Chatting Cats: A Little Mewsy

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. (Dezi and Raena pace in the living room waiting for mommy to put down the breakfast plates. Suddenly they hear the roar of the lawn crew. They look at each other and Dezi runs down the hall toward the bedroom. Raena runs behind her and then stops. She remembers passing mommy on all fours heading for the living room with her breakfast and turns back towards mommy. Just as she reaches mommy and starts to rub against her there’s a knock at the door. Raena steps slightly forward, looks out the slightly ajar door and hisses. Mommy, still on all fours with breakfast plates on her back, gently says)


Dezi walks down hall



          It’s just the manager and bug man honey. They’re here for inspections and exterminations. (As mommy tries to get to the door without dropping the breakfast plates from her back, she contemplates how she’s going to open the door. Raena walks slowly beside mommy, rubbing against her occasionally. When mommy finally gets to the door, nobody’s there, and she feels a sense of relief. Mommy and Raena butt heads as they head to the living room. The noise of the lawn crew wanes as they move to the other side of the property and Dezi runs up and rubs against mommy. Breakfast plates down and mommy in her sittin’ chair, Dezi and Raena begin to eat.


Sissy? Why do we always run when the lawn crew shows up? You know we’re s’posed to be helpin’ mommy. Besides, they’re just noisy. They can’t actually hurt us. 


 Dezi sits in hall and scratches ear



     (Dezi stops and nonchalantly scratches her ear)  Me doesn’t know why you run Raena. Me is helpin’ mommy. Me’s checkin’ fur those pesky intruders that scare her. You know, the last thing we’d want is fur mommy to get scared with our brekky plates. Now that wouldn’t be purretty. Anyways…(Suddenly, the lawn crew’s back, right outside the door and a rock hits the window, and then another and another; till Dezi runs off back down the hall. Raena sits and looks bewildered at first and then runs to the hall and into Dezi


Dezi and Raena meet in the hall way

Oh, hey sissy, wha’ch’a doin’? (Raena stops and rubs her eyes)



     Me heard mommy on the fone yesfurday Raena. Seems you’re goin’ to the V E T tomorrow. Ya’ better remind her to put the camera in her purrse tonight, or she’ll furget it tomorrow. Altho’ she might oughtta check the battery furst.



 Raena sits on perch and looks out door



That’s okay sissy. I’s sure hope they can do somethin’ to help mine’s eyes. I’s know mommy doesn’t want me to be on antibiotics and steroids fur a long time, and quite furankly, I’s don’t like havin’ those drops put in mine’s eyes; but, they do seem to help clear everythin’ up. I’s know mommy had wanted to take me to a new V E T. But she says, we can charge mine’s visit with the old one, and we just don’t have any green papers right now. She said mine’s eyes just can’t wait any longer, she just hates to see me hurtin’. We’re so blest to have a mommy that loves us so much. As fur the camera, why can’t you help me remind her. Ya’ know, the more naggin’ the better. MOL 


 Dezi peeks out from a chewy box



     Sure ‘nuff Raena. Me sure hopes they can help ya’. Maybe ya’ll can go back to the store and get me a birthday surpurrise.


 Raena lays on perch and looks out door



What ifin mommy already got you one, sissy? We’ve got a big box in the hallway to review that mommy says is gonna be your birthday surpurrise. Seems that should be enuff. (Hearing muffled talking outside Raena runs to the perch to look outside) Hey sissy, do you think we have a new neighbor already? 


     Me has no idea Raena. It was crazy. The day the new old neighbors moved out and turned in their keys, some lady moved a bed in there and hasn’t left since. She also hasn’t moved anythin’ else in. Can you ‘magine livin’ there with just a bed? And what’s she eatin’? And wearin’ fur that matter? Strange, me tells ya’, it’s just strange.


 Dezi looks at Raena from atop the liberty cat tree




Yeah sissy, it’s fur sure strange. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Maybe she moved here from somwhere far away and her stuffs comin’ in one of those big trucks or somethin’. Anyways, let’s go finish eatin’ and play. I’s’ll be there after I’s ask everypawdy to purray fur me and mommy and our trip to the V E T tomorrow.


     And your eyes Raena, don’t furget your eyes. 


Fanky fanks sissy.  


Till the next time………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee 

28 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: A Little Mewsy

  1. Yes, we are all behind…but I do hope your eyes are starting to feel much better by now. And hisses to your lawn gang. How rude to let those rocks fly into your windows.

    I have to tell petcretary to get with the program to make you a nice birthday card, Dezi! She will be on her vacation at that time…so it will be early, I do think:)


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  2. We don’t like our lawn people either. They’re always loud and obnoxious. The was one time where Bear was sitting in the window watching and the guy got all bent out of shape and used some not too nice language. We hope your eyes feel better soon, Raena. Right after I brought Bear inside, he got an eye infection (his eye was swollen shut) … and then got one every couple weeks. He really hated that ointment medication that I had to spread over his eyeball. Luckily, after a year or so, he stopped getting them.

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    1. Ooooooh Really??? Mommy would’a given dat man what fur. She don’t allow nopawdy to mess with us. Poor Bear. No wonder him has some scaredy cat issues. And fanky fanks. I’s am feelin’ lots better. We’re so glad Bear got all better. We’s wonder why it stopped like dat? Not cuz we want him to be sick, but cuz we wish it would happen to me. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi

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      1. We have no idea why I stopped getting infections. Back then, Momma even stocked up on the ointment at my yearly check up and I never had another one. HOWEVER, within a couple months, I broke out with feline acne on my chin. I don’t know which is worse. At least the eye infections were easy to treat. Acne is hard and I’ve had a couple of very painful breakouts even though I don’t have anything plastic. ~Bear Cat

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        1. Hmmmm Dat’s really innerestin’. We might have to look into dat ointment. I’s purrobably wouldn’t like it any better than da drops, but at this point, we’re willin’ to try just ’bout anythin’. And, ifin it could be used long term it would fur sure be better than antibiotic steroids. Sorry ’bout your acne. Dat stuff can be a real pain, as you know. Big hugs

          Luvs ya’

          Raena and Dezi

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  3. Maybe that neighbor lady’s things will be delivered by the brown truck man. He delivers stuff to my house. Say, I hope the lawn crew didn’t crack your windows! They need to be more careful, don’t they know there are valuables (you & your momma inside)?! Boy I sure hope the V-E-T can figure out why your eyes have been a hurt’in, Raena. I hope you don’t have infection! I’m sure your momma has been very worried. She loves you both so, so much. Hugs & luvs!

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    1. Don’t know who might be deliverin’ ’em Valentine, but we sure hope she gets her stuffs soon. Fanky fankfully, no windows broke, but mommy repurrts ’em every week. They always throw rocks into our windows and door. Sure hope ya’ll are doin’ well. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


  4. Good luck at the v-e-t’s, RaenaBelle! Hope they can do something about your eyes. They are so pretty, let’s hope they will soon be healthy as well.
    And Dezi – We can’t wait to find out about your Birthday Surprise. We bet it’s something totally pawsome! Looking forward to pics.

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