Wild Prey On A Plate

Well we sure hope you enjoyed our Service cat posty yesfurday. Yes it kulda been worse. MOL  Anyways, we have sumfin’ pawsum to tell ya’ ‘bout today so get yous caffeinated drink of choice and pull up a chair. As part of da bloggin’ team fur Chewy we get to try out a lot of gweat noms and sumtimes toys and gadgets. We are so blest. We don’t get any green papers fur our reviews, but we do get to try out sum amazin’ purroducts. and this monff was no different. So let me tell ya’ ‘bout what we got besides da gweat Chewy box. 

Dezi poses for the camera from the arm of the chair



Inside dat box was a whole case of Ziwi Peak Rabbit and Lamb canned cat food. Let me tell ya’ they don’t skimp on size eever, each can be 6 whole full ounces. Now there be sum mixed infurmation out there ‘bout Ziwi Peak Cat food so let me tell ya’ a little bit ‘bout it. Da ‘Daily Fresh’ canned cat food be made wiff 100% natural raw meat and contains none, zero, zip, nilch of those controversial ingredients like da carrageenan. Ziwi Peak mirrors da wild-prey diet dat  fits a cats carnivorous needs. Remember it’s made from raw meats to mirror da wild prey model, so it duz contain bone. It’s high in protein and fat from honest to goodness real meat. Fur dat reason tho’ you may wanna innerduce it slowly, specially ifin your kitty has been eatin’ a lower quality food. Such natural goodness kuld upset kitties tummy a little. But not to worry it’s not cuz da food be bad or nuffin’ like dat. In fact, Ziwi Peak was included in a test of 1.759 cat foods and came out in da top picks list. You can view dat list and da testing involved here. So now on wiff da eatin’.

outer can of Ziwi Peak Rabbit and Lamb Cat Food

Sissy and me really like rabbit and lamb is a real delicacy fur us, so mommy was sure to choose da rabbit and lamb furmula fur us. Our box arrived a few hours afur dinner time and we kuldn’t hardly wait. Since sissy and me have been eatin’ high quality high protein diets there was no need fur slow innerductions here. So when dinnertime finally came, mommy opened da can and put sum in our plates. Of course sissy got her plate furst, but me was meowin’ up a storm from da livin room fur meez plate. Mommy wants me to tell ya’ dat it duz have a very strong odor. But dat’s to be spected from game animals. Me also oughtta tell ya’ dat it contains all da vitamins and minerals we cats need so it’s nutritionally balanced. Da texture is similar to a pate, but there are “bites” fru out. 

Can of Ziwi Peak Rabbit and Lamb Cat food

Dezi youz be takin’ too long to get to da likin’ or not part. I know youz gotta tell peepz ‘bout da nomz but they really wanna know what we fawt; don’cha’? I gotta tell ya’ I lubbed it!!! I put my head down and stardid nommin’ rite away. It waz so delishuz. We don’t show ya’ empty playtz in our reviewz cuz well um we ain’t reviewin’ our dishez. But we fawt you oughtta see juzt how good I fawt it waz. So I gibz it a awl pawz up. Dat’z 4 pawz in kayze you waz wunnerin’. Don’t furget to skroll over da fotos below to see what I’z gotta say.  


Well fank ya’ Lexi, meez glad you liked it. And what’s better, you continue to like it. Always a good fing wiff a picky CKD kitty. And this food actually be good fur kitties wiff conditions like sis Lexi’s or IBD, Urinary Crystals, Pancreatitis, Food Allergies and more. so you might wanna check it out fur yourself. Now dat sissy fast furwarded to da likin’ stage guess me will tell ya’ what me fawt ‘bout it. It was Yummmmmmmmmy. Me gives it 4 paws up too. So what did mommy fink?


Dezi eating dinner
Don’t bother me right now mommy, this is sum good eatin’.

 As Dezi told you earlier, it does have a very strong smell. That is to be expected from game animals, so I just hold my breath while preparing it. lol  I also added a little water for Lexi’s as it is a bit thick and she likes a little gravy with her meals. Because the girls like it, the ingredient deck is easy to read and contains only good quality meat, organs and the necessities and how it faired in testing, I have to give it 2 thumbs up as well. 


Fanks mommy. You can get your own by visitin’ Chewy right now. It comes in a variety of proteins so surely there’s one your kitty will like. But never fear, Chewy will always take care of ya’ ifin your kitty dusn’t take to it. Chewy has da bestest customer service peeps so you can shop wiff confidence and know your never stuck wiff a purroduct you can’t use. And while your there, check out all da other pawsum things Chewy has to offer. Let them be your one stop shop fur your pet needs. There’s always free 2-3 day shipping on orders of $49.00 or more and flat rate speedy shipping for all other orders. And don’t furget to set up your auto ship so you never run out your furries’ noms. You can make changes or cancel anytime.

Dezi looking back from the window on the cat tree licking her lips

Yep we still have snow and  da colds. 


So dat’s it fur today. All paws and fumms up fur this one here. Fanks fur lettin’ us try this pawsum food Chewy. Weez still workin’ on meez Cardwood Derby car, so weez’ll be visitin’ as we can. Hopefully this will all be over soon and fings will be back to normal. Here’s wishin’ you all a purrfect day.


What’s on your or your pets plate these days?


Till da next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi