Chatting Cats: Breakfast Is Comin’

(While leading the way down the hall to the kitchen, Dezi hears the familiar buzz of the lawn crew. She stops dead in her tracks and looks back at mommy crawling along behind her and then back towards the front door.)  It’s okay sweety, keep goin’ it’s just the lawn crew. Let’s get to the kitchen and get ya’ll some breakfast. 


Dezi licks lip as she looks around the corner from the dining room


          (Getting agitated at the hold up and wanting to look out the door, Raena walks passed mommy and nudges Dezi. Dezi and Raena touch noses and Raena stands on her back legs and puts a paw out to Dezi.) C’mon sissy, I’s hungry and I’s wanna see what they’re doin’.


     (Dezi hisses and begins to slowly walk towards the kitchen again. Raena steps back beside mommy and nudges mommy a few times) Me better get some extra luvvin’ today. That’s all me’s sayin’. 


 Dezi lays in the wheelchair while Raena meows t her from the top of the stroller.



(Once they all get to the kitchen and mommy starts making the girls breakfast, she starts to sing one of her made up songs to the tune of Christmas time is comin’) Breakfast time is comin’, breakfast time is comin’, breakfast time is comin’ and it won’t be very long… Dezi and Raena eatin’, Dezi and Raena eatin’, Dezi and Raena eatin’, their breakfast till it’s gone… Lovin’ Dezi and Raena, I’m lovin’ Dezi and Raena, I’m lovin’ my Dezi and Raena, Dezi and RaenaBelle… Don’t worry ‘bout the lawn crew, don’t worry ‘bout the lawn crew, don’t worry ‘bout the lawn crew, cuz soon they will be gone. 


     (Dezi sits uneasily while watching and listening to mommy repeat the snappy little tune over and over again. Raena walks over and they touch noses again, just as the lawn crew comes up on the porch with the loud leaf blower) Hisssssssss


(Dezi runs down the hall and then back to the kitchen where she rubs against mommy’s legs)  It’s okay Dezi. C’mon, breakfast is ready. (Mommy puts the girls breakfast plates down, sits in the sitting chair and starts drinking her coffee. Dezi starts eating while Raena goes to the door to look out at the lawn crew and have a little bath)


Dezi eating


     Raena, you better come eat your breakfast or mommy’s gonna be mad. 


 Raena bathes while sitting on the perch in front of door



          I’s wanna watch all the commotion. Besides, mommy doesn’t get mad at us, no matter what we do. 


     Maybe not mad, but she does get upset when she has to tell us to eat a billion times each meal.


          Why do ya’ reckon she does that sissy. I’s might wanna graze a bit and take mine’s time. She says eatin’ slow is good fur your digestion.


     Yeah Raena, but slow doesn’t mean 3 hours. Anyways, while you were watchin’ the chatter box last night, did you hear ‘bout the new hurricane swirlin’ ‘round out there?


 Raena sits on cat tree looking up at Dezi



          I’s sure did sissy. And, I’s even sat in mommy’s lap while we looked online at all the displaced anipals. It’s so sad that so many anipals have been separated from their families and lost their homes. I’s can’t even ‘magine how they must feel. I’s get scared when mommy goes to the trash without me. 


     Yeah Raena, me might enjoy havin’ a little alone time when you and mommy go out, but me’s always glad when ya’ll get back home. Me’s so worried ‘bout our furiends in the path of these horrible storms. We’re fur sure purrayin’ hard that they’re all safe and stay together.


 Raena lays on cat tree



          We sure are sissy. And, did you know there are sites where peeps can go to help out with donations and other things? We read where a lot of peeps from far away are volunteerin’ to foster, or come down to help with the clean up and so much more. It’s times like these that make me so purroud of the human race. With all that’s goin’ on and all the dissension in the world, it’s nice to know, we can all come together in a crisis. There are so many places that we can’t list them all. But you can check those listings here, ifin you’d like to help.


 Dezi walks toward the food bowl while looking back at Raena not in foto



     Fanks fur tellin’ everypawdy where they can go to help Raena. And fur those that can’t help physically, you can always purray. Purrayer does change things and helps a lot. And, ‘member to make sure your pets are microchipped and/or have some form of identification on them at all times. You never wanna find yourself in a situation where you’re separated with no hope of ever being reunited. Well, we better go finish brekky now that the lawn crew’s gone.  


Do you have a plan in the event you get separated from your furry family members?

Are your pets microchipped?



Till the next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Deztinee: Vibrant Blue 

RaenaBelle: Navy Blue 

Mommy A: Black 




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle