Oh What A Night

(Dezi sings) Oh what a night…Oh hey, it’s Finally Furiday, WooHoo!!! Meez singin’? You wanna know what dat was all ‘bout? Well let me tell ya’. Things have been goin’ purretty good round here lately. Sissy and me have both been eatin’ really well, no pawdee box purroblems, no errant hairballs, and weez been playin wiff a new toy. Stay tuned fur more on dat in a later posty. And then last night…OMC mommy was fit to be tied. And when me sez night, what me means to say is da lonely hour of 4:30 a.m. when mommy had gotten so tired she kuld barely hold her eyes open and we was finally goin’ to sleep. She gathered me up so we kuld join sis Lexi in da bed. We turned off da last of da lights and headed to da bedroom. We always stop off at da bed to turn on da lektric blanky and tell sissy weez comin’ to bed so she needs to move off mommys pillow.

Dezi on pet steps looking into camera

And dat’s when it all happened. Throw up was all over da bed!!! Yep, sure nuff, sis Lexi had thrown up hers dinner on da not so soft anymore top blanky and all over da edge of da mattress right next to mommy’s pillow. She was layin’ in da one clean spot on da bed. Me looked at mommy who was starin’ down wif half closed eyes in disbelief. Me’s guessin’ we ain’t goin’ to be right now me mewed quietly. Mommy set me down and moved sis Lexi and started cleanin’. Da whole time she cleaned she was shakin’ her head and repeatin’, “We don’t throw up where we sleep. We don’t pee or throw up where we eat, sleep or sit. Why did you do this Lexi? We have a pawdee box room full of piddle pads.” Sissy didn’t care, she was already back in da livin’ room getting a drink of water. Me was sittin’ at da edge of da pawdee box room door watchin’ an exhausted mommy tryin’ to get da bed sleep ready. Here we was, me’s once purroud sissy dat wuld never throw up on da bed, was now eever to weak or too lazy to get off da bed to leave her yack depawsits. An hour later mommy finally got da bed all clean and we turned in.

Lexi looks out the door from the Liberty cat tree 1-29-16

A few hours later mommy and me was awakened by a heavin’ sissy. Yep she was getting’ ready to yack again. Course mommy kuldn’t move, so she hollered, “Not on the BED Lexi!!!” So sissy took 2 steps and stood on hers climbin’ steps and one convulse later, blah. All over da steps. Then she went and stepped in it afur leavin’ another depawsit all over da floor. Me just lay there in disbelief. This ain’t how me’s sissy duz things. Me just dusn’t unnerstand why she duz things like this. Mommy sez it’s a combination of her age and da CKD; but in times like these me just wants me’s old sissy back. And while mommy was tryin’ to clean a bit and fix our brekky, me had her. She was climbin’ all over da Liberty tree and checkin’ out da big cold outdoors thru da crack in da door. Mommy has lots of laundry to do now and sum sweepin’, moppin’ and carpet monsterin’ too. Me just hopes sissy be thru throwin’ up fur awhile. Course now dat da bed is covered in piddle pads, nopawdy wants to lay on it.

Lexi sittiing on the Liberty cat tree 1-29-16


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Well me’s gunna go take me’s place at da top of da Liberty tree while mommy gets sum work dun. Weez’ll be by to visit as soon as we can. And as we do every Furiday weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade blog hop. And maybe fur mommy’s sake, me will switch songs. Me dusn’t think she wants to repeat or even think ‘bout last night again. We sure wuld purreciate sum purrayers fur sis Lexi and all of us ifin you can spare ’em. Fanks.   


Till da next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!!  


Have you or your peeps ever had a accident on da bed?

Have you or your peeps ever had to clean an accident afur you kuld get into bed? 


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi