More Furevers: My Challenge to You

(Dezi zoomies through the house meowing)    

Happy New Year!!!

(Dezi jumps up and climbs the Liberty tree to the top and meows loudly and chirps)

Me sed Happy New Year!!! 

Glowing galaxy Dezi in a turquoise and purple frame  

(Lexi meows from the table while waiting for mommy to fix their breakfast)

Happy New Year Dezi. We heard ya’ da furzt time. Da whole neighborhood purrobly heard ya’. What’z got you so eggz-sided today? 

(Dezi walks halfway down the Liberty tree and settles in on one of the shelves and meows) 

Oh sissy meez so happy. Da new year is here and you and me and mommy are all still together and da SUN IS SHINING!! Fur da furst time in days we have sunshine. It’s like da whole world knows today is a furesh start day.

A furesh start day huh. What on earth are you talkin’ about?

Starry eyed Lexi in a multicolor frame of pinks, purples an turquoise.

Well sissy sum humans make these things called resolutions. They say they’re gunna change up sumfin’ in their lives. A lot of times it’s fings like lose weight or quit sum bad habit they have. Altho’ seems more offen than not most peeps don’t actually keep those resolutions. Mommy sez she dusn’t make resolutions and never has. She sez ifin you wanna make a change you shuld just do it no matter what  time of year it is. So me thought ‘stead of a resolution me wuld post a challenge fur all our furiends. 

A challenge Dezi? I fink youz miz-understandin’ what a rezolushun iz. A rezolushun iz sumfin’ a purrson setz fur themselvez. 

Me knows sissy, me didn’t misunnerstand. But ifin peeps can’t keep da challenges they set fur themselves, then maybe they can keep one issued by another. Mommy sed it was a good idea when me talked to her ‘bout it.  

Well then Dezi, what’z da challenge?

You know sissy so many anipals was helped and found furevver homes this past year fanks to social media and lots of our furiends. So me wuld like to challenge everypawdy to help at least one more kitty than they did last year. Mommy sez dat all rescuers know “you can’t save them all”; but me finks ifin we all help one more than last year this year and then one more than this year next year and so on, then just maybe we kuld. We kuld fur sure save a few more than da year afur. And ifin everypawdy got on board then how many more fews wuld dat be?  

Well Dezi youz be right. Dat’z fur shur an argument I’z kan’t refute. So, did youz habz sumkitty to share?

Rachael at the Pauls Valley Shelter waiting for adoption

Me sure duz Lexi. Hers name is Rachael and isn’t she a beauty?!! She’s in da Pauls Valley, Oklahoma shelter. She’s had a ruff road so far but is duin’ gweat now. She came to da shelter as a pregnant stray. She had hers babies and got a really bad infection and lost a breast. But she’s all healed up now and FIV/FeLV negative, spayed and current on all her vaccinations. She’s a purretty little calico girly dat wuld do best in a home all hers own. She’s a real luvver she is. Altho’ ifin you was to take innerductions slowly, she kuld warm up to another kitty or two. Ifin yous innerested in her you can call da shelter at: 405-238-1303. Pauls Valley only adopts kitties to inside homes and da adoption fee is $50.00. Now dat’s a steal fur a lifetime of luvvin’ ifin you ask me.

 Dezi and Lexi in blue frames with blue roses

Purrlease share and let’s twy to get this purretty girly da furever home she deserves.

So, will you take meez challenge to help at least one more kitty than you did last year? 

Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi  

Where’s My Home? (human speak)

Meowllo and Happy Humpday to you all.  (Mommy wrote a poem at da end of meez posty, hope yous like it.)  First me wants to tell yous sum good news.  A foo postys back me told you all ‘bout a cute little Bengal boy dat wuz missin’.  Him IS Back home now fankfully and da lady dat bwought hims home didn’t want da reward so it wuz donated to udder kitties in need.  Him had been catnapped by a neighbor man acwoss da way and da nasty man had even we-named him.  Anyways, Cheetah’s home and hims mommy be welieved.  Fank all of yous who shawed him and prayed fur him.  But dat kinda leads us to todays posty. Cat face  It’s gunna be one of those serious ones where we speak human so evewypawdy can unnewstand. And so wiff out further adieu,   


Lexi and Dezi named

I wanna talk a bit today about adoptions and surrenders.  Seems like lately we have read about more and more older kitties being surrendered to shelters.  Oh there’s a myriad of reasons, from behaior problems, to illnesses and relocating of the human family.  The reasons are as varied as the cats and never cease to amaze us.  As you all know, cuz we tell you all the time; sis Lexi is 15 years old and doesn’t have very many teeth anymore.  She drools when she get happy (course she always did that) and before she takes a drink, she sticks her paw in the water and then shakes it off slinging water all over the place, and anyone or thing that happens to be in the vicinity.  

As for me, again as you know, I have began to piddle outside the litter box ‘bout 60% of the time.  So it’s not like we don’t have our issues that mommy has to take care of, and we know some of you deal with a lot more.  And yet, each and everyday instead of making the trip to the local shelter to surrender your problem cats you deal with them. 

So are you and our mommy saints?  Is there something special about you?  Do you know something that these other people don’t?  Well if you ask me and sissy we of course would say absolutely yes to all of those questions.  But the truth is that you are just like those people with one exception, you treat us like members of your family and not just animals.  Truth is there a quite a few things that set you all apart, but me would be here forever and this would be the longest posty ever if me went into all of it.  Some of you purchased pure bred animals and some of you adopted pure breeds and/or mixes.  Doesn’t really matter, how you got your fur family, you love us.  And we in turn love and adore you.   

Truth is a lot of the behavioral problems kitties have are either due to an illness or human neglect.  By neglect we don’t necessarily mean abuse, but a cat that scratches the furniture probably hasn’t been exposed to the proper scratching post or surface.  Or perhaps it’s even more simple and it’s a Persian kitty purchased or adopted because it was popular and looked so pretty with all that fur and smashed face, but now it’s all matted up and smelly and fights and bites it’s humans when they try to brush all those mats out. 

If peeps would do a little research before adopting or buying maybe they would find that kitty that looks so cool in the photo doesn’t really fit their lifestyle.  Or the Bengal or Savannah that makes you feel like you own your very own wild cat is too active or destructive because you don’t have the time to spend socializing and exercising them.  Come on peeps, all us kitties want is a forever home where we will be loved and taken care of.  But all of us need a little extra care depending on breed.  Even mixed kitties have a dominant breed that will sometimes determine their extra care.  Or maybe it’s what they were exposed to before coming into your life.  Certainly me doesn’t wanna suggest that you not adopt a kitty, cause you should!!!  But you should educate yourself a little first.  Make sure the kitty you’re looking at fits your lifestyle and that you have adequate time to provide them with the appropriate care. 

And then we get to those who turn in that older cat cause the family is moving and the new house/apartment doesn’t accept pets.  OMC ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!  Just who do you think you are?  Abandoning a living, breathing, feeling family member?  One that has been devoted to you and loved you and been there for you through the years.  Guess where most of those kitties end up.  DEAD!!!! Me not going to sugar coat it for you, or give it some nice politically correct term.  The shelters kill them!! Kittens are far more adoptable and run to the edge of the cage at potential adopters.  All the while your “beloved” former furry cowers in the back of the cage wondering what it was that they did wrong and where you are. 

Or even worse, you surrender the older kitty with a chronic illness.  Sure enough he/she is dead.  He/She was dead the minute you walked through the door.  Shelters don’t have the time or staff to take care of the sick older far less adoptable kitties.  Guess what you’re teaching your children and/or grandchildren?  Someday when you become too old or too much trouble they’re going to drop you off at the old folks home and never come back.  That is if anything in this universe is fair!!! 

You know you wouldn’t move to the house or apartment that told you your children weren’t allowed.  And for you younger set, there really used to be properties/landlords that said that, until the government passed a law that forbade it.  If you have a cat, DON’T move somewhere that you can’t take them!!!  It shouldn’t be okay with you to give up a family member just because it has fur and walks on 4 paws.  We have feelings and we love you.  We don’t understand when you dump us off somewhere scary.  And more often than not we don’t stand a chance of finding another home.    

Please, if you’re going to adopt/buy a cat or kitten, do some research first to make sure you choose the right breed or mix.  And be certain that you’re ready to keep us until it is our time to go.  And please, make some preparations for us in the event you can no longer take care of us due to death.  As we and that includes our mommy; see death the only reason you can no longer provide a home for us.  These days there are so many options there’s really no excuse.  We didn’t intend to offend or hurt any body’s feelings with this post, but this is something we feel very strongly about.  Please don’t leave us wondering “where’s my home?” 


Mommy: I love you with all my heart and soul.

You make my days brighter and fill my nights with joy. 

When you came into my life it was forever,

And not just until I found something better. 

Kitty: I will be by your side and in your lap,

Cause for me you are my hero, my world. 

I will love you and cherish you till the light dims in my eyes,

For a loving and forever home my heart cries.

Mommy: Together forever and ever we’ll be, 

Till the good Lord above shall take you from me. 

We’ll meet again on the other side,

Where the light again will shine,

     in both our eyes.


©2014 {Audra High} All Rights Reserved


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses    


Dezi’z Start in Life

Okay now you know how Lexi came tu liv wif mommy so iz time tu tell you how I came tu liv wif both of dem. Mommy and Lexi had just lost a wunnerful service kitty and beluved son and brudder. Lexi by dis time wuz 10 years old and some of da fings she had tu du fur mommy she kuldn’t du alone so mommy needed tu get anudder service kitty. Mommy had alweddy decided she wuld get a working kitty and be thankful fur it, but she wuldn’t give her heart tu da kitty cuz she didn’t want it tu get broken again. 

Now a ways up da road der wuz a Ragdoll owner hoo wuz very inexperienced and hoo wusn’t supposed tu breed her kitty. But she wanted tu make some Christmas money so she bred her malnourished seal point queen to a beautiful flame point tommy boy. The result wuz a litter of 11 tiny sick kittens. A few weeks later she advertised da kittens and somepawdy dat saw da state of us kittens reported her tu da authorities and we were taken tu a kill shelter wif no VET on staff. Kitties dat kant eat on der own die. Da shelter wuz told dat we were 6 weeks old so dey put us in a cage and gave us a bowl of kibble, a bowl of water and a litter box. I had been da last kitty born of da 11 and da breeder had told da authorities dat we all had worms so she had used some over da counter wormer on us 3 days in a row and now we all had da runny run runs.

A little later a nice lady came in and looked at all of us and cooed at us and den took somefin’ out of her bag and talked intu it. It seemed like furever but finally anudder lady came in and talked tu da first nice lady and den left. Da first nice lady came over and opened da cage door and put all of us in a basket and took us tu anudder room. Oh my, der wuz da second nice lady again. She wuz sittin’ in da floor Da first nice lady put da basket down and tipped it over and we all came tumblin’ out. (tu be continued) Til da nex time

Copyright © {Audra High} All Rights Reserved

Wif Much Luv,