We Feel Pretty

Dezi and Lexi in their harness dresses laying together

We be feelin’ really purretty today. It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day and we just had to purrticipate. Bein’ Service Cats we offen go out wiff mommy. We are so fankful to awnty Jennifer and grand awnty Peggy fur our pawsum stroller; but just cuz we be zipped in dusn’t mean we don’t still need a harness and leash. We don’t always wear them, like when we go fur a stroll round our partment or sumfin’, but they’re in da storage compartment on da stroller just in case.

Lexi in her scarf

Last year mommy also discovered dat me is much calmer durin’ storms and fireworks wiff meez harness on. So sumtimes me wears it just round da house. Me luvs meez harness. And last year we got sum cute harness dresses from a furiend dat we really like. Mommy wuld luv to have more choices fur us, but even fur us, “clothes” ain’t cheap. MOL  Mommy sez dusn’t seem to matter how much material goes into da makin’ of an outfit, they all be over purriced. Anyways, hope you enjoy our playin’ dress up fotos today. Me has to go now, mommy and me be workin’ on meez car fur da Cardwood Derby at Cat Scouts. See you soon.

Dezi in her work harness on cat ledge

Do you like to dress up? Or Duz your human like to dress you up? And fur da humans, do you dress up your fur babies? (We know this is a controversial subject among da cat peeps, but we think ifin da kitty likes to get dressed up it’s okay. We rarely wear hats, cuz we don’t really like things on our heads.) 


Till da next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi