Eye Envy: We’ve Got It

Meow and welcome. We have a real eye opening treat fur ya’ll today. Some of you may remember back when sis Raena came to live with us she had a little infection what purrduced a lot of gunk in her eyes and nose. Poor thing purrobably couldn’t smell very well and we know her eyes bothered her a lot cuz she was always washin’ ‘em. Of course mommy talked to da VET ‘bout it and put her on medicine to clear it up. Raena got better, but cuz of da poor breeding purractices of da breeder, sis Raena will always have a runny eye. Now she isn’t sick anymore, but one eye still gets a bit gunky and has to be cleaned regularly.

 Baby Raena her first day riding home with mommy

This “gunk” or tears as they’re more commonly called can stain an anipals fur. This is an issue most commonly found in the flat faced breeds of cats and dogs. But it can occur in any anipal. In a recent post where Raena explained the origins of Ragdolls, she pointed out that the Persian kitty had been included when creating our breed. She also pointed out that altho’ the Ragdoll breed is no longer cross bred among reputable breeders, it still goes on in the more disreputable breeding programs like the ones we came from. And that altho’ our lineage is Ragdoll to Ragdoll, DNA from those other breeds is still part of our make up. All those factors add up to explain Raenas’ more flattened face and teary eyes. This is one reason to do your research and understand what pawssible traits may occur in any animal you want to adopt, but certainly those who come from breeders. Certain traits can lie dormant fur generations before suddenly occurring in one or more babies in a litter.

Raenaselfie of nose and eyes Yep, see all that staining around her “white” eye? And this is

a foto that looks “good”.



Anyways, mommy had us ask all of our furiends what they used to clean, clear up and/or keep at bay these tears and the stains they leave behind. More often than not, mere water isn’t enuff, so we began our search to find something that would help sis Raena. Mommy wanted something that would clean around her eyes naturally and safely. Stains are caused by bacteria. And bacteria growth so close to the eye, could cause a re-infection, or other ailments that could lead to blindness. So, leavin’ it alone, just wasn’t an option fur mommy. And the staining, thus the bacteria moves. Every time Raena would clean her eye, that gunk was depawsited on her paw that would also stain and begin the growth of bacteria. And we use our paws fur a lot of things.

Eye Envy Starter Kit for Cats



This is a sponsored post. We received compensation in exchange for an honest review about Eye Envy for Cats. All opinions are our own and the truth as we believe it to be. As always we only bring products we have tried or use ourselves and believe would be of interest to you, our readers and friends.

 Eye Envy starter kits for cats

Well, a couple of our furiends mentioned something called Eye Envy. Mommy did some research into the product and liked what she saw; so she contacted the company. The Eye Envy peeps were very nice and sent us a Starter Kit for Cats. The Eye Envy Starter Kit fur Cats includes: a 2 ounce bottle of cleaning solution, 1/2 ounce jar of application powder, and a jar of non-woven application pads. And of course a pawsum instruction sheet, all in a cute shimmering Gingham bag. We’re girly girls, so we all loved the bag. But what about the products? Mommy read the instructions, and it all seemed pretty simple. Well, ifin ya’ don’t count the part about holding kitty down to clean around the eyes. MOL  This product is intended fur External Use Only!!!

 Eye Envy starter kit for cats

The Eye Envy cleaning solution is safe and natural. It doesn’t contain bleach, purroxide or any other harmful ingredients. It does include: Water, Witch Hazel, Boric Acid and Colloidal Silver. It also comes in 2 formulas, Original, which requires refrigeration, and a non refrigerated option. We received the non refrigerated formula. The Eye Envy Powder is to be used in conjunction with the cleaning solution to help repel future tears and bacterial staining. Mommy used a small extra soft toothbrush fur applying the Eye Envy Powder. The toothbrush actually allows the powder to penetrate below the top surface fur by brushing the area gently.

 Raena Selfie woth paw reaching out

Anyways, Mommy took out one of those non-woven applicator pads and wet it with the Eye Envy solution and began to clean around Raena’s eyes. Kittens, mouses and rats!!! You shoulda seen all the yucky brown stuff on that pad. There are some things we just don’t take fotos of. MOL  And of course it’s just mommy and us, and she needed both hands for this application. Once the area was clean, mommy moved on to the next step. There was still a light stain, but remember this had been building up fur a little over 6 months. Eye Envy or any other tear stain removal product is an ongoing process. So, mommy dipped the top bristles of the small extra soft toothbrush into the Eye Envy Powder and began to apply around Raenas’ eyes. Please remember to hold kitty/doggys’ head very still. You will be working very close to the eyes, and altho’ the Eye Envy is safe, try to avoid getting it directly in the anipals eyes. And you definitely don’t want to poke kitty/doggy in the eye with the brush. The area dried quickly with the application of the powder, and lightened even more. Mommy applied some of the powder to sis Raenas’ paw as well, and Raena was off and playing as ifin nuffin’ had happened.

 Raena laying on floor and staring at the camera

The first couple of times the process from start to finish took between 5 and 10 minutes. Mommy now has a system , and the whole process only takes a couple of minutes. That includes time to gather the products and Raena, apply Eye Envy, and put it all away. And even apply a little around mes eyes. Ya’ know, ya’ can’t leave anykitty out. Ifin Raena’s getting something, me wants some too. MOL  Anyways, mommy repeated these steps once a day fur the first week. And now repeats these steps a couple of times a week to maintain the area and keep the bacterial staining away. Raena is much happier now that she doesn’t have gunky eyes constantly. And mommy says it’s a very easy process, and is so happy that Raena’s more comfortable. So we give the Eye Envy system 4 paws up each and 2 thumbs from mommy.

 Raena laying on nip mat

You can buy Eye Envy directly from their website, chewy.com and many other pet supply stores. A starter kit runs about $20.00. The Eye Envy Powder will last quite some time, as a little goes a long way. You will need to replenish the Eye Envy solution and non-woven applicator pads more frequently. The solution runs from $10.00 for a 2 ounce size to $72.00 fur a 32 ounce size with sizes in between. The replacement pads can be purchased in a jar or you can just buy the pads and reuse the jar from the starter kit. If you have an anipal with a tearing issue, we highly recommend the Eye Envy system. And we’d like to thank the peeps at Eye Envy fur sending us the starter kit. It was just what we needed.

 Raena selfie with mommy holding her head up

 All cleaned up and lookin’ good. Raena does have some color

around that eye that isn’t stain and looks really nice now.



Well, we’re gonna wrap it up fur now and try to get some visitin’ done. Mommy has a doctors’ ‘pointment tomorrow. Fankfully she purrtended she lost her ‘pointment card and called to confurm her ‘pointment cuz Doc’s gonna be gone Furiday which is when her ‘pointment would have been. And nope, da office hadn’t called mommy to reschedule. As a lot of you ‘member, this isn’t da furst time this has happened recently. (shakes head) What are ya’ gonna do? Anyways, we’ll be ‘round as soon as we can. We hope ya’ll are stayin’ warm, and havin’ a great day.



Till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle.           

29 thoughts on “Eye Envy: We’ve Got It

  1. Glad that gook is gone Raena. I have had a goopy eye since I was a kit. Dad has asked the vet a bunch and they say it is one of those things.
    Dad says I will not get a cleaning like you, whew, but I am glad to know a solution if needed.
    Timmy and Dad

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Eye Envy obviously works because you can see a BIG difference in little Raena’s gunky eye after the treatments! So glad…..she’s such a pretty girl and now without the bad crusties and staining she’s even PRETTIER (and I’m sure the eye doesn’t bother her as much too!).

    Hugs, Pam

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh awnty Pam it’s wonderful. Mines eye doesn’t bother me hardly ever now. Used to it would sometimes bother me so much I would walk ’round with it closed all da time. Things be so much better now. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


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