s a cat!!! I thought you had a baby in there.” To which hiz wife responded, “that’s her baby.” Mommy smiled, I meowed and we all went on ‘bout our shoppin’. It stormed da whole way home, but I was glad to be back home with da lektrik fireplace and awl my stuff and Dezi. It waz kold out there. When we got inside I star-did runnin’ round and aktin’ like a kitten again. I so lubz to go placez wiff mommy. I juzt wish we didn’t habz to go to da place of evil.  

Dezi among shades of purple stormy skies and purple rose

Me was glad y’all came home too sissy. And me is sooooooo glad you got a good report from da VET. We are so blest dat you’re still wiff us and feelin’ good. And we are so blest to have so many pawsum furiends who help us and purray fur us. We do have a little bad news today, but everything will be okay. Mommy has carpal tunnel and every once in a while it really acts up. Tryin’ to maneuver da stroller and da cart made mommy twist hers wrist and so it’s hurtin’ really bad and she can barely use it. We will visit as soon as she can purr-opurrly type again. It took 2 days of peckin’ keys to write this posty, so she needs to rest it. We are feelin’ very blest today and everyday to be part of such a pawsum community. Fank you all fur bein’ our furiends. Meez gunna go join mommy and sissy and snuggle sum. It’s cold and rainy outside but weez all cozy and comfy in here. Hope you’ll join us next time when we take da Pet Blogger Challenge.  


Do you always agree with your VETs recommendations? Tell us one blessing you are gwateful fur this week.


Till da next time…………………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi