First Blest Sunday of 2016

Oh meow it’s da furst Blest Sunday of da New Year. Our furst blessing to give thanks fur is dat we are all still here to spend it together. Dat’s a huge blessing of course. Me wuld also like to take a minute and pawlogize to meez furiends on Blogger. Pawently there was a weather phenomenon on Furiday dat messed wiff sum lectronics and well, we can’t comment. We keep gettin’ told our Open ID can’t be verified. This happened a while back, pawently this phenom wasn’t da furst of it’s kind. Anyways, da nice helps peeps had us clear our cache and all was well again. So we spent a whole day duin’ just dat, and…nuffin’. Didn’t work at all!!! And those nice helps peeps are closed fur da holidays. So we purromise we are readin’ your postys, but we just can’t comment, lessen you allow our name and website option. We know a lot of ya’ don’t fur reasons of da spam nature, so all we can tell ya’ is dat we hope to be back in commentin’ business soon. Mommy has her monthly doctors’ pointment tomorrow so we won’t be able to get any help till at da earliest, Tuesday. Da blessing here is dat you all will be patient and still luv us, and we can get help. 

Dezi in purple heart frame with lilies

Alright now dat da business be outta da way let’s get on wiff meez posty. Mr. W sez there’s a new little stray ‘round our pawtments. We haven’t seen him, but mr. W sez it’s a him and he looks like sis Lexi wiffout a tail. We made sure mr. W had sum noms to give da little guy cuz pawently he likes to go and visit wiff mr. W’s kitty Buddy. We just hope him’s not mr. bobcat dat used to visit our other neighbor at night when he used his exercise bike, or dat visited our other neighbor who can’t see 2 inches in front of her face. You know we be inside only kitties. But fur da furst kupple years dat mommy lived here one of da neighbor ladies used to tell mommy dat she fed her cats or gave them milk while mommy was gone up town. At furst mommy thought she was just feedin’ a stray or feral kitty cuz she knew her kitties was tucked away safely in da house. Dat is till da day mommy came home to find da sweet neighbor lady feedin’ one of da wild bobcats from our woods and yellin’ at mommy dat she wuld send her kitty home after it finished eatin’. And then she purrceeded to attempt to pet da bobcat. Mommy knew she kuldn’t see a thing and hollered back dat we wasn’t furiendly and she shuldn’t twy to pet us. MOL  You know old folks will feed anything. Da town’s figgered dat out too and generally when sumpawdy has a kitty they don’t want anymore they drop it off out here. Amazingly enuff we didn’t have any drop offs this last summer, but it’s pawssible da little kitty mr. W is feedin’ is a winter drop off. Till we get a look see we just can’t say fur certain.

Lexi stands in front of Way Basics X scratcher

We were blest to win a give away dat Playful Kitty held right afur Christmas and yesfurday da FedEx man dropped off a kupple boxes fur us. We got this cool X shaped scratcher and a sisal wrapped rollin’ weight shaped scratcher.  


I tried out dat X scratcher when mommy got it put together Dezi, and it’z purretty cool. I’z a little wobbly on minez feet these dayz so I don’t know ‘bout da rollin’ scratcher. I fink dat’z awl yourz. MOL   

Lexi in pear diamond with red rose

Y Fank you sissy, but me hasn’t given dat one a try yet eever. They call it a scratchin’ wheel, but we think it looks like a barbell. But yous so  right, dat X scratcher is purretty cool. And they look really nice. You know mommy likes da darker colored woods and these scratchers are trimmed in an espresso colored wood like finish. They seem purretty sturdy too. Our other really big blessing is havin’ all of you in our lives fur another fun filled year. We hope and purray fur many more years to come. Well, all dat talk of scratchers has me itchin’ to scratch. So me will wrap it up fur now and go scratch a bit. And we actually membered da Sunday selfies this week, so weez joinin’ our furiends over at The Cat On My Head fur their furst selfies of da new year. 

Dezi in blue frame with green butterflies and Lexi in green frame with blue butterflies

Till da next time…………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi