Service Cats: Internal Disputes

Welcome to another Service Cat Monday. We’re comin’ to da end of da questions we‘ve been asked, so ifin you have trainin’ questions, or questions ‘bout Service Cats in general, purrlease let us know. As with all our educational postys da followin’ will be written in human English. And ifin you’ve missed a post you can ketch up by clickin’ da links at da bottom of da posty. We have a busy day ahead, so without further adieu, let’s get to todays question. Shoko and Kali our Canadian Cats furiends asked, “Is there any fighting over who gets to perform a task?”

 Dezi laying in her harness

This question was meant to be specific to us, as there are 2 of us who can perform the same tasks. At least there will be 2 of us. Right now there are still things that Raena can’t do and hasn’t been trained to do. So for the purpose of this post we’ll go back and discuss mes’ recent past. We would also need to clarify the word fighting. Fighting can mean different things to different people. While mommy doesn’t like to see or hear us hiss or growl at each other, she doesn’t consider that fighting. Mommy says she’s been very blest and has never had 2 kitties who fought at any time. So a better question to ask is, “Have there ever been any disputes over who was to perform a task?” To which our answer would be…”Of Course.”



When a kitty begins training they are excited and eager. Me loved the telephone. Every time it rang me would run to answer it; even when it was inconvenient for mommy. Even tho’ me would answer the phone, me wouldn’t meow. Instead me would carry the phone to mommy, where ever she was. Mommy says it took less time to train me to use the phone than it did to train me to leave it alone unless there’s an actual emergency. We’ve been asked to give tips on 911 training, so tune in next week for that post. Anyways, mes point is that a training kitty gets very excited and wants to perform all the time.

 Dezi with phone calling pizza hut

 Guess who’s callin’ mommy.



Mommy says the only disputes have been over who massages where and who gets to drive and when. Sis Lexi had been mommys’ head, neck and shoulder massager since almost the beginning. So when me came to live here me’s massage duties were to be mommys arms, legs and lower back. That was all well and good when we would lay down to go to sleep at night, but sis Lexi liked to sleep between mommys’ legs and me slept up under her arm. So when we would wake up in the mornings me would naturally start to massage mommys’ shoulders and head. Of course that was sis Lexi’s job and she wanted to do it. So, she would give me the hiss of disapproval and try to push me off the bed. Being the good natured Ragdoll me is, me would gladly climb on mommys chest and stretch out to massage her arms and legs. Dispute over.



So what about driving the wheelchair? Well those disputes weren’t always settled so quickly. Me wasn’t the best driver in the beginning, but only mommy and sis Lexi know what she was like in the beginning. Anyways, when me was first learning, me thought it was a little scary. Me did run into more than one wall, dresser, chest of drawers and even off the sidewalk into that cold white stuff called snow. But mommy was so encouraging and it really was a lot of fun, so every morning, me would try to get into position before sis Lexi could. Oh sissy would often give me the hiss of disapproval, but me didn’t care. Me would put me’s paw on the power button and push before sissy could even get in the chair with mommy and me.

Lexi lays in wheelchair and looks up

Ifin me didn’t move when sis Lexi hissed, she wouldn’t even bother getting into the chair. Well at least in the beginning. Once me quit running into walls and furniture sissy finally joined me in mommys lap in the chair. And yes, on occasion she would try to push me off the joystick so she could drive. Of course once the novelty wore off, we would just take turns. Whoever got into place first would drive us to the bathroom and often the other would drive us to the kitchen while the other availed themselves of the litter boxes. We were pretty well coordinated when it came to most of our other tasks, and mommy hopes Raena and me will follow that pattern as well.

Dezi and Lexi in the wheelchairNow let me get this straight. You want me to put mes mouth on this

stick and push forward, right?


Mommy says based on Raena’s personality and things she’s seeing, she does expect a few hissy fits in the beginning. But, Raena is a quick learner, so mommy expects the novelty will wear off much earlier with her than it did with me. Raena appears to be very versatile and will massage wherever me isn’t, so we have very few disputes in that area. Altho’ she’s still too small to help me push mommy out of the shower after passing out, Raena is trying. She quickly joins me in the tub and gets under mommys arm. She just doesn’t have the strength to actually push, She does watch intently and stays by mommys side till she comes too.

 Raena lays on the pounce toy.

 Are ya’ talkin’ ’bout me?



Well, me hopes dat answers your question. Mommy doesn’t really allow fighting, and so long as we can settle our disputes amicably, she lets us try. The only time mommy would take charge of a dispute is if she needed to get to the human potty and we couldn’t agree on who was driving. Anyways, gotta go now and get ready for the a/c repairman. We do want to fank our furiends who donated money to get our bootyful furiend Foxy back home to her daddy. We were goin’ to share the fundraiser today, but they have already raised the money for the pet deposit at their new apartment. It won’t be long now and Foxy and her daddy will be reunited. Don’t furget to leave any questions you might have in da comments below.



Are there disputes in your house?

How are disputes settled in your house?  

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!





Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle       

41 thoughts on “Service Cats: Internal Disputes

  1. Ladies, what a great post! You’re so right, so what if there is a disagreement, they will solve it themselves. I guess we should have said disputes instead of fighting but you clarified the difference so we all understood.

    One further question: How can a wee kitty help move you in …is it the tub or a shower floor? What can they push/pull to move you or are they focusing on moving a certain part of you…like your face out of the shower water?

    Thank you ladies, we are enjoying your posts.

    Shoko and Kali

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s all good girls, we knew what ya’ meant. And dat’s a great question, but are ya’ askin’ ’bout a wee kitty meanin’ a kitten like Raena, or wee kitty cuz most kitties be 10 pounds or less? And fanks fur da questions.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


      1. I’m wondering how a kitty can move you. Raena is a little small all over to move too much. Shoko is 7 pounds but Kali is over 10 pounds. Lexi could move you too and she had no teeth, like Kali. Granted you wouldn’t have appreciated her using teeth anyway. I just don’t know what body part they can move and why it is important. I’m thinking they are shoving your head out of the flow of the water from the shower. I find this so interesting. You have a unique relationship with your southern belles.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Okay, we thought you were askin’ cuz of da general size of kitties, but when you said wee, we wanted to make sure. And we’d basically said in this post dat Raena isn’t any help at dat right now cuz she’s too small. We’ve got your queston down.

          Luv ya’

          Dezi and Raena


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