How High Can Cats Jump

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s got so much to tell ya’, I’s don’t even know where to start.


 Dezi lays in the wheelchair while Raena meows t her from the top of the stroller.


          Calm down Raena. Ya’ don’t have to say everythin’ today.



But Dezi, I’s wanna tell everypawdy ‘bout mommy’s helper and mines new game. Mommy says she’s so purroud of me.


 Dezi lays on the Liberty cat tree

          What? Me thinks you’ve got things mixed up Raena. Mommy’s purroud of how your trainin’ is goin’, not your new game.


Raena lays in mommys lap for loving

Oh Dezi, just cuz she doesn’t say it doesn’t mean she ain’t purroud of me. Did you see her face this meownin’ when I’s jump straight up in da air and hit da ceilin’? 



          Yep Raena, me saw it. And ifin you think that was purride, you hit your head too hard. Cuz that’s what mommy was thinkin’. You know how much she worries ‘bout us. And every time you go slidin’ across the floor and hit the wall, mommy cringes. When she picks you up and starts rubbin’ ya’ all over, it ain’t luv rubs Raena, she’s checkin’ fur broken bones. 


 Dezi and Raena lay on the cat tree and small perch to look out the window and chat


Oh sissy, you’re such a furry fuddy duddy. I’s bet you played the slide game too when you were little.


          That’s the thing Raena, you ain’t “little” anymore. And when you hit the walls, it makes a really loud thud. Just like when you jumped up this meownin’ and hit your head on the ceilin’. Ya’ know, scrunchin’ yourself up into a ball and jumpin’ straight up in the air might be amazin’, but what’s the purrpuss? What are you tryin’ to do? 


I’s just havin’ fun sissy. Ya’ know, I’s looked it up, and us kitties are said to be able to jump, 6 to 7 times our body length. That would mean I’s could jump higher than our ceilin’; but cuz it’s there, I’s’ll never really know. I’s was knockin’ the magnets off the fridge, but mommy didn’t seem to like that much. So I’s just decided to see how high I’s could jump.


 Dezi sits on the brown cat tree in her signature pose


          Well, now ya’ know. You’re not a jack in the box, and mommy hates it when you hit your head, so ya’ reckon you can stop now? 


I’s don’t know sissy, it’s so much fun. And no, there’s no fotos yet. Mommy worries too much to think ’bout gettin’ the camera. Anyways, I’s wanna tell everypawdy ‘bout mommy’s helper. Furst, we all wanna say fanky fank ya’ fur all your purrayers and good thoughts. But we did get a little giggle when we would read your comments ‘bout our helper. Ya’ might not have noticed, but when we talked ‘bout ‘em, we used words like, helper, worker, they, them, and so on. Most all of ya’ referred to them as she, her, lady and such.


 Raena lays atop the Liberty Cat tree

You’re doin’ a good job O. Need some help?



Well, the worker mommy hired is a him. Yep, we’ll just call him O. He’s a young’un at 20 years old. But he has a 3 year old son and girly furiend that he lives with. He has Rotty doggies what just had puppies. Yeah, we’re gonna have to work on that one. I’s got good vibes the day he came out and applied fur the job. Sis Dezi didn’t really meet him that day, she was nappin’. But she met him the day he started workin’ fur us. 



          Me thought O seemed like a purretty nice young man too. He doesn’t know a lot ‘bout kitties, but he seems to like us too. We told ya’ how pawsumly he cleaned our Liberty cat tree. And the next work day he got all the tracked litter cleaned up in the pawdee box room. The whole pawdee box room got a spic and span shine cleanin’. Me was so impurressed me had to go and check it out. He didn’t seem to mind me checkin’ his work and layin’ in the fureshly cleaned sink, so that’s a good start. 


Raena looks over from atop the Liberty Cat tree

Wha’cha’ doin’? I’s can dust too.


I’s didn’t wait till he was finished sissy. I’s followed him ‘round, just in case he might need some help. We had a blast yesfurday playin’ in the boxes. He was doin’ some dustin’ and tossin’ old magazines and I’s was jumpin’ from pile to pile to pile and box to trash box. I’s made sure none of our toys got thrown in the trash box by mistake. All in all, we really like him and hope it works out and he keeps comin’ to work. But he was a little upset when he left yesfurday cuz he doesn’t really unnerstand the pay schedule.


Raena looks out at the worker from atop the Liberty Cat tree

I’s think ya’ missed a spot. I’s gettin’ purretty tired now, ya’ reckon

you’re gonna need mines help?


He’ll get paid every two weeks. His furst day was actually the day the time period ended, so his furst check’s gonna be fur one day of work. The next time period will be fur the full two weeks and so on. Fur some reason, he seems to think he’s gonna work fur a whole month and a half befur he ever gets a check. We tried to ‘splain that’s not true, but he was confused and sure it is. It’s been so long since mommy worked, she doesn’t recall the specifics, so ifin anypawdy can ‘splain it better shoot us an email. In da meantime, help us purray that he doesn’t give up and quit.


 Raena sleeps atop the Liberty cat tree

I’s just gonna close mines eyes fur a bit O. Ifin ya’ need

mines help, just holler.



Mommy says young’uns aren’t taught job hunting skills and pay rates and time tables anymore. They get thrown in to the work force with very little knowledge of how it all works. They’re so used to immediate gratification, that they get easily frustrated. It’s unfurtunate that kids today don’t know how to dress fur interviews, write resumes and be respawnsible and reliable. Mommy ‘members a time when she was applyin’ fur a waitressin’ job. She showed up in a purrfessional skirt and top, resume’ in hand. The manager was so impurressed, he gave mommy the assistant managers job instead. She wasn’t qualified at that time, but she quickly learned. And she got that oppurrtunity cuz she had been taught job huntin’ skills in high school. Anyways, we hope it works out with O, cuz we do really like him; and we’ve got an inspection comin’ up next week.


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I’s gonna wrap it up now, and go play. We’re joinin’ Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co-hosts fur the weekly Pet Parade. We hope you all have a pawsum weekend.


Dezi and Raena play with the Tower of Tracks

Till the next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee