Chatting Cats: A Storm of Silvervine

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Sissy, I’s think our furiends are gettin’ angry with us, not visitin’ regular and all.


 Dezi watches Raena on the Liberty cat tree


          Well Raena, me thinks our furiends are more unnerstandin’ than that. You know, storms, human mommy business, and the likes are out of our control. Speakin’ of storms, we were asked ifin mommy could get a video of the storm. So, when the thunder started rollin’ in the Wednesday, mommy grabbed the camera and headed to the door.



Yep sissy, and you headed down the Liberty cat tree and UTB so fast mine’s head was spinnin’. 


          Yep Raena, ya’ know, that safe thing? You’re not s’posed to be out in it or sittin’ by the windows. But where did you go? To the cat tree so you could poke your head out the door. You and mommy weren’t bein’ safe at all. 


 Raena rolls on nip mat on Liberty cat tree


Well, I’s didn’t stay too long. The wind was blowin’ that rain inside the door. It kept hittin’ me in the face. I’s get enuff of that when we’re draggin’ mommy outta the shower. Anyways, we have a new video editor that mommy hasn’t got a clue how to use yet, so we had to use the Youtube editor. We tried to lighten the video as much as pawssible, cuz it was really dark outside. And, mommy says she can’t hear the thunder on it. When the lightnin’ started, mommy turned the camera off and shut the door really fast. We have a yard full of huge oak trees, and mommy says they’re a lightnin’ magnet.



 Dezi sniffs the silvervine mousey on the Liberty cat tree


          Yep Raena, goes back to that safe thing me was meowin’ ‘bout. Anyways, me’s so tired of storms and meowin’ ‘bout storms, let’s meow ‘bout somethin’ else. 


 Raena checks out the Litter Genie refills and the Purrk silvervine package


Like what sissy? Oooooh let’s meow ‘bout that silvervine we got. Awnty Vonda sent us a whole 5 packets of the vine. Ya’ know, she gave us that pawsum Litter Genie fur mine’s birthday, and she sent us some refills recently and included a package of Purrk.


Dezi rolls on silvervine mouse on the Liberty cat tree


          Me does luv the vine Raena. 


 Raena plays with nip mat on the Liberty Cat tree


I’s do too sissy. We must’ve rolled ‘round fur hours in that finely ground powder stuffs. Ya’ reckon she sent that cuz mine’s Gotchaday is comin’ up on the 8th?


 Dezi lays and rolls on the Liberty cat tree


          Maybe Raena. Can you believe you’ve been here almost a whole year now? 


Raena rolls on the nip mat on the Liberty cat tree

Not really sissy. But I’s do know, I’s can barely ‘member that pawful cage where I’s came from. I’s so glad mommy came to save me. Are you glad I’s here, sissy? 


          Me is Raena. Me may not always act like it, but me’s glad mommy saved you too; even ifin you’re a pain in me’s floofy bloomers sometimes. Speakin’ of, we oughtta go play befur the thunder boomers start again. 


 Best Cat Blogs of 2017 badge


Pet Parade Blog Hop Badge


Okay sissy. Let’s link up with the Pet Parade furst. Maybe we can meow mommy outta some of that silvervine. Fanky fanks awnty Vonda. Hey, I’s furgot to tell ya’ that we’ve been chosen as one of the top cat blogs of 2017. We’re in great company. You can see the updated list here.


Till the next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

32 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: A Storm of Silvervine

  • Oh wow Dezi & Raena congrats on being listed in the top blog of 2017, that’s so pawesome and so well deserved. And don’t wurry about not visiting, we’ve been truly dreadful at it since Snowie and Humphrey departed at the end of April, we just can’t seem to get our act together.

    Big hugs ladies

    Basil & Co xo


    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Poor Bobbie Sue. Mommy hates fur any kitty to be ‘fraid. She’s workin’ really hard on sis Dezi, and I’s tryin’ to help her. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


  • Hi Raena, you are so cute, love u ❤
    That is DIY cat tree or where you bought it?
    What is storm? I hear you told me storm 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for your post ❤


  • I love watching storms like that from inside. Many think that since it rains a lot in th Pacific Northwest where I am that it’s like that rain. But our rain is usually just a steady drizzle. We locals don’t even bother with umbrellas, we just wear coats with hoods. We can tell outsiders by their umbrellas! MOL. But you definitely would want them where you are. That rain must hurt!

    We are so glad you are on that list, but you should be at the top. I never heard of a lot of those blogs but I will check them out. Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mommy says she used to like watchin’ da storms, but dat was long befur arfur-itis and her accident and sis Dezi’s fears. Mommy doesn’t use umbrella’s either. She says da wind tears them up and they’re hard to hold onto. And she thinks da metal pieces be a lightnin’ rod. MOL Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


  • Hey Dezi and Raeba,
    Alberto here. You two stay safe, you’ve got some gnarly storms where you live! Our purrsonal assistant was out of town most of the month of May,. She and the male human went to something they call a wedding and had a cat sitter come in. Blech. The male human stayed home for the second trip and since the female human came home with lots of cat stuff, we forgive her. All that is to say, we weren’t visiting as much because, without opposable thumbs, we can’t work the computer. Stay dry and safe!
    Purrs and Head Bonks,
    Al (and the rest of The Tribe of Five send their love too)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fanky fank ya’ Alberto. We always worry ’bout our furiends when we can’t keep up with them. But mommy says some things just be out of our control. She doesn’t like it mind ya’, but…Glad ya’ll got some pawsum cat stuffs when your assistants came home. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi

      Liked by 1 person

    • We sure wish we could send it your way. It’s funny, they say the storm we’re gettin’ now started in Califurnia and moved East. But several peeps dat shoulda been in it’s path got nuffin’. MOL I’s a very blest and happy kitty girl fur sure. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


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