Just a Thought…

Meweek all, hope yous Fursday is shapin’ up to be a gweat one.  Fank you all fur readin’ meez rant ‘bout adoptin’ and surrendewin’.  Meez fawt since weez wuz on a tear anyways and fings not goin’ well here at ow house weez wuld write anudder one of those hopefully helpful and insightful stories.  But afur we get into dat me knows yous all wunnewin’ how fings awe purrgwessin’ here.  Well dat’s just it, they’re NOT!!!  When last weez weported, a mover had come out to giv a bid fur packin and stowin’ ow fings while da work wuz bein’ dun.  Mommy’s not heard fwum anypawdy since. So yesfurday hers called da manager (ended up callin evewyone includin’ housin’) and wuz told anudder mover is comin’ out today to do a look see and giv a bid.  Then hers wuz told they needed 3 bids (they’ve known this all along and hav sat on their hands and dun nuffin’ till mommy called cuz da lawyer be sittin’ on hers hands too.  So weez hav nuffin’ scheduled as yet, and housin’ hasn’t called mommy back (they wuz out of da office).  Now we will get on wiff da posty in hooman speak so there can be no mistakin’ what’s bein’ said.   

Just a little foto fun fur ya'.
Just a little foto fun fur ya’.

We wanna talk a bit today about the saving of some animals.  Now obviously we’re not talking about hoarders or abusers, but your average pet owner who is, well…..let’s just call ‘em church mouse poor.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, we don’t pull any punches and we don’t sugar coat much.  We are a tell it like it is family here.  We got some great feedback on our stories about grief, but we also got a few expected emails that weren’t so nice.  It’s okay, it’s not like we haven’t heard what they said before, but now we’re in a position to speak out and reach more than just them.  As you’ve also figured out by now if you didn’t already know, we live on a very fixed income and there’s not enough to go around monthly, so there sure isn’t any emergency fund. 

More than once mommy has had a kitty in need and gone to the vet only to be quoted an outrageous price and then turned away when she couldn’t afford it.  And they don’t just turn her away, there’s always one of the staff there that has to tell mommy she shouldn’t have animals if she can’t afford to take care of them (you know the one, lots of vet offices have them. usually the one in charge of the books).  Mommy’s not the only one this is happening too tho’. We’ve watched many a show and even read stories about poor people surrendering their beloved fur family to shelters or rescues so that the animal can get medical help that won’t be provided unless they relinquish ownership.  It’s like they’re being told that if they can’t afford massive vet bills then they shouldn’t have the animal. 

Obviously we know that withholding needed medical care is a form of abuse in and of itself, but where do we draw the line? Is it really right to take away the families pet if they are someone who adores their fur family member and other than the medical emergency takes great care of their beloved furry?  Is it really right to say that unless you have  unlimited funds you shouldn’t have an animal?  Is this really how the world thinks?  As more and more studies are proving the health benefits of animals for humans are we saying that the elderly and/or disabled who are on fixed incomes and would benefit from owning an animal shouldn’t have one?  

Well me has a few questions me self.  Why is it that vets need to charge such outrageous prices to begin with?  And how is it that they who purportedly went into their profession because of their love for animals can watch one they know they can save walk out the door because it’s humans can’t afford treatment.  And why is it that rescues will help but ONLY if the owner surrenders the animal and agrees for it to be rehomed?  And why is pet insurance so expensive and yet covers so little?  Why?  After all would we take a human child from their parents if they couldn’t pay the hospital bill?  For that matter would the hospital turn them away and refuse treatment?  (and yes, we know there are a few hospitals that might, but there’s at least one that won’t)  And if we did take the children would there be lots of write ups and news stories about how wonderful it is that we saved the child and it’s now up for adoption?  Often times children who are truly being abused don’t even get removed from the home.     

We know mommy would be devastated if she had to relinquish one or both of us, and we would be lost without her.  Maybe mommy couldn’t afford the latest greatest treatments and in an emergency she would have to beg and plead for money to pay for our treatment (as our vet who we love, doesn’t do payment arrangements).  But there is no one on this planet (or any other for that matter) that could love us more or care for us any better.  Mommy struggles with money all the time, and thanks to some of our wonderful friends/framly she doesn’t have to worry as much as she has in the past, but there are still lots of things that mommy has to provide for us. But if all that stopped tomorrow, mommy would find a way to provide for us.  She did for years and we never expected the outpouring of love we have received.  We appreciate each and everyone of our friends/framly and love you all dearly, because of who you are, and not because of what you do.   

Now we know most of you reading this post feel like we do.  That sometimes a good home has nothing to do with the amount of money one has but instead the feelings for and daily care of the animal<s>.  But again last night we read a story about an older cat that desperately needed dental work but it’s elderly owner couldn’t afford it.  A rescue stepped in and got the cat the needed treatment, but only after the human signed it over to them to be rehomed after treatment.  It was and always is a heart wrenching story.  And while we are grateful the kitty got the treatment it needed we are heart broken for it’s previous owner who obviously loved him enough to let him go so that he could have what he needed to feel better.  Today there are 2 elderly beings in the world who are grieving a loss as if death had come to visit. 

Again we didn’t write this story to offend or hurt anyone.  And since joining the blogging community we have met a lot of peeps just like us who are surviving on fixed incomes and would be in a tizzy if they had to come up with emergency vet money.  But on the chance someone comes across our blog that fits into the other category, we hope they have second thoughts the next time they come across a situation such as this.  Just because a person can’t afford all the trimmings and extra vet expenses doesn’t make them a bad pet owner.  Just a thought.

Til da nex time…………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses   ♥♥♥


Where’s My Home? (human speak)

Meowllo and Happy Humpday to you all.  (Mommy wrote a poem at da end of meez posty, hope yous like it.)  First me wants to tell yous sum good news.  A foo postys back me told you all ‘bout a cute little Bengal boy dat wuz missin’.  Him IS Back home now fankfully and da lady dat bwought hims home didn’t want da reward so it wuz donated to udder kitties in need.  Him had been catnapped by a neighbor man acwoss da way and da nasty man had even we-named him.  Anyways, Cheetah’s home and hims mommy be welieved.  Fank all of yous who shawed him and prayed fur him.  But dat kinda leads us to todays posty. Cat face  It’s gunna be one of those serious ones where we speak human so evewypawdy can unnewstand. And so wiff out further adieu,   


Lexi and Dezi named

I wanna talk a bit today about adoptions and surrenders.  Seems like lately we have read about more and more older kitties being surrendered to shelters.  Oh there’s a myriad of reasons, from behaior problems, to illnesses and relocating of the human family.  The reasons are as varied as the cats and never cease to amaze us.  As you all know, cuz we tell you all the time; sis Lexi is 15 years old and doesn’t have very many teeth anymore.  She drools when she get happy (course she always did that) and before she takes a drink, she sticks her paw in the water and then shakes it off slinging water all over the place, and anyone or thing that happens to be in the vicinity.  

As for me, again as you know, I have began to piddle outside the litter box ‘bout 60% of the time.  So it’s not like we don’t have our issues that mommy has to take care of, and we know some of you deal with a lot more.  And yet, each and everyday instead of making the trip to the local shelter to surrender your problem cats you deal with them. 

So are you and our mommy saints?  Is there something special about you?  Do you know something that these other people don’t?  Well if you ask me and sissy we of course would say absolutely yes to all of those questions.  But the truth is that you are just like those people with one exception, you treat us like members of your family and not just animals.  Truth is there a quite a few things that set you all apart, but me would be here forever and this would be the longest posty ever if me went into all of it.  Some of you purchased pure bred animals and some of you adopted pure breeds and/or mixes.  Doesn’t really matter, how you got your fur family, you love us.  And we in turn love and adore you.   

Truth is a lot of the behavioral problems kitties have are either due to an illness or human neglect.  By neglect we don’t necessarily mean abuse, but a cat that scratches the furniture probably hasn’t been exposed to the proper scratching post or surface.  Or perhaps it’s even more simple and it’s a Persian kitty purchased or adopted because it was popular and looked so pretty with all that fur and smashed face, but now it’s all matted up and smelly and fights and bites it’s humans when they try to brush all those mats out. 

If peeps would do a little research before adopting or buying maybe they would find that kitty that looks so cool in the photo doesn’t really fit their lifestyle.  Or the Bengal or Savannah that makes you feel like you own your very own wild cat is too active or destructive because you don’t have the time to spend socializing and exercising them.  Come on peeps, all us kitties want is a forever home where we will be loved and taken care of.  But all of us need a little extra care depending on breed.  Even mixed kitties have a dominant breed that will sometimes determine their extra care.  Or maybe it’s what they were exposed to before coming into your life.  Certainly me doesn’t wanna suggest that you not adopt a kitty, cause you should!!!  But you should educate yourself a little first.  Make sure the kitty you’re looking at fits your lifestyle and that you have adequate time to provide them with the appropriate care. 

And then we get to those who turn in that older cat cause the family is moving and the new house/apartment doesn’t accept pets.  OMC ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!  Just who do you think you are?  Abandoning a living, breathing, feeling family member?  One that has been devoted to you and loved you and been there for you through the years.  Guess where most of those kitties end up.  DEAD!!!! Me not going to sugar coat it for you, or give it some nice politically correct term.  The shelters kill them!! Kittens are far more adoptable and run to the edge of the cage at potential adopters.  All the while your “beloved” former furry cowers in the back of the cage wondering what it was that they did wrong and where you are. 

Or even worse, you surrender the older kitty with a chronic illness.  Sure enough he/she is dead.  He/She was dead the minute you walked through the door.  Shelters don’t have the time or staff to take care of the sick older far less adoptable kitties.  Guess what you’re teaching your children and/or grandchildren?  Someday when you become too old or too much trouble they’re going to drop you off at the old folks home and never come back.  That is if anything in this universe is fair!!! 

You know you wouldn’t move to the house or apartment that told you your children weren’t allowed.  And for you younger set, there really used to be properties/landlords that said that, until the government passed a law that forbade it.  If you have a cat, DON’T move somewhere that you can’t take them!!!  It shouldn’t be okay with you to give up a family member just because it has fur and walks on 4 paws.  We have feelings and we love you.  We don’t understand when you dump us off somewhere scary.  And more often than not we don’t stand a chance of finding another home.    

Please, if you’re going to adopt/buy a cat or kitten, do some research first to make sure you choose the right breed or mix.  And be certain that you’re ready to keep us until it is our time to go.  And please, make some preparations for us in the event you can no longer take care of us due to death.  As we and that includes our mommy; see death the only reason you can no longer provide a home for us.  These days there are so many options there’s really no excuse.  We didn’t intend to offend or hurt any body’s feelings with this post, but this is something we feel very strongly about.  Please don’t leave us wondering “where’s my home?” 


Mommy: I love you with all my heart and soul.

You make my days brighter and fill my nights with joy. 

When you came into my life it was forever,

And not just until I found something better. 

Kitty: I will be by your side and in your lap,

Cause for me you are my hero, my world. 

I will love you and cherish you till the light dims in my eyes,

For a loving and forever home my heart cries.

Mommy: Together forever and ever we’ll be, 

Till the good Lord above shall take you from me. 

We’ll meet again on the other side,

Where the light again will shine,

     in both our eyes.


©2014 {Audra High} All Rights Reserved


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses