We’re Versatile Bloggers

Hey Raena, did you see all dat spawrkly stuffs on da grass this meownin’?

 Dezi and Raena on the Liberty Tree looking at each other

       I’s sure did sissy. What was dat?



Well Raena, mommy calls it frost, but me calls it pre ice. Looks like da beginnin’ of winter is here.



       Is dat why we have shadows on da pawdee box room walls now?



Shadows? Oh you mean da ones dat happen cuz of da heat lamp mommy turns on when it’s cold. Anyways, it’s bloggy time Raena, and we were given an award last week dat we wanna show off today. Purrseidon nominated us fur da Versatile Blogger Award.

 Versatile Blogger Award

       Bet’cha it’s cuz we’re all over da place sissy.


What on earth are you talkin’ ‘bout Raena?


       Well you know, we cover a lot of different topics here. Da only thing consistent ‘bout our bloggy is our Blest Sunday postys and dat we’re purretty much always upbeat. 

 Dezi and Raena on Liberty Tree looking at each other

Well Raena, you might be right. Whatever da reason, we are very honored to have been nominated. Da rules state dat we must fank and link back to da purrson/kitty dat nominated us. Fanks Purr, we linked above. Second, we’re to show da award on our bloggy and tell 7 things ‘bout ourselves. Da last rule is to nominate and link to 15 other worthy bloggers, and let them know. It’s kinda hard to come up with seven things to tell ya’ll, cuz we purretty much tell ya’ ‘bout everythin’ as it happens. So, let me think a minute.

       Hey sissy, why don’t you tell… 

Me said let me think a minute Raena. Dat means you’re not supposed to talk and distract me. But dat leads me to da furst thing me could tell ya’ll.

 Dezi and Raena play

1. Raena is a huge pest. She is all kitten all da time. And me likes to hiss at her when mommy’s watchin’ so me can get her in trouble and get extra luvvin’. But when mommy’s not watchin’ me really does like to play with her. Mommy says we are sooooo funny at night when it’s bed time. After we say our purrayers, we like to play a short game of catch and chase befur turnin’ in. Mommy says she offen lays there wishin’ she had ‘membered to bring da camera to bed with us.

2. Most of ya’ already know mommy be a singer and musician, but what ya’ might not know is dat no matter what be goin’ on or how scared me may be, when she starts singin’ to me, me will always come runnin’ to her.

       Me too sissy. I’s soooooo luv it when mommy sings special songs to us. She was writin’ one just last night.

3. She sure was sissy Raena. Which brings me to fact number three. As ya’ know we don’t have much money. Long ago when mommy worked she always tried to adopt an angel at Christmas. Well, we can’t afford to do those things anymore, so every year mommy packs one of us kitties up and off to da nursin’ home we go. We sing carols and visit with those dat might not have anypawdy else. Mommy says Raena’s gonna get to go this year.

Raena in stroller

       Really sissy? I’s gonna get to go visitin’?



Yes Raena. Quit inneruptin’ me.

4. Our bloggy is upbeat and we are and do feel blest everyday. Dat doesn’t mean dat we don’t have any purroblems or go thru rough times. We just choose to try to see da bright side of every situation. It’s not always easy, but there’s purrlenty of bad in da world without us addin’ to it.



       Can I’s tell a fact sissy? (looks at Dezi, and Dezi nods)

       5. Wellness sent us some chicken treats called Kittles a little while back, and I’s luvs ‘em.

 Raena hiding behind kitchen towel

 It ain’t da fridge, but I’s in everythin’ all da time.




       6. When mommy’s in da kitchen fur whatever reason, I’s like to lay right in front of da ‘fridgerator. Yep, even ifin mommy needs in it. It really furustrates mommy sometimes, cuz I’s won’t move even when she opens da door. I’s just suck it in and flatten out so da door won’t hit me.

        7. Our last fact dat ya’ll might not know, is dat mommy be an ordained Christian minister.



One thing Raena? You just kinda took over didn’t ya’?.



       I’s knew you wouldn’t mind sissy. Right?



Yeah, dat’s right. Peeps are just as curious ‘bout you and of course mommy as they are me. Anyways, those are our 7 facts ‘bout us. Me coulda mentioned dat mes Gotchaday is next Tuesday da 22nd. A lot of ya’ know dat me be a Cat Scout. Each month we celebrate Birthdays and Gotchadays fur all those scouts born or gotted durin’ dat month. Those pawrties always have a theme, and this year it was turkey lurkey. Me thought ya’ll might enjoy seein’ just how crazy we can get. Check out da fotos below.

 Dezi as a dancing turkey

 Raena as a dancing turkey

       I’s not a Cat Scout yet, but fank you sissy fur havin’ a turkey dance with me at home. Now, are we gonna nominate those bloggers sissy?

 Raena sleeps in the house of the Liberty Cat Tree

 All dat dancin’ made me tired.



Me hates this pawrt of awards Raena. Me thinks anypawdy who puts out postys fur all of us to read are deservin’. Puttin’ out posts on a regular basis isn’t always an easy task. It sometimes opens ya’ up fur all kinds of criticisms and unwated attention. We are very blest to have far more furiends than hooligans and spammers. We also think dat those who post regularly, are versatile. Ya’ have to be, or you’d run outta things to write ‘bout. So we’re nominating all of you who read this posty. We do hope you will accept it. You know we all luv learnin’ new things and bein’ reminded of old things ‘bout our furiends.

 Dezi atop the Liberty Cat Tree looking down

Looks like da pre ice has gone now, so me’s gonna see ifin mommy will take us fur a stroll befur her case manager gets here. It’s dat time of year when mommy has to recertify to get some help. Altho’ we still haven’t been able to find anypawdy to help mommy out, we’re hopeful dat we’ll eventually find da right purrson. So…



Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue  

Raena: Navy Blue



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle