Monday Updates

Meowllo everypawdy. Me knows it’s Service Cat Monday and you’re all expectin’ to learn ‘bout kitty dialin’ 911 trainin’. But, as you know mommy had her regular monthly doctors pointment last Furiday. These ‘pointments are to monitor her medications and get refills. She has medicine dat can’t be called in, she has to have a new purrscription every month. But when mommy arrived, there was a note on da door dat said da doctor wasn’t in and wouldn’t be back till Monday.

 Dezi sits

When they furinally unlocked da door and let mommy in, she asked why she wasn’t called and her ‘pointment wasn’t rescheduled. They said there were no ‘pointments dat day. Mommy made them look it up and lo’ and behold they said dat she had a ‘pointment in her records but it wasn’t in their books. What does dat even mean? They have a catputer, actually several. There aren’t any old fashioned ‘pointment books in da office. Each office girl has 2 catputers and da nurse and doctor have ipawds of some sort and then there’s everypawdy else in there. Mommy always has da girls at da front desk schedule her next ‘pointment befur she leaves each month and they give her a card with her ‘pointment day and time on it. Anyways, there was no doctor fur mommy to see. So she has to go in today.

 Raena walks with toy in mouth

And trust me, it’s been a very long weekend. Tween sis Raena’s post op needs and mes neediness and mommy’s increased pain we’re behind in everythin’ and mommy also has to get ready fur another ‘pawrtment inspection. So, we’ll be back next week with Service Cat Monday, and we’ll be ‘round to visit as soon as we can. We are still sendin’ purrayers to those affected by da recent storms. Unfurtunately this wasn’t da last one we’ll see. But God can keep us all. We’d purreciate your purrayers fur us and mommy as well. We’re gonna wrap it up fur now, we just wanted to update ya’ and let you know what’s goin’ on and where we are/have been. Here’s to a pawsumly wonderful day.

 Raena with toy in mouth

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle 

33 thoughts on “Monday Updates

  1. Yikes, a month goes by so fast…sigh…hope it goes well, Miss Audra so you and your kitty furmily can relax again….though we are so late its probably all done and over with:)

    We have not peeked, MOL!!

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  2. whitefish waves two ewe dezi N raena….de doctorr kneads ta give yur mom a free vizit…. if her dinna show up for her a point mint, ewe can bet they wood still charge her
    sew her kneadz ta charge de doctorz…….faaaaaaaaaaaaa……❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Oh my ladies what a difficult week! We wanted to stop by and say Thanks so much for the goodies and we are posting about it tomorrow. We will stop in later today to see about dear Raena’s spay day. Purrs and prayers to you all from us all!

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  4. Outrageous! We bet if YOU or your Mommy had missed an appointment without giving them prior notice, they would have charged you for it!
    And We also don’t understand these constant apartment inspections. It seems to Us that they are round there bugging you effurry fortnight – unless you actually happen to need them to come and fix something. Then, so it seems, you can go whistle.
    Being a lawyer, (and something of a nosey parker – mol), Mummy is wondering about the legal aspects of these Visits. Do they have the right to come round as often as they like? What is it they are supposed to be inspecting? What happens if the time they want to visit is inconvenient for You? What does prepurring for an Inspection involve?
    Anyway, We hope the rescheduled appointment goes well, and the Inspection, and that Raena is recovering nicely and that Dezi has stopped hissing and that you are all safe from the nasty storms and bad weather.
    Love frim Trixie, Caspurr, Shimshi and Mummy Shimona.

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    1. MOL Ya’ll sure gave mommy a chuckle. We looked fur your email to answer all your questions, but mommy said she couldn’t find it. So let’s see, furst, da landlord tenant act says dat management can conduct one inspection purr month. If they wanna inspect, and have an exterminator or any other extra, they must all be done at da same time. And dat they must give 48 hour notice befur such inspection. Ifin there is a conflict in your schedule da tenant may submit a request in writing fur another date/time. Dat doesn’t mean it will be approved, and most likely won’t, as management has the right to use a master key to enter so long as sufficient notice was given (48 hours).

      Next, here is da list of things listed on da inspection notice: Cleanliness, Check smoke alarms, Change a/c filters, Maintenance, Extermination, Occupied dwelling, Annual inspection and Other. Da manager has checked all but da annual inspection as we just did this a couple months ago when we renewed our lease.

      Now let us ‘splain a few things. This manager and management company have no understandin’ of da law and don’t care, so they try to bully peeps to enter more offen than da law allows. Unless somepawdy speaks up, (at which point they are threatened with eviction/write ups/etc.) da law/housing doesn’t know peeps are bein’ taken advantage of or dat da law is bein’ broken. Trust us, mommy speaks up and doesn’t allow more than one inspection a month anymore. Also, “cleanliness as defined by da law and landlord tenant act means dat there must be no trip hazards, molds, destruction to da pawrtment and a clear path so dat emergency purrsonal could enter and get to tenant ifin needed. BUT, da manager likes to write peeps up and threaten eviction fur havin’ laundry on their furniture, or like us, bein’ cluttered (da manager has said to da owner of da purropurrty, housing, and several lawyers dat mommy’s ‘pawrtment has never been dirty, but she has too much stuff. And of course ifin somepawdy gets written up, they are subject to a follow up inspection within 72 hours. This is allowed by law, but only ifin da write up is legal to begin with. Da manager actually made a tenant give away their sofa once, cuz she thought it was too big fur our ‘pawrtments. Mommy was livid dat da tenant was bullied and da manager got away with it. They can also give write ups fur fire hazards, ie: boxes. So to purrpare, mommy has to clean da house. It’s already clean, but there are cat toys strewn about everywhere dat mommy has to pick up. She needs to make sure to vacuum, sweep and mop. Clean da oven and stovetop, bathroom, etc., and trim any garden bushes or plants and sweep patio. Cuz of mommys disabilities, these simple everyday tasks take a lot outta her and take quite a bit of time.

      Whew, We hope we answered all da questions you had, ifin not, let us know and we’ll try again. Fanks fur da well wishes. Big hugs to all of you.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  5. I know the vets in your area stink, but apparently the doctors do too. That was so rude. And I don’t understand these monthly inspections. My mom rents and has been in one place since 1998 and never been inspected. She only has to let them in for repairs Good luck with everything. XO

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    1. Yes awnty Ellen, you’re right ’bout da doctors. But what are we gonna do?

      As fur da inspections, da landlord tenant act allows fur them, but most landlords don’t take advantage of it. Mommy has lived many places in her life and never been bothered by such. But this management company luvs to harass and bully da tenants. And da manager here is on a power trip, so she takes full advantage of anythin’ she’s allowed to do. Fanks fur da good wishes.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


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