More Furevers: My Challenge to You

(Dezi zoomies through the house meowing)    

Happy New Year!!!

(Dezi jumps up and climbs the Liberty tree to the top and meows loudly and chirps)

Me sed Happy New Year!!! 

Glowing galaxy Dezi in a turquoise and purple frame  

(Lexi meows from the table while waiting for mommy to fix their breakfast)

Happy New Year Dezi. We heard ya’ da furzt time. Da whole neighborhood purrobly heard ya’. What’z got you so eggz-sided today? 

(Dezi walks halfway down the Liberty tree and settles in on one of the shelves and meows) 

Oh sissy meez so happy. Da new year is here and you and me and mommy are all still together and da SUN IS SHINING!! Fur da furst time in days we have sunshine. It’s like da whole world knows today is a furesh start day.

A furesh start day huh. What on earth are you talkin’ about?

Starry eyed Lexi in a multicolor frame of pinks, purples an turquoise.

Well sissy sum humans make these things called resolutions. They say they’re gunna change up sumfin’ in their lives. A lot of times it’s fings like lose weight or quit sum bad habit they have. Altho’ seems more offen than not most peeps don’t actually keep those resolutions. Mommy sez she dusn’t make resolutions and never has. She sez ifin you wanna make a change you shuld just do it no matter what  time of year it is. So me thought ‘stead of a resolution me wuld post a challenge fur all our furiends. 

A challenge Dezi? I fink youz miz-understandin’ what a rezolushun iz. A rezolushun iz sumfin’ a purrson setz fur themselvez. 

Me knows sissy, me didn’t misunnerstand. But ifin peeps can’t keep da challenges they set fur themselves, then maybe they can keep one issued by another. Mommy sed it was a good idea when me talked to her ‘bout it.  

Well then Dezi, what’z da challenge?

You know sissy so many anipals was helped and found furevver homes this past year fanks to social media and lots of our furiends. So me wuld like to challenge everypawdy to help at least one more kitty than they did last year. Mommy sez dat all rescuers know “you can’t save them all”; but me finks ifin we all help one more than last year this year and then one more than this year next year and so on, then just maybe we kuld. We kuld fur sure save a few more than da year afur. And ifin everypawdy got on board then how many more fews wuld dat be?  

Well Dezi youz be right. Dat’z fur shur an argument I’z kan’t refute. So, did youz habz sumkitty to share?

Rachael at the Pauls Valley Shelter waiting for adoption

Me sure duz Lexi. Hers name is Rachael and isn’t she a beauty?!! She’s in da Pauls Valley, Oklahoma shelter. She’s had a ruff road so far but is duin’ gweat now. She came to da shelter as a pregnant stray. She had hers babies and got a really bad infection and lost a breast. But she’s all healed up now and FIV/FeLV negative, spayed and current on all her vaccinations. She’s a purretty little calico girly dat wuld do best in a home all hers own. She’s a real luvver she is. Altho’ ifin you was to take innerductions slowly, she kuld warm up to another kitty or two. Ifin yous innerested in her you can call da shelter at: 405-238-1303. Pauls Valley only adopts kitties to inside homes and da adoption fee is $50.00. Now dat’s a steal fur a lifetime of luvvin’ ifin you ask me.

 Dezi and Lexi in blue frames with blue roses

Purrlease share and let’s twy to get this purretty girly da furever home she deserves.

So, will you take meez challenge to help at least one more kitty than you did last year? 

Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi