Service Cats: The Life and Heart of Shad

Meowllo and welcome to another Service Cat Monday. We can’t talk ‘bout Service Cats or trainin’ without ‘memberin’ and refurrencin’ mommy’s original Service Cat, Shad. Shads’ life was cut short cuz of disease at 5 years old, and mommy blames herself cuz of da choices she made and da life Shad had to live. But in her short life, she knew true luv. Mommy adored her and did da bestest she could by her with da knowledge she had then. A lot has changed since then and peeps know a lot more today than back then. Unfurtunately feline medicine is still lacking, so purrlease support studies on feline health issues by donating or sharing da infurmation so others can. Okay, me took a little detour there, but feline health is a real passion fur us. Anyways, after our last Service Cats posty we got an email dat asked just what kind of tough life things mommy and Shad had been through together. So we asked ifin anypawdy else was innerested in learnin’ da backstory dat made Shad teach herself to help mommy, and several of you said yes. So mommy’s gonna take you back to another time, another life, one where she was young, stupid and “livin’ it up”. Purrlease ‘member, everypawdy makes mistakes, and don’t feel poorly towards our mommy. Ifin you’ve missed any of da postys in this series, click on da links at da end of this post. 

 Dezi laying in cat tree in new harness

Thank you baby. It really was a different time and I was a totally different person back then. I got Shad when she was 6 weeks old and a little ball of fluff. Our first year together was pretty normal and uneventful. By her second year, things would start to change, and not for the better. I apologize, but due to the life we lived, there are very few photos of Shad, and the ones we have aren’t very good.



Being the old fashioned Southern Belle I am, we picked up and moved to Georgia following a man. Said man was no good for nothin’, but I thought I was in love. And certainly passed my “married by” due date. I know a lot of you don’t understand that, but the older crowd will get it. Anyways, there we were in Georgia, and the man we were there for took a job in Florida. Needing to pay bills and eat, I took a bartending job in a local bar. I worked a few hours 3 to 4 times a week. The rest of my hours were spent playing with and spending time with Shad. I didn’t know anyone and we only saw the man when he came back to Georgia one weekend a month. By the second month, the “love” had worn off and I knew we’d made a mistake; but now we had no money to move.

SHAD, Mommy's Original Service Cat
Shad, Mommy’s Original Service Cat

When the man showed up and I tried to break up with him, he wasn’t at all happy. I knew he was pretty much an alcoholic, but what I didn’t know is that he had started taking drugs too. His response to my break up was to try to kill me. When the attack started I screamed for Shad to run and hide. I just wanted her to be okay and then I tried to get to the door to yell for neighbors. The man kept blocking the door and finally pushed a hutch over on me. I saw a quick flash of fur and then heard him screaming. Shad had jumped on his back and was biting his neck. I was able to get to the door and get the neighbors attention to call the police. By this time Shad had let go of the man and gone back into hiding.



Unfortunately the police didn’t arrest the man, but instead dropped him off at a motel in town. It was the weekend, and being a bartender, naturally I had to work that night. Before leaving I packed up Shad inside our small kitty carrier and took her with me. She laid in the carrier on the end of the bar while I worked. When we returned home a couple of hours later the man had broken in and stole my clothes, cut up my bed, put a hammer in the microwave and obviously had tried to find Shad. Thankfully she wasn’t there. But I knew we had to leave, I couldn’t take her to work with me every night. My boss had been understanding that night, but wasn’t likely to repeat it. A lady that had been a regular at the bar I worked at let us come and stay with her briefly till I could get some clothes and fix the tires that had been slashed on our car. We were together but in a room about the size of our car. I didn’t know it yet, but that was preparation for the months to come.



We left there and went to stay with my mothers’ second husbands’ aunt. She had an exotic zoo of sorts and needed some help with all the animals, and Shad and I needed a place to stay. Atlanta, here we come. We stayed there a few months confined to a small bedroom together once again. Shad wasn’t allowed to roam the house because of the other animals that belonged to the “aunty”. During this time Shad and I grew even closer. We were all each other had. And strangely enough, we were getting used to living in small spaces. And then the day came when we had to leave there.



Shad laying on the bed with Cameron the pig

Shad on our bed in Georgia

with a pot bellied pig I raised.

And yes, the pig shared our room.

We packed up our car and headed out. I had always wanted to be a singer, so off to Nashville we went. We had enough money for a couple of nights in a motel and I had hopes of finding a bartending job or singing gig immediately so that I could continue to make money to support us. Well, almost everybody in Nashville wants to be a star, so without the right connections, money, or just that “right place, right time”, you become another of many. I put in applications everywhere. We didn’t have much money so when Shad ran out of food, we started eating at White Castle. Back then you could get 2 burgers for a dollar. I would give Shad the meat and and I ate the buns. For anybody who doesn’t know about White Castle, there burgers are the size of biscuits. And for those familiar with them, yes, I scraped off all the onions.



Anyways, there was a dive bar next to the motel we stayed in our first night there. The owner didn’t think he had enough business to actually hire a bartender, but he would let me work for tips alone and let Shad stay in the office while I worked. By now we either made enough money for a night in a motel or we slept and lived in our car. Sometimes I would sit in with a house band or enter a karaoke contest and make a little extra money, but not often. Most of the customers at the dive bar were transient workers and staying in motels themselves. There was a nice couple who would come in everyday and the wife talked the bar owner into letting her use the bars kitchen to prepare home cooked meals for all these men away from families and home.



Thankfully she invited Shad and I to eat as well. So for breakfast Shad would have White Castle burgers and for dinner she got some of whatever meat the nice lady made; they had a small dog back in their motel room and understood my attachment to Shad. Those men also ended up being really nice to us and on weekends when they went home, they would give us a key to their rooms so we could have a bed to sleep in from Friday night to Sunday morning. Their company paid for the rooms by the month, so the guys could leave their things when they did get to go home. Finally, I got a job at Opryland during days and at a nice motel bar at night. We just knew things were going to start looking up. Snow was everywhere and I knew Shad was growing tired of White Castle; so I was really glad that soon we could move back into a motel and then maybe an apartment and we could buy decent cat food again.



And then I got news that my mother had some health issues and needed help. I quit my jobs and headed back to Texas to help her out. Once there I got a job and did what I could. By now, Shad and I had been so close for so long that she suffered from severe separation anxiety and would sit at the door and cry for me the whole time I was gone. My mother, whose health had gotten better, told me that Shad and I could live with her if I went back to college and got a degree; so that’s what I did. I quit my job and registered for college. It would also allow me more time to spend with Shad, who by this time had developed some additional quirks. If you think cats don’t understand, you’re wrong. Obviously being poor and living in our car had made an impression on Shad. She became a thief. Anytime there was money left on a table or dresser, Shad would take it and hide it. Anyways, before the first semester started my mother left the state with her job and left me with an apartment, bills and no job. Thankfully I was able to get a job fairly quickly, that worked around my school schedule. Once again, Shad and I were completely alone and relying on each other to make it. We were pretty much inseparable by this point. I kind of believed Shad was the only one I could rely on.



And then, the accident happened. My life had now changed forever. I was no longer able to work, so I was back to spending most of my time with Shad. Other than the 12 hours a week of school and doctors’ appointments, Shad and I were never apart. She had saved me from an abusive and deadly man. She had loved me, given me strength and a reason to live when we were so poor we had nothing but a car and litterbox. And soon she would save me all over again. Her love and devotion kept me going and gave me a reason to get up in the mornings. I loved and adored her like no other. I had never known love like that before. She never tried to escape the car, or motel rooms. She seemed to always be content and happy to just be where ever I was. We moved one more time during her life so I could finish up at a university. By now, Shad was a full blown ADA recognized Service Cat. You can read those stories here or by clicking Meet Shad on our menu.  But to me, she was still just my baby.



Crossing Over Shad - 2HEoW-14V - normal

She got sick and died all in the span of a week. I felt totally lost and abandoned. Ashamed and guilty. My constant companion of 5 years was suddenly no longer there. She had spent her life loving and taking care of me with no thought to herself or her kitty fears and I had totally let her down. Shad taught me more about love and compassion than I could ever convey, but I try. I know some of you may be thinking I should have given her up instead of making her live in a car and eat burgers. That thought never crossed my mind. She was my baby, and just because life throws you a curve ball doesn’t mean you dump your “children” off on someone else. When I was 18 and then 19 I had done that  temporarily.  My mother gave my baby away. Something I found out after the fact. And again, thinking she realized what my kitty meant to me, and that it was only temporary, but alas, he was let outside in the hopes he would run off. He died in a storm on her back porch. I wasn’t told he was even outside until he was dead. Trust me, I learned my lesson. Being a “mother” is forever, and it’s your responsibility, not someone else’s. So by the time I grew up and ventured into pet ownership again and got Shad, the thought of leaving her with anyone, or giving her away was out of the question.



You don’t have to go through these things to develop a strong bond with your kitty. We have given you the tips needed in our Training Foundation posts (links below). We don’t know who all will read this post, so I want to say, Please remember before you adopt/buy a pet, it’s for LIFE!!! It’s Forever!!! No matter what, they are your responsibility. There isn’t a shelter for 2 legged children and most people seem to understand that they can’t just get rid of their kids when times are tough or they’re inconvenient. Why can’t they get it with their furry family members? Anyways, I do hope this helps you to understand how the bond developed between Shad and I that would cause her to even think about helping me the way she did. Cats are very emotional and loving animals. They are far smarter than we think they are. They are indeed able to reason more than just human equals full food bowl. Please leave your training questions in the comments section below. And thank you all for loving my girls. I am in no way perfect, and God knows I’ve made mistakes, all I ask is that you not hold any contempt for me against my girls. 


Raena surrounded by pink flowers, water and a sunset.

Well, fank you mommy fur tellin’ peeps ‘bout Shad. We know you luvved her very much and she luvved you too. We kitties are very smart. And who can say no to a furry purrer? Anyways, right now we don’t have any questions fur next weeks posty, so feel furee to ask one. Mommy hasn’t started Raena on wheelchair trainin’ yet cuz she’s still a little spastic and mommy wants to make sure she’s all healed up from her spay. Raena is an extra sensitive kitty so mommy says trainin’ will be a little different fur her, but dat’s not new. Da same methods we’ve posted will be used. Gotta go get ready fur a stroll now, Tomorrow’s me’s birthday.



Do you (your pets) sleep in the bed with you?

Have you ever gone to work with your human?/Have you ever taken your pet to work with you?

Would you go (take your pet) to work with you(?)r human? 



Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

       with mommy A

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Blest Sunday Birthday Prep

Meow and welcome to a brand new Blest Sunday and our favorite posty of da week. You know, we are sooooooooo blest. Ifin ya’ haven’t figgered it out by now, we’re a house full of mushy emotional girlies. Mommy can open up da flood gates and cry a river on da bestest of days, so you can only ‘magine what it’s like on bad days. What with da weather changin’, da holidays comin’ up, missin’ sis Lexi, and da upcomin’ extra bills, mommy’s spent a lot of da past week cryin’ her eyes out. Da month of November means dat on top of all da regular monthly bills, da car tags are due, our once a year Magic Jack fone bill’s due and most purrtantly, it’s Me’s Birthday month. Me will be 7 years old on Tuesday. Can you believe it? It seems like just yesfurday dat me was bein’ da pain in mommys’ behind and givin’ her gray furs. Now dat job falls to Raena and everypawdy expects me to be all grown up and stuffs. Has dat happened to any of you?

 Dezi looks outside while sitting on the arm of the chair

Ya’ know one minute mommy’s tellin’ me dat me’s her baby girl and da next she’s sayin’ me’s her big girly and me has to set a good example fur Raena to follow. Me’s startin’ to understand why sis Lexi splatted me when mommy brought me home with her all those years ago. You know me feels so blest to have all of you in mes life. You’ve been so suppurrtive and helped me to accept sis Raena. She really is a good girly, she just doesn’t ever stop. Mommy even tells her everyday to slow down. But Raena has one speed, all out all da time. And yes, mommy has tried all da calmin’ stuffs on da market. None of them seem to even phase Raena. Mommy says we’re just gonna have to hang in there and wait it out.


Me told all of ya’ this cuz we’ve gotten a few emails and pm’s askin’ ‘bout Raenas trainin’. And peeps who followed us on facebook befur da bloggy, ‘member readin’ ‘bout mes wheelchair trainin’ and wanna know ifin Raena can drive yet. Mommy says rest assured dat when Raena starts wheelchair trainin’ we’ll post ‘bout it. Mommy says dat each kitty is different, so trainin’ doesn’t always happen at da same time. Raena is like mommy, and she’s overly sensitive to everythin’. Dat’s not a bad thing, but da spay surgery was purretty hard on her and she’s just now startin’ to really bounce back from it. She is pullin’ her weight in da massage depawrtment, and she can call fur help. She can also turn on da wheelchair and alert befur mommy passes out. So mommy says she’s doin’ great fur a 6 month old kitty. 



Anyways, back to Blest Sunday and me’s Birthday. Mommy says she knows fur sure dat me has a purresent comin’. One of our awnties pawrently told mommy dat me and Raena was getting a surprise. Me can’t wait to see what it is. And yesfurday mommy was talkin’ on da fone to one of our awnty Anonymous’ dat sent her those huge cans of coffee da other day, and she sent some green papers so mommy could get Raena and me a pizza fur mes pawrty. Me hasn’t had pizza in a long time and sis Raena’s never even seen or smelled one. Meeeee-oWwww   Is she ever in fur a yummy treat. Me can already taste da yumminess. Fank you sooooooooooooooo much awnty Anonymous. Mommy says fank you both too. She says without ya’ there wouldn’t have been a pawrty. Oh, mommy woulda made me feel special by givin’ me lots of extra luvvin’ and takin’ me fur a really long stroll, but there wouldn’t have been purresents or treats. Now me can have it all. 

 Raena under sheet while bed is unmade

       I’s really likin’ da sound of this Birthday thing sissy, it sounds as fun as playin’ in da sheets. Do I have one? 



Raenaselfie of nose and eyes



Of course you have one silly. It’s da day you were born. Your Birthday is April 21st, and you’ll be one whole year old. Anyways, dat’s a long time off, so right now you just need to ‘member to treat me like da Birthday Queen. Befur we go me would like to remind peeps to keep your kitties, ‘specially da black and/or white ones inside thru halloween. As most of ya’ know, we don’t celebrate this holiday but many do. Most kitties don’t enjoy da dressing up, screamin’ trick or treaters, constant doorbells or pawrties. And fur sure da candy and treats aren’t good fur your pets. Make sure your pets are safe and as comfurtable as pawssible durin’ your celebration. A quiet room away from celebrants and/or da front door, with some food, water, litterbox, favorite toy and/or bed and maybe some music or teevee fur calming and distraction.

 Dezi in a purple frame with purple roses on the side

C’mon Raena, let’s go get a bath and a nap and maybe Tuesday will hurry and get here. In da meantime, we’re joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. And be sure and tune in tomorrow fur Service Cat Monday; we’ll be postin’ Shads backstory. Fank you all fur bein’ our furiends. We cherish, luv and purray fur you all daily. ‘Member to take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life.



Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!



Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle     

Inspirational Strolling, Strolling, Strolling

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me RaenaBelle. Let me tell you, we’ve had da craziest week ever. Me got to go fur da longest and bestest stroll ever. Dat’s not da crazy pawrt tho’.

 Dezi laying on floor

       No Raena it isn’t. Da crazy pawrt came in durin’ me’s stroll later on.



Oh sissy, I’s just couldn’t believe it. You and mommy looked so funny.

 Dezi sits on the arm of the chair

       Well missy, me didn’t think it was very funny. And me’s thinkin’ neither did mommy. And, dat’s why there’s no fotos of me strollin’. We better tell everypawdy what we’re talkin’ ‘bout. See, da weather be coolin’ off some here and so mommy likes to take us fur a stroll at least a few times a week. It helps to keep us sociable and eager to go out. It also reminds us dat our harness and stroller lead to fun and good things; not just da VET. You can check out our training post fur taking kitty out here ifin you’d like. Anyways, mommy’s been takin’ Raena out furst, so dat hopefully she won’t sit at da door and whine da whole time me’s out. Talk ‘bout separation anxiety, you sure do have dat down Raena.

 Raena in stroller

       I’s not know what you’re talkin’ ‘bout sissy. I’s just wanna be with mommy. Isn’t dat a good thing? 

Yes Raena, but you can clearly see us walkin’ ‘round. We didn’t leave you, and trust me, mommy wouldn’t ever leave you. Me’s come to accept dat. Now, where was me? Oh yeah, strollin’. So anyways, mommy gathered Raena up and put on her harness and a leash. Raena was so excited, me thinks she thought she was goin’ fur a walk. But mommy put her in da stroller and tethered her in and grabbed da camera. There’s a little storage compurrtment on da handle dat mommy puts da camera in till she’s ready to take fotos. And fank catness fur dat compurrtment, just wait and read.

 Raena in stroller

All tethered in, mommy and Raena headed out da door. Me decided to take a quick bath and a nap befur it was to be me’s turn. Me could see them strollin’ ‘round and stoppin’ fur da occasional foto and to inspect da odd noise or chirpin’ birdy. Furinally they headed back in. Mommy let Raena out and took off her harness and told me it was mes turn. Me came down da Liberty tree to a shelf where mommy could reach me. She put on mes harness and da leash and plopped me in da stroller.

Me was purretty excited and couldn’t wait to get outside. Furinally we were off and out da door. We barely got to da edge of da pawrkin’ lot and suddenly da clouds pawrted, da skies opened up and da rain fell. Me’s not talkin’ ’bout a little shower either. Me means full on heavy duty down pour. And then me saw a bright light flash befur me’s eyes followed by da longest and loudest thunder boomer me’s ever heard. Me meowed to mommy dat we needed to get back in da house right away. Me’s heard ’bout seein’ white lights flashin’ befur your eyes; and nuffin’ good can come of dat. Those rains kept peltin’ da top of da stroller and all of mommy. There is no runnin’ fur mommy. So, by da time we got back in da house, she was drenched. Fankfully da camera was inside dat storage cubby on da strollers’ handle cuz me thinks it’s da only thing dat didn’t get wet.

 Raena in stroller

       I’s sorry your stroll got cut short sissy, but ya’ll sure did look funny tryin’ to get outta dat rain.



Well me’s glad you thought so Raena. (meowing under her breath) Me sure hopes it happens to you next time. Then we’ll see just how funny it is.

 Raena in stroller

       Did you say somethin’ sissy? 



Uh, yeah. Did you know tomorrow is National Cat Day? And next Tuesday is mes Birthday?!! Mommy says we have a surprise comin’ to celebrate with. Me can’t wait.

Did you see da new award awnty Jeanne Foguth nominated us fur?

 Black Cat Blue Sea Award given by Jeanne Foguth 10/27/2016

       Yes sissy, The Black Cat Blue Sea Award. We’re very honored, fank you awnty Jeanne. It’s an award fur blogs dat have moved and inspired a wide audience dat includes a little humor fur da occasional smile and/or chuckle. What are da rules sissy?



Furst was to name, link and fank da blogger who nominated ya’. Then ya’ gotta answer their questions and nominate 8 other blogs. Here’s da questions:

1. What inspired you to start your blog?

Well, sis Lexi started out on Facebook tellin’ stowries ‘bout our lives as Service Cats in order to bring attention to da fact dat cats are just as capable of being Service Animals as doggies. And to entertain peeps. Bein’ a Service Cat is serious business, but dat doesn’t mean we don’t have fun too. Anyways, when our furiend Timmy Tomcat asked ifin anypawdy would like to guest post on his bloggy, mommy said me could do it since sis Lexi had da Facebook page. Mommy is very catputer illiterate. So while tryin’ to create an account so we could guest blog, mommy accidentally created our own blog. And da rest as they say, is history.

2. What was your dream of life as a teen?

Me will let mommy answer this one. I wanted to sing for my dinner and be able to eat. I didn’t have to be as big as Elvis or others, I just wanted to be a successful singer. And the second part of that dream was to be a wife. I wanted to have a man in my life that loved me. My father died when I was 2, my grandfather (the only one I ever really knew) died when I was 5 and I didn’t know my one and only uncle.

3. Do you have any regrets?

Me has none and Raena be too young to have any, so we’ll again defur to mommy to answer this one too. Thank you girls. Of course I have regrets. I regret that Lexi had to get sick and die, and the same with those who came before her. I regret that I lived so flamboyantly that I didn’t prepare for the future. I have lots of regrets. But, I can’t change the past, I can only learn from it and hopefully make changes for the better. I pray each day for wisdom and to be a better person. You can’t live in regrets or the past.

Fank you mommy. Well we so hate to choose bloggers cuz every blog we read brings us some kind of inspiration and certainly more than a few smiles. So, Purrlease consider yourself nominated ifin you’re readin’ this bloggy. Follow da rules above and answer the same questions. We look furward to readin’ your answers.




Pet Parade Blog Hop Badge


Guess we better wrap it up Raena. We’re joinin’ Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co-hosts fur da weekly Pet Parade Blog Hop.

 Dezi and Raena laying on the Liberty cat tree

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue

Mommy: Black

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Raw Boost Mixers #ChewyInfluencer

Meowllo and welcome. It’s time fur another Chewy review. As pawrt of da Chewy Influencer furmily we get to try out some great purroducts each month to tell you all ‘bout. As most of ya’ know, we’re mostly raw fed kitties by way of Freeze Dried noms.

 Raena lays on Liberty cat tree

       Dat’s cuz some kitty isn’t ready to munch down on bites and bits of tasty fresh pink meat.

Chewy Logo


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We received compensation in exchange for our honest review of the Natures Variety Raw Boost Mixers. All opinions unless otherwise stated are our own and are as always, the truth as we see it. We only bring you products we use or have tried and believe would be of interest to you our readers and friends.

 Natures Variety Raw Boost Mixers Cat Food Toppers

You’re right Raena, me’s just not ready. But da way you like to graze, neither are you. Hmmpht  Anyways, we received a 6 oz. bag of Nature’s Variety Raw Boost Mixers Chicken Cat Food Toppers. Da ingredients are purretty simple:

Chicken (Including Ground Chicken Bone), Turkey, Turkey Liver, Turkey Heart, Pumpkinseeds, Carrots, Apples, Butternut Squash, Ground Flaxseed, Montmorillonite Clay, Dried Kelp, Broccoli, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salmon Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract, Blueberries, Dried Chicory Root.

As you can see, these Mixers don’t contain any of those questionable ingredients our humans like to avoid. There are lots of fruits and veggies, but hey, dat’s not uncommon these days and meats are da bulk of da bites. Now some of ya’ may look at dat list and say “Clay?” “Why would I feed my kitty clay?” We know this cuz once upon a time mommy did dat very same thing. Check it out. This clay is actually very good fur kitty and helps move toxins outta kitties body.

So let’s see what da Chewy website has to say are da Key benefits of Nature’s Variety Raw Boost Mixers. 

Key Benefits

  • Great topper for kibble

  • High quality, raw nutrition in a convenient and easy-to-serve form

  • Pure protein for lean muscles and strong bones

  • Natural ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption

  • Nutritious oils for healthy skin and coat

  • Freeze dried and all-natural for an irresistible taste

  • Grain-free and gluten-free

  • No artificial colors or preservatives

Nautre’s Variety Raw Boost Mixers are available in chicken and rabbit. They also have what are called Mini’s and actual Food in several varieties as well as doggy furmulas. They range in purrice from $7.19 to $11.99. Da bites themselves are little cylinders and mostly uniform in size. They are a little crunchier than other freeze dried foods and would in our opinion make a good choice to aid in switching kitty from kibble to something healthier. These Mixers can be served wet or dry, as a treat or meal topper.

 Dezi eats treats

When they arrived we didn’t have any treats, so mommy decided to give us a few fur treat time. Of course me made mommy break them in half. Me’s a dainty little Southern Belle and likes really small bites. Once mommy got them broken me enjoyed da mid day snack. Me didn’t eat them all, as me purrfurs a more natural 1 ingredient treat from da frontal area of da chicken, but in me’s food later dat day, they went “all gone”. So me must give them 4 paws up. Good natural ingredients and tasty little bites are great fur kitty. Me knows you’re all wonderin’ what sis Raena thought, so let’s ask her? 

 Raena eats treats

       Is it furinally mines turn sissy? I’s liked ‘em just fine. I sure did. And mommy didn’t even have to break ‘em in half fur me. Altho’ I’s liked ‘em dat way too. I’s sure do like treats. And dinner. And Brekky. I’s just really like to eat. Yep, 4 paws up fur da Natures Variety Raw Boost Mixer Chicken Cat Food Toppers from me. Can we have some now sissy?

 Raena eats treats

Fanks Raena, we know you like to eat. Mommy says you eat like a growin’ teenage boy. As fur gettin’ some now, we just had brekky. Now go take a nap and let me finish our review. Everypawdy’s waitin’ to find out what mommy thinks. Me asked her and she said she likes da natural good fur us ingredients, and da lack of questionable ingredients. She also likes dat we like it, and gives ‘em 2 thumbs up. Now we know you all wanna get your own, so head on over and check it out. And hey, da holidays are comin’ fast, so while you’re there, browse around. Chewy has updated their website and added lots of new purroducts. They’ve got great purrices, speedy free shippin’ on all orders over $49.00, pawsum customer service, and you can set up an auto ship and save even more. Don’t worry, you can skip, cancel or delay dat auto ship at any time. And there’s a low flat rate speedy shippin’ option fur all orders less than $49.00.

 Chewy blog hop badge

Well there ya’ go. We hope to go fur a stroll later today, and mommy’s case manager is ‘posed to be here, so we’ll be by to visit as soon as we can. We did get an email askin’ ‘bout Shad’s back story. We said her and mommy had been thru a lot together and this email wanted to know more ‘bout dat. Mommys theory is dat ifin one purrson be askin’, there’s purrobably more wonderin’ da same thing. So ifin you would like to hear Shad’s backstory purrlease let us know in da comments. Otherwise mommy will just answer this in dat email. Gotta go get a quick bath.

 Dezi chilling in the stroller

Do you (your cat) like freeze dried food?

Do you (your cat) like raw food?

Would you like to hear Shad’s backstory? 

Till da next time…………………………………………Be Blest!!!

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle