Blest Sunday Birthday Prep

Meow and welcome to a brand new Blest Sunday and our favorite posty of da week. You know, we are sooooooooo blest. Ifin ya’ haven’t figgered it out by now, we’re a house full of mushy emotional girlies. Mommy can open up da flood gates and cry a river on da bestest of days, so you can only ‘magine what it’s like on bad days. What with da weather changin’, da holidays comin’ up, missin’ sis Lexi, and da upcomin’ extra bills, mommy’s spent a lot of da past week cryin’ her eyes out. Da month of November means dat on top of all da regular monthly bills, da car tags are due, our once a year Magic Jack fone bill’s due and most purrtantly, it’s Me’s Birthday month. Me will be 7 years old on Tuesday. Can you believe it? It seems like just yesfurday dat me was bein’ da pain in mommys’ behind and givin’ her gray furs. Now dat job falls to Raena and everypawdy expects me to be all grown up and stuffs. Has dat happened to any of you?

 Dezi looks outside while sitting on the arm of the chair

Ya’ know one minute mommy’s tellin’ me dat me’s her baby girl and da next she’s sayin’ me’s her big girly and me has to set a good example fur Raena to follow. Me’s startin’ to understand why sis Lexi splatted me when mommy brought me home with her all those years ago. You know me feels so blest to have all of you in mes life. You’ve been so suppurrtive and helped me to accept sis Raena. She really is a good girly, she just doesn’t ever stop. Mommy even tells her everyday to slow down. But Raena has one speed, all out all da time. And yes, mommy has tried all da calmin’ stuffs on da market. None of them seem to even phase Raena. Mommy says we’re just gonna have to hang in there and wait it out.


Me told all of ya’ this cuz we’ve gotten a few emails and pm’s askin’ ‘bout Raenas trainin’. And peeps who followed us on facebook befur da bloggy, ‘member readin’ ‘bout mes wheelchair trainin’ and wanna know ifin Raena can drive yet. Mommy says rest assured dat when Raena starts wheelchair trainin’ we’ll post ‘bout it. Mommy says dat each kitty is different, so trainin’ doesn’t always happen at da same time. Raena is like mommy, and she’s overly sensitive to everythin’. Dat’s not a bad thing, but da spay surgery was purretty hard on her and she’s just now startin’ to really bounce back from it. She is pullin’ her weight in da massage depawrtment, and she can call fur help. She can also turn on da wheelchair and alert befur mommy passes out. So mommy says she’s doin’ great fur a 6 month old kitty. 



Anyways, back to Blest Sunday and me’s Birthday. Mommy says she knows fur sure dat me has a purresent comin’. One of our awnties pawrently told mommy dat me and Raena was getting a surprise. Me can’t wait to see what it is. And yesfurday mommy was talkin’ on da fone to one of our awnty Anonymous’ dat sent her those huge cans of coffee da other day, and she sent some green papers so mommy could get Raena and me a pizza fur mes pawrty. Me hasn’t had pizza in a long time and sis Raena’s never even seen or smelled one. Meeeee-oWwww   Is she ever in fur a yummy treat. Me can already taste da yumminess. Fank you sooooooooooooooo much awnty Anonymous. Mommy says fank you both too. She says without ya’ there wouldn’t have been a pawrty. Oh, mommy woulda made me feel special by givin’ me lots of extra luvvin’ and takin’ me fur a really long stroll, but there wouldn’t have been purresents or treats. Now me can have it all. 

 Raena under sheet while bed is unmade

       I’s really likin’ da sound of this Birthday thing sissy, it sounds as fun as playin’ in da sheets. Do I have one? 



Raenaselfie of nose and eyes



Of course you have one silly. It’s da day you were born. Your Birthday is April 21st, and you’ll be one whole year old. Anyways, dat’s a long time off, so right now you just need to ‘member to treat me like da Birthday Queen. Befur we go me would like to remind peeps to keep your kitties, ‘specially da black and/or white ones inside thru halloween. As most of ya’ know, we don’t celebrate this holiday but many do. Most kitties don’t enjoy da dressing up, screamin’ trick or treaters, constant doorbells or pawrties. And fur sure da candy and treats aren’t good fur your pets. Make sure your pets are safe and as comfurtable as pawssible durin’ your celebration. A quiet room away from celebrants and/or da front door, with some food, water, litterbox, favorite toy and/or bed and maybe some music or teevee fur calming and distraction.

 Dezi in a purple frame with purple roses on the side

C’mon Raena, let’s go get a bath and a nap and maybe Tuesday will hurry and get here. In da meantime, we’re joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. And be sure and tune in tomorrow fur Service Cat Monday; we’ll be postin’ Shads backstory. Fank you all fur bein’ our furiends. We cherish, luv and purray fur you all daily. ‘Member to take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life.



Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!



Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle     

39 thoughts on “Blest Sunday Birthday Prep

  1. Um..this is Sudays ost…but as per usual we are furry late…so its already Nov 1st!! OMC!! That means its Dezi’s Meow day! Happy Birthday to YOU, Dezi!!

    And you are blessed, and a huge blessing to your Mommy because of all the help you give her and for being a nice big sisfur to Raena.

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