Chatting Cats: Is Mommy Losing It

Well, here it is already the 4th day of the Mew Year. We were all sittin’ ‘round this meownin’ thinkin’ ‘bout how quickly time is passing these days; when mommy popped up and said, “You know girls, Time waits for no man.” 

 Dezi and Raena with nip toy

          What did she mean sissy?


Oh Raena, me thinks she might have hit her head too hard, fallin’ outta bed or somethin’. Me has no idea what she was talkin’ ‘bout. Sometimes, she just gets lost in thought and blurts out the furst thing that comes to mind.

Dezi and Raena lay on the cat tree and small perch to look out the window and chat

          I’s checked that google thing, and it seems they don’t really know the origins of what she said, but it ain’t an original thought, so at least we know she isn’t losin’ it.


Don’t be silly Raena, of course she’s not losin’ it. Mommy just has a ton of stuff in her brain and sometimes it just comes out. Wonder ifin that ever happens to any of our furiends?


          Ifin what ever happens? They make no sense? Or just blurt out nonsense?


Just cuz we don’t understand doesn’t make it nonsense. Specially  ifin it exists Raena. And you said you found it on google.

 Dezi and Raena look out the front door

          Yeah sissy, but you know mommy’s always sayin’ how stupid google is. And you know that must be true, cuz she hates that word and won’t call anypawdy stupid.


Well, that’s true, but me knows mommy’s not losin’ it, and that’s that. Besides, she planted up her new AeroGarden yesfurday. And trust me, that took some sense. And then, she had to outwit you to get the cover back fur one of the seed pods. She was so purroud of her garden Raena, why would you go and steal a plastic cap? 

 Raena checks out the AeroGarden

          I’s couldn’t help mines self sissy. Didn’t you see them? They’re so tiny and just the right size fur carryin’ and battin’ ‘round. I was gonna have sooooooo much fun. Well, till mommy took it back that is. Besides, these are just purractice plants anyways; she hasn’t got any lettuce seeds yet.


Purractice or not, mommy would like to be successful. And these plants are herbs she can use to season stuffs.

 Raena oversees the AeroGarden

          She will be sissy. I’s gonna help her.


Is that what you call what you were doin’…Help?. Hmmpht  We’ll see. Me thinks it’s purretty cool. The lights come on and off all by themselves. And there’s somethin’ in there that swooshes the water ‘round every once and a while all on it’s own too. We’ll have to ‘member to post updates along the way. But fur now, let’s just go finish brekky. That is after mommy gets your plate uncovered. And don’t ever turn mes plate over again, K?!!!


          You wasn’t eatin’ it, and I’s don’t want anythin’ bigger than us to smell it and come and eat us. 

 Dezi lays in mommys' lap for some loving

Ain’t nuffin’ comin’ to eat us Raena. Mommy won’t let it. We’ll be by to visit soon. We’re still waitin’ on the wheelchair batteries, so mommy’s extra slow. 


Do you daydream?

Do you ever just blurt out your thoughts?

Are you interested in seeing the progression of mommys’ AeroGarden? 


Till the next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle