Waterlogged Thirsty Cats

MeOW We are so waterlogged and feelin’ deaf from all the noisy storms and machines ‘round here. We got our furst break in the weather yesfurday and started to visit our furiends, when mommy got word she needed to take care of some business. By the time she finished, she was so exhausted, there was no helpin’ us visit or anythin’ else fur that matter. Ifin ya’ missed our regular Service Cat Monday posty this week, don’t worry, we will return next week with another posty on aggression. Now, (Dezi hears the sound of lawn monsters) the lawn crew’s back!!! Seems their day’s gonna be Wednesday this year.


 Dezi lays in the chair with Raena on the back


          Oh sissy, I’s so hate the lawn crew days. I’s just sneeze mine’s head off all day long.


Me knows Raena. And, mommy’s eyes water and her nose runs. ‘Tween the nose blowin’, which by the way, she’s happy to be able to do again, and the Bless ya’s, we don’t get much else done.



This is a sponsored post. We received the Thirsty Cat drinking fountain in exchange for our honest opinion. As always, we tell the truth as we see it; and only bring products we use or have tried and feel would be of interest to you, our furiends and readers.



          Did you see the rain shower I’s made the other day? 


 Dezi and Raena check ou the new Thirsty Cat fountain

Hmmmmmm check out da new fountain Raena.


That wasn’t a rain shower Raena, that was…it was…well, it was just a yucky mess.


          It wasn’t yucky sissy. I’s couldn’t help it. I’s was checkin’ out our new Thirsty Cat drinkin’ fountain when I’s suddenly sneezed and water went all over the place. MOL  Mommy thought I’s had done gone and jumped in and she was jumpin’ up and yellin’ “Quit slingin’ water all over the place, Raena.” I’s looked at mommy like I’s had no idea what she was talkin’ ‘bout, and then she felt really bad fur yellin’ at me. 


 Dezi watches Raena head for the Thirsty Cat fountain

Wha’cha doin’ Raena?

 I’s goin’ in fur a sniff sissy. 


Yeah Raena, mommy always feels bad when she yells at us, ‘specially when she realizes she made the wrong assumption. What do ya’ think ‘bout our new Thirsty Cat drinkin’ fountain? 


 Thirsty Cat Fountain


          It sure is purretty, sissy. Mommy says it’s a piece of art. 



 Thirsty Cat Fountain


Me thinks so too Raena. Ya’ know, me had a little purroblem with me’s urinary tract a while back and as a result, mommy brought in a fountain to encourage me to drink more water. You know, when you’re searchin’ fur a fountain fur your fur babies, the choices can sometimes seem overwhelmin’. There’s a ton of them on the market. They come in plastic, steel and ceramic, and deliver water in different ways; and the purrices are just as diverse. Ifin that wasn’t enuff, us kitties have our own ideas ‘bout how we want to drink that water. 


Hmmmmmm A little bubbly puddle, a big bowl of puddle or a

bit of overflow. Where to drink?


          Yeah sissy, I’s like a little puddle to drink from and you like a stream. I’s don’t know how you even get anythin’ lappin’ at that stream in mid air?


 Dezi looks on as Raena goes in to get a drink from the Thirsty Cat Fountain

Does it have the stream me likes?


Me gets purrlenty Raena. Me just luvs a good stream. We have the worst water round here, and just ‘bout every fountain we’ve had gets a really bad calcium build up on it in less than a month. It really gets to mommy, cuz she doesn’t have the strength to scrub it off and her good ole vinegar solution doesn’t work. So, she had resorted to usin’ a plastic fountain fur us cuz it had both a puddle and a stream, and didn’t get that build up. But, as most peeps know, us kitties can have a purroblem with chin acne from usin’ plastic containers. Mommy hated tradin’ one purroblem fur another, so she kept lookin’ fur the purrfect fountain to suit our needs. 


          We have the bestest mommy ever, don’t we sissy?.


 Raena checks out the Thirsty Cat fountain up close

It smells okay sissy.


Yep Raena, we’re fur sure Blest. Anyways, she came across the Thirsty Cat Fountain website in her search and felt like she had struck gold. An email flurry ensued and befur ya’ could say kittens 3 times, we had our very own, one of a kind piece of Thirsty Cat drinkin’ fountain art. Mommy was shocked at how big the bowl actually was, and how bootyful it was. 


 Dezi sniffs the Thirsty Cat fountain

Let me smell Raena. And let me check da stream.


          Yep sissy, ya’ know it has to be big ifin mommy thought I’s had jumped in. MOL  It also came with an adjustable pump so mommy could control the flow of water comin’ out. Oh and the cutest ever little dots to keep it from slidin’ all over the place. It was easy peasy to set up, and comes with one filter that lasts ‘bout a year, and extra non slippin’ dots. Mommy says I’s should tell everypawdy that I’s didn’t get to play with the dots, nor should your fur babies. What a pawrty pooper. 


 Raena watches Dezi sniff the Thirsty Cat fountain

Yep, smells okay to me too. It’s got a great puddle all ’round da bottom

fur ya’ Raena; and even in da top there’s a bubblin’ puddle.


Don’t furget ‘bout that cute piece that camouflages the plug. It’s purely aesthetic, but the Thirsty Cat drinkin’ fountains really are works of art (click the name and see them being made). Each one is handmade, and one of a kind. In other words, no other kitty in the universe will have our exact fountain. Jackie and Keith make everythin’ includin’ the glazes from scratch. As a result, they are 100% food-safe and completely unique one of a kinds. And guess what’s even better…NO CALCIUM build up!!! That’s right, mommy’s cleaned our fountain several times now and was so shocked she didn’t have to try to scrub off the build up. And of course, the cleanin’ was so easy, mommy said she didn’t even mind cleanin’ it. Now that’s sayin’ somethin’.


 Dezi getting ready to drink from the Thirsty Cat Fountain


          It sure is sissy. Mommy says some of those fountains are a real pain to clean. We’ve had a few that she “thought” were easy, till we got the Thirsty Cat fountain. ‘Course there’s always been that build up thing that usually makes mommy put the fountain away cuz she just doesn’t feel like they’re clean and we stop usin’ ‘em. 


Yep Raena, and she’s put a few away cuz they have the wrong flow pattern and me won’t use them at all. 


          You and your streams, sissy. (Raena shakes head)


 Down flow tail for Thirsty Cat Fountain

Photo courtesy of ThirstyCatFountains.com

Now this is a stream.



Me likes what me likes Raena, and mommy says it’s okay to be picky. Me’s favorite of the Thirsty Cat Fountains are the ones that have that copper piece that makes the purrfect stream fur me. You have to get a specific type of fountain ifin ya’ wanna add any of those copper pieces at a later date. So, ifin ya’ think you’re furry might purrfur that kind of stream, check out the larger fountains. You can see all the fountains here


 Copper leaf attachment for Thirsty Cat fountain

Photo courtesy of ThirstyCatFountains.com

This is a great stream too.



          Hey sissy, don’t furget, Thirsty Cat fountains can also be found on Etsy here. Mommy says the Thirsty Cat Fountains are a little more ‘spensive than a lot of those mass purrduced ones; but, they’re worth every penny.


 Raena stands beside the Thirsty Cat fountain

Hey sissy, who’s purrettier, me or da ThirstyCat fountain?


Yep Raena, they look bootyful in your home, and really are the purrfect size. We had a similar type ceramic fountain, but, the bowl was so small, nokitty wanted to use it, and it got that build up really fast. Fountains are a great way to entice us kitties to drink more water, and we all know how ‘purrtant that is. Me’s really glad you like our Thirsty Cat fountain. Mommy worried a bit ‘bout your drinkin’ habits at furst cuz of me’s purroblem. Fankfully, you seem to enjoy drinkin’ water. MOL


 Raena gets a drink from the Thirsty Cat fountain

Maybe I’s should give this tiny stream a try.


          I’s really ‘purreciate Jackie and Keith sendin’ us such a pawsum drinkin’ fountain, sissy. It’s so purretty I’s sometimes furget it’s there to drink from.


 Raena sniffs the Thirsty Cat fountain

I’s think I’s might stick with da puddle in da bowl.


We better wrap this up and finish brekky Raena. Hopefully, we’ll get to visit a few of our furiends befur the storms roll back in.


Till the next time………………………………………Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle      

20 thoughts on “Waterlogged Thirsty Cats

  1. What a pretty fountain. Functional beauty fur sure! Glad that you two like it,that is the best part!
    Our fountain got banished cause Pipo just would not leave it alone…splish splash all day long…paws in it, and then shake it off…evfurrywhere. But he likes to drink out of our regular bowl, so its all good. Mostly he dips in his paw…
    And we do remember that slimy buildup…yuck:(


  2. You are lucky girls to have special drinky fountain waters! The color matches your eyes! Mom found their website, too, when she went search’s for fountain options one time. She really likes that they are handmade & ceramic & have such pretty designs. She hasn’t bought me one yet, ’cause she’s afraid the doggie would try to take it over & I don’t want doggie slurps in my water! But maybe Mom can find a special place up high for one. Luvs & purrs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah Valentine. You would luvs it. Mommy put ours on the top of da table with her aerogarden. We also have a fountain on the vanity in the bathroom. There’s lots of places your mommy could put your fountain. Hey, like on dat mew teevee stand ya’ got. MOL Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  3. your new fountain rocks! and you sure have da bestest mom on slice earth ;O) I agree with you, as soon as the storms are over the lawn mowers scream in da hood like banshee’s… I wonder why that people furst buy lawn seed when they cut it off as soon as they see some green… humans, huh?

    Liked by 1 person

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